My Ceo Husband is Sworn Enemy - C.58 - : Scumbag Revokes Citizenship_1

My Ceo Husband is Sworn Enemy

C.58 - : Scumbag Revokes Citizenship_1

Chapter 58: Chapter 58: Scumbag Revokes Citizenship_1

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Although I’ve always suspected that Gu Yuanzhou was the real culprit!

Despite my desire to see Gu Yuanzhou brought to justice,

Still, I would never be foolish enough to attempt any tricks right under his nose.

I’m not that dumb.

“President Gu, I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I’ve never spread any lies about you?”

“How dare you deny it!!!”

Gu Yuanzhou was extremely angry as he threw a pile of documents before me.

I bent down to pick them up.

It was a stack of flyers, with a line of text written on it.

Gu Yuanzhou is a wife-burning beast!

The words were neatly printed, just as I had suspected.

“President Gu, where did these flyers come from?”

“You’re asking me? Don’t you know what you did?”

I racked my brain for a few seconds before still shaking my head in denial.

Indeed, the words on the paper matched my suspicions, but to jot them down and distribute them around the company was foolhardy.

Other than breeding resentment, it wouldn’t solve a thing.

“President Gu, I didn’t do this! You must have misunderstood!”

Gu Yuanzhou went silent for a few minutes, then said,

“Somebody inside the company reported that you did it!”

“Why would I do something like that?”

I countered.

Gu Yuanzhou fell silent as he squinted at me.

“When one person points the finger at you, there might not be any credibility to it. But when three or more people do, don’t you think there’s something wrong with you?”

I was slightly taken aback but had more or less figured out the situation by now.

If Gu Yuanzhou brought this up, there had to be a reason behind it.

I ought to deal with this matter, or he would deal with me instead.

“President Gu, give me two days, I’ll find out what happened.”


I couldn’t help but notice a peculiar look in Gu Yuanzhou’s eyes, as if he was an observer from the sidelines and was testing me. It felt strange.

After exiting his office, I finally understood where that odd feeling came from.

He appeared composed, as if he had everything under control.

Right now, my most important task was to identify the person who had framed me…

I planned to dine with Wenya that evening.

But first, I received a call from Ding Yinuo,

“Everything’s set up on this end. Come to City First Hospital!”


When I hung up, I felt as if someone had eavesdropped on my conversation.

I casually glanced back and saw a figure quickly ducking into the hallway.

By the time I ventured back, there was no one to be seen.

From now on I have to be more careful.

Although I didn’t catch a glimpse of the figure, I had a good guess about who was stalking me.

Rather than exiting from the building’s main entrance, I rode the elevator down to the basement parking lot and circled around to the building next door from Exit C. Then I walked out from the exit.

Back in the elevator, I had already ordered a ride on my phone. The car was there when I stepped out, so I got straight in.

Half an hour later, I arrived at the City First Hospital inpatient department.

This was the best hospital in A City.

The inpatient department had dozens of floors. It would be nearly impossible for me to find my aunt on my own.

Luckily, I had Ding Yinuo.

Within minutes of receiving my call, he arrived.

At the time, he was wearing a grey vest and a white shirt underneath, paired with long dress pants and a white coat on top.

With his gold-rimmed glasses, he was elegantly handsome and quite aloof, like a high, unreachable peak.

I stared at him for a long time, making him a little embarrassed. He adjusted his glasses, gave a light cough, and said,

“Haven’t you ever seen a handsome guy before?”

I followed him onto the elevator,

“Are you mocking me for not having seen any men before?” 𝐟reew𝗲b𝐧𝚘𝐯𝐞l.c𝚘m

“Then you tell me, who in A City is more handsome than me?”

Ding Yinuo said these words with a lot of arrogance.

He reminded me of a proud peacock.

“Gu Yuanzhou is a lot more handsome than you!”

I blurted out the first name that came to mind.

Ding Yinuo raised an eyebrow,

“The disgraceful should be expelled from among men. He doesn’t qualify.”

I stared blankly at the elevator buttons.

Seeing my downcast mood, Ding Yinuo didn’t refrain from asking more,

“Did Gu Yuanzhou make things difficult for you?”


“What did he do to you?”

The elevator had reached the floor. The doors opened, and I stepped out without answering his question.

Ding Yinuo grabbed my arm, pressing for answers:

“What did he do to you, tell me!”

Seeing his anxious look, I couldn’t help but ask,

“Ding Yinuo, I can handle this!”

“I want to know what he did to you!”

I looked at him with a smile,

“Are you getting a kick out of hearing how I’m dealing with him?”

Ding Yinuo was taken aback,

“I do feel a sense of satisfaction seeing him end up in trouble. He deserves it for being such a jerk.”

“But he’s my husband!”

“You’re still protecting him? You really want to defend a jerk like that?”

“It’s not about defending him. It’s just that I suddenly wondered, in the past when I was in trouble, were you gloating at my misery?”

Indeed, such thoughts were unsettling, but faced with the reality, I couldn’t help but speculate.

Ding Yinuo’s eyes widened in surprise. It seemed he hadn’t anticipated my doubts.

“Forget it. You don’t have to answer. Let’s go see my aunt!”

“No, you must tell me what Gu Yuanzhou did to you!”

“Never mind.”

I felt that I could handle certain things by myself and didn’t have to disclose every minute detail to Ding Yinuo.

Who would have thought he would be so stubborn. He snapped,

“Fine, don’t want to talk about it? Then I won’t help you find your aunt.”

Ding Yinuo had meant what he said and left as he spoke.

Just as I was about to call him back, I was interrupted by a nurse who rushed over, anxiously calling his name.

“Dr. Ding, there’s an emergency patient, a very critical case. The head doctor can’t handle it. Could you please come over?”

“I’m coming over to take a look!”

Ding Yinuo immediately followed the nurse, leaving me behind in the hospital hallway.

I didn’t know the room my aunt was in, and I didn’t have the status of a family member to inquire about it either. After hesitating for a moment, I found out where Ding Yinuo’s office was from a nurse. I entered his office, introducing myself as Ding Yinuo’s friend.

As expected, there was a computer in his office. I didn’t hesitate to open a bottle of water and drink it. Then I easily cracked his computer password.

Originally, I planned to hack into the hospital’s database through his computer to find out my aunt’s hospital room.

But when I turned on the computer, I saw a lot of surprising things.