My Descendant Begged Me To Help Him Just After I Became A God - C.574 - : Wu XuHou, Forgotten Well


Chapter 574: Wu XuHou, Forgotten Well

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Seeing that the Nine Levels of Blissful Hell did not succeed, Jiang Changsheng raised his hand and slapped.

Ksitigarbha Reincarnation Palm!

This palm carried the profundity of the Karma Exile Divine Power!

The invisible existence with a strength value of 80,000 Heavenly Dao incense points was struck from afar and instantly appeared. His physical body was directly destroyed by this palm and turned into a bloody mist that exploded. The blood also evaporated at an extremely fast speed and even his body and soul were annihilated!

Other than annihilation visible to the naked eye, even his karma and fate were destroyed to prevent him from needing to encounter his backer.

Instant kill!

With Jiang Changsheng’s current strength, it was not difficult for him to kill an existence with a strength value of 80,000 Heavenly Dao incense points. He only wanted to search the other party’s memories. Since he could not, he would kill him!

Jiang Changsheng’s spiritual will could no longer capture the other party’s aura, not even with the incense calculation function.

It seemed like he was dead.

Jiang Changsheng closed his eyes and continued to comprehend the power of the Great Dao.

After a while.

[In the Immortal Year 267987, the God of the Great Dao, Wu Xuhou, attacked you. You successfully survived his attack and survived a calamity. You have obtained a survival reward—Heavenly Dao Spirit Treasure, Forgotten Well.]

Heavenly Dao Spirit Treasure?

Not bad!

Jiang Changsheng immediately inherited the memories of the Forgotten Well.

Any person who fell into it would wash away their memories of the past, and there was no possibility of recovery.

This treasure was not lethal, but it had endless uses.

Jiang Changsheng thought for a moment before he took out the Forgotten Well and placed it in front of the All Heavens Great Dao Tree. The diameter of the well was about 100 feet. At first glance, it looked like a small lake with a larger internal space. It was equivalent to a small world.

The blue lake reflected the branches of the All Heavens Great Dao Tree, and the waves sparkled. Jiang Changsheng looked at it for a while before he retracted his gaze and continued to comprehend the Dao.

Right now, he was constantly coming into contact with new powers of the Great Dao. He did not seek to study them, only to enter the Dao.

In his mind, as long as he grasped the power of the 3000 Great Daos, he could break through and reach a higher realm.

Being in the Zenith Heaven Realm made him invincible for the time being, but he knew very well that he was not really invincible. He was just like in the past, limiting his range of activities to a weaker area. Therefore, he was invincible in such an area.

His goal was to reach the sixteenth level of the Dao Technique. At that time, he would not have to be so afraid even if he had to face a transcendent orthodoxy.

About 400 years passed.

Jiang Changsheng opened his eyes and took out the Mysterious Fate Token.

“Senior, Jiang Jian is really amazing. He stepped into the Unrestrained Heaven Realm so quickly that even my master praised him. I want him to cultivate in the Mysterious Fate Holy Land. Senior, don’t worry. With me here, I won’t let him suffer.”

Fate Lord Heguang’s laughter could be heard. Ever since he brought Jiang Jian to the Life Tempering Pool, he often received pleasant surprises. According to him, Jiang Jian had become a prodigy that could not be underestimated in the Mysterious Fate.

Jiang Changsheng said, “What does he think about this? If he’s willing, bring him there. If he’s unwilling, send him back.”

He could hear Jiang Jian’s thoughts. This question was only a test to see if Fate Lord Heguang was honest with him.

Fate Lord Heguang smiled and said, “Of course he’s willing, but I have to tell you about this. If you don’t agree, I’ll definitely send him back. After all, he only went for the Life Tempering Pool. Who would have expected this kid to have such potential? That Eye of the Great Dao is really amazing.”

At the mention of Jiang Jian’s Eye of the Great Dao, he could not help but exclaim.

Jiang Jian indeed wanted to go to the Mysterious Fate Holy Land, and Jiang Changsheng also wanted him to give it a try. The foundation of the Mysterious Fate was indeed not something the Immortal Dao could compare to, at least not right now.

“Then I’ll have to trouble Fate Lord Heguang to take good care of him.”

“Senior is too kind. Is there anything you need our help with?”

“Not at the moment.”

“Alright, I won’t disturb you anymore.”

Jiang Changsheng threw the Fate Lord Token into his sleeve and began to feel the thoughts of his believers. Through them, he observed the changes in the Immortal Dao.

After so many years, the Heavenly Court relied on the will of the people and became increasingly powerful. Even some sects in the Fourth Heaven Realm began to help the Heavenly Court. After the Dark Emperor was besieged by the Celestial Emperor, Future Buddha, and other mighty figures, he almost perished. Ever since that war, the Dark Imperial Court began to decline and was only barely able to remain standing.

Through this, everybody saw the hope of the great calamity ending. “Damn the Dark Emperor. When can he be executed?”

“I hope the Heavenly Court will not forgive the Dark Imperial Court.”

“I wonder if I can see the Immortal Dao unifying the 3000 worlds in my lifetime.’

“Unfortunately, as the Immortal Dao becomes stronger, it will be difficult to see the Dao Ancestor again.”

“The Dark Emperor has committed all sorts of evil. If the Heavenly Court still conferred him as a god after this calamity ends, what would be the difference between it and the Martial Dao?”

Countless believers loathed the Dark Imperial Court. The Dark Imperial Court had committed many evil deeds over the years and had carried the hatred of the 3000 worlds. Of course, the Heavenly Court had also accumulated hatred, but in the face of a greater hatred, it was easier for them to accept it.

Compared to letting the Dark Imperial Court rule the 3000 worlds, they were more willing to accept the rule of the Heavenly Court. At the very least, the Heavenly Court was benevolent and reasonable.

