Mia is Not a Trouble-Maker! - C.618 - : How About Being My Disciple?

Mia is Not a Trouble-Maker!

C.618 - : How About Being My Disciple?

Chapter 618: How About Being My Disciple?

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The bald man’s body stiffened. He did not dare to move or raise his head. He said on the brink of tears, “This… can you tell your subordinate that moving a little is not considered moving…”

Alex rotated his wrist and said calmly, “That depends on whether your answer will satisfy me. Today, my daughter went to the Haunted House to play. Her third uncle accompanied her. Not only did you scare my daughter, but you also stuck a piece of skin on her third uncle’s neck, right?”

The bald man, who had his head lowered, was shocked. They had discovered this? Impossible! That paper effigy had also been nurtured with a lot of effort. He was seventeen years old and had been doing this for more than twenty years. He had only nurtured these two paper dolls! How could he have been discovered!

The bald man lost his confidence and panicked. “l posted it…”

Alex asked again, “You set up a female ghost in the haunted house and stuck something on my third brothers skin. What are you trying to do?”

This time, the bald man didn’t say anything! He already knew that Alex’s ultimate goal was to ask this. In that case, he had the right to negotiate. Besides, he had spent a lot of effort to tame the female ghost in the wedding dress. She definitely wouldn’t betray him easily. He could say yes, but…

The bald man was still thinking of a countermeasure when he heard Alex say coldly, “Watch him carefully.”

The subordinate said loudly, “Yes! Family Head!”

Then Alex was gone.

The bald man looked up in shock. He was leaving just like that? As he moved, he was shot again. The bullet hit his shoulder and passed under the skin on his shoulder.

The bald man screamed. This time, he really did not dare to move. Just like that, his neck stiffened. It was even more uncomfortable than being tortured!

In the middle of the night, Amelia was lying on her side on the bed with a thin blanket in her arms. Her chubby legs were resting on it. The Soul Retrieving Gourd on her wrist flashed slightly.

In the Soul Retrieving Gourd, the female ghost hugged her broken limbs and threw out a mahjong tile. “l win! I win!” She pushed down her tiles excitedly, not remembering her bald male master at all.

The night was dark and windy. Under the cover of the night, countless people were secretly doing bad things. Moon took advantage of the night when the amusement park was closed to sneak into the Haunted House. She frowned and looked around. Gone? Gone again?! She clenched her fists and ran around for a long time before catching two malicious ghosts from the unfinished building. She went to the Fourth Hospital. The ghosts were gone. When she came to the Haunted House, the ghosts were gone too! From the moment she was born, she was different from ordinary children. Others were still drinking milk powder and peeing their pants. She began to understand some things. When she was three years old, she had a dream. She knew very well that she had to catch ghosts in the human world. Before she turned eighteen, she had to collect all the tears in the human world: regret, resentment, sadness, relief, grief… Tears from every kind of life and every kind of death were different. So far, she had collected two kinds of tears: regret and resentment. Then, she began to cycle endlessly: If she couldn’t catch a ghost, she wouldn’t have tears… At this rate, could she still complete her KPI?!

Looking at the empty Haunted House, Moon felt like crying again. She couldn’t help but kick! Kick a prop to the side!

“I’m so angry! I’m so angry!” Moon would only show some emotions when there was no one around.

At this moment, a figure suddenly whizzed past the dark Haunted House.

“Who is it?!” Moon stared cautiously behind a pillar, her hair standing on end! “Hehe… Interesting…” A deep voice sounded in the darkness. “Is it a natural talent?”

A chill ran down Moon’s spine, and she jerked her head toward the source of the sound. At that moment, she felt a pain in her chest, as if something had stabbed into her heart.

Moon groaned and broke out in a cold sweat.

The voice was erratic and changed places. “Not bad, not bad. You’re quite talented. How about becoming my disciple?”

Moon’s small face was tense as he said coldly, “I don’t acknowledge a nameless person as my master. Who are you?”

That person changed direction again and laughed loudly. After laughing, he changed direction again. “You’re quite smart. You want to know who I am. Unfortunately, children are children. No matter how smart you are, you’re not enough in front of adults.”


In the end, the voice changed direction again. “I’ll give you twelve hours to consider. No one in this world can undo the charm on your heart except me. You can either obediently be my disciple and work for me, or you can die… I can’t stand to see such a talented person, but you can’t be used by me.” The person’s voice faded and finally disappeared..

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