Mia is Not a Trouble-Maker! - C.611 - : The Fake Ghost Is Gone, The One Who Came Out Is a Real Ghost

Mia is Not a Trouble-Maker!

C.611 - : The Fake Ghost Is Gone, The One Who Came Out Is a Real Ghost

Chapter 611: The Fake Ghost Is Gone, The One Who Came Out Is a Real Ghost

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The flirtatious ghost and the others were pleasantly surprised. They actually had a share? They didn’t catch the bald man.

Ghosts could not eat food from the human world. All the offerings were eaten when they smelled it, but Amelia gave it differently…

The flirtatious ghost bit on the cotton candy and looked intoxicated. “Ah… I don’t remember how long it has been since I ate this taste…”

The cowardly ghost first carefully pocketed the lollipop that Amelia had given him before picking up the cotton candy and taking a bite. It was so sweet… Satisfaction appeared on the cowardly ghost’s young face.

When they returned to the Walton residence, Mrs. Walton hurriedly hugged

Amelia and kissed her hard. She had been away for so long that she missed

“What did you all go to play with?” Mrs. Walton asked indulgently.

Amelia thought for a moment. “We went to a haunted house. Third Uncle,

Brother, and Sister are super clingy!’

Mrs. Walton frowned. “A haunted house?”

Henry’s heart tightened, and he quickly explained, “Eldest Brother had already informed all the staff to clear the area.” However, the fake ghosts inside were gone, and the ones that came out were real ghosts.

Mrs. Walton nodded and couldn’t help but nag, “Don’t go to such places in the future. It’s not good for children.” Although the scary things had been cleared, it wouldn’t be good if they were contaminated with bad luck.

Amelia and William nodded vigorously. “Okay!’

George got off work early today and went home at lunchtime. He asked if the amusement park was fun. Amelia said excitedly, “It’s fun! It’s just that there are too many people! We spend more time queuing up for the carousel than riding it!” Originally, they wanted to go on the other rides, but there were many people in every ride! They had to queue up, but it was getting late, so they could only come back.

George nodded. “You like amusement parks?”

Amelia was hungry. “l do,” she said as she nibbled on a drumstick.

George: “Okay.” The island that he wanted to buy for his sister, Helena, was later put on hold. Now, it could be started again. He would buy it and build an amusement park for Mia. When Mia wanted to play, he would make a special venue for her. He would only open a certain number of tickets. When Mia was not playing, they could receive tourists and make money.

Amelia did not know that George was about to start a big project at Walton Corporation because of her words. She even happily shared with him the fun things she had seen at the amusement park today. Suddenly, Amelia thought of something and said, “Uncle, can you help me find someone?”

George nodded. “Okay.”

Mrs. Walton asked, “Who are you looking for?”

Amelia said conspiratorially, “Hush. It’s our secret.”

Mrs. Walton smiled helplessly and did not ask further.

At this moment, a voice came from outside the door. Alex raised his voice and said, “Your uncle isn’t good at finding people. Why didn’t you look for Daddy?

Have you forgotten Daddy?”

Amelia’s eyes lit up and she said crisply, “Daddy!” She grabbed a tiger skin chicken claw and ran to Alex as she said, “l didn’t forget Daddy. Daddy was too busy. Grandma said not to disturb Daddy. Daddy’s work is very important.” Alex smiled.

Amelia raised the tiger-skin chicken claw in her hand. “Daddy, take a bite, then wash your hands and eat!”

Alex bent down and was about to eat when he saw Amelia’s left foot tripping over her right foot. She fell with a thud and the tiger skin chicken foot flew out. Everyone was shocked. Mrs. Walton quickly got up to hug her, but she saw Amelia get up with a grunt. “It’s okay, it’s okay.” Then she did not forget to pick up the tiger skin chicken foot. She picked up the chicken foot and blew on it twice. “It’s not more than three seconds. It’s still edible.”

As she spoke, Amelia raised the tiger skin chicken claw to Alex’s mouth. Her face was filled with eagerness and joy. “Daddy, eat quickly.”

Alex didn’t know what to say. The corner of his mouth twitched. Was he going to eat or not?

Mrs. Walton laughed. He deserved it! Let him teach Mia all kinds of nonsense. Now, it was his retribution!

Alex looked at the chicken feet in front of him and finally took a bite. He would eat anything his daughter fed him!

Alex bit on his chicken foot and went to wash his hands. Then, he went to the dining table and everyone ate together.

After dinner, Alex heard Amelia talk about the Haunted House today. So a haunted house could be a training ground. The soldiers in his team trained so hard every day. He would bring them there to play another day.

Alex’s thought determined that the haunted houses in the amusement parks would not be peaceful for a long time..

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