It was already a trend for the Heavenly Court to win, but the strength of the Dark Imperial Court made everyone afraid to be optimistic.

For those people who had lost everything, if the Dark Imperial Court were to end up with a harmless punishment, they would be disappointed in the Immortal Dao.

Jiang Changsheng saw the future. The Dark Imperial Court would be suppressed in the eighteenth floor of Hell and be punished according to their sins. The longest punishment they would receive would be a million years of extreme punishment. Ultimately, their souls would be expelled from the Endless Void, including Jiang Yi.

No one in the Dark Imperial Court had become a god. As a result, the Immortal Dao defined a new order, an order different from the Martial Dao.

This was the Celestial Emperor’s decision and also Jiang Yi’s choice.

As Jiang Changsheng reached the Zenith Heaven Realm, the future of the Immortal Dao was exposed in his eyes. When the next calamity arrived, he would think of ways to repair the development of the Immortal Dao. At the very least, he would give the Immortal Dao the qualifications to face his calamity.

However, his revision did not rely on changing an individual’s fate, but on the development of the Immortal Dao.

In his opinion, Jiang Yi’s ending was already good, so he did not want to change it.

Jiang Yi was not suitable to stay in the 3000 worlds because his devouring talent was only suitable for the dark and chaotic order.

In the future, he would let Jiang Yi be the shadow of the Immortal Dao.

Several months later, Jiang Changsheng’s thoughts finally separated from the hearts of the immortal cultivators.

With the Dao Yan’s retreat, the Endless Void was completely free of variables. He was too lazy to return and would just cultivate here in peace.

When the Immortal Dao was accepted by the will of the Great Dao, he would move the Purple Cloud Palace here and create the Zenith Heaven Immortal Realm so that those who had been following him could move here earlier and enjoy a better cultivation environment.

In a dark hall.

Jiang Yi sat in a pool, and the water was boiling with a murderous aura. He was naked, revealing his strong physique, and his white hair fluttered slightly.

The Flame Devouring Knife floated around him and said in a resentful voice, “Master, do we really have to do this? Are those guys following you just chess pieces?”

Jiang Yi closed his eyes and said, “If we were on different paths, I would have left the Dark Imperial Court long ago. How many people have left over the years? Anyone who stayed behind has only themselves to blame. Moreover, even though I made a choice, I have not been lenient all these years. I have also done my best. In the end, we are just weaker.”

The Flame Devouring Knife shouted, “Then why do you have to do this?

Wouldn’t it be better to just surrender to the Heavenly Court?”

“If we do that, even though peace will come, the seeds of hatred will be planted.

We are not mortals fighting. Hatred will last as long as we live. Over time, the

Immortal Dao will become the next Martial Dao.”

Jiang Yi said calmly. He was still dissatisfied when he heard the Flame Devouring Knife tremble.

The Flame Devouring Knife could not help but say, “Master, in fact, you also want to pose a challenge to all living beings and give yourself more pressure, right? Otherwise, wouldn’t everyone be happy if the Dao Ancestor directly erases the memories of everyone?”

“How is that possible? Even if it can be done, the seeds of karma have been sowed. As for my thoughts, perhaps I am not that kind-hearted. There are no one in my heart, only the Immortal Dao.”

Jiang Yi’s answer silenced the Flame Devouring Knife.

At that moment, the surrounding baleful aura surged and gradually condensed into a figure that looked identical to Jiang Yi.

The murderous figure said, “Are you really willing? You said that you are doing this for the Immortal Dao, but will the Immortal Dao understand you? If you become the will of the Great Dao, you can also protect the Immortal Dao and become an existence respected by all living beings like the Dao Ancestor. Do you really not yearn for it?”

Jiang Yi and the Flame Devouring Knife were not surprised by his appearance because they were already used to it.

The Flame Devouring Knife mocked, “If my master becomes the will of the

Great Dao, what about you? Do you want to occupy my master’s body?”

“As a God of the Great Tribulation, you are very pathetic because you do not have the ambition to become a God of the Great Dao.’

“Ridiculous. If I had the strength, I would naturally have the ambition you mentioned. It’s precisely because I don’t have it that I don’t dare to think too much. Otherwise, wouldn’t it be an eternal torture to be like you, unwilling to accept fate?”

The counterattack of the Flame Devouring Knife silenced the will of the Great Dao.

Jiang Yi opened the Eye of the Great Dao on his forehead and glanced at the will of the Great Dao. “Are you afraid of the Heavenly Dao?”

The will of the Great Dao was like a cat whose tail had been stepped on. It angrily said, “How is that possible! It is just a creation by the Dao Ancestor, while I am the origin of the Great Dao. Over the long years, I have been the origin of the Dao, the origin of the Nine Nether, the origin of creation, the origin of Ancient Arts, and now, the origin of the Martial Dao. In the future, I can even become the origin of the Immortal Dao. As for the Heavenly Dao, it doesn’t even have a will!”

Jiang Yi said, “If you have the will, then what’s the difference between you and the living beings you despise? At the very least, living beings can still choose their own lives, while you can only watch. You can’t interfere with anything and can’t do anything. Even though you can observe the cycle of the Great Dao, are you really not lonely and envious of the short lives of mortals?”

The will of the Great Dao was silent.

The entire hall fell into silence.


“It’s too late! It’s too late! I’ve given you a chance to make your final choice!

Since you don’t want it, then destroy it!”

The will of the Great Dao roared hysterically, its words filled with endless hatred.

Jiang Yi suddenly stood up and opened his eyes. The Flame Devouring Knife seemed to have been frightened and immediately came to him.

The murderous aura of the will of the Great Dao surged wildly and quickly condensed Jiang Yi’s face. With a ferocious expression, he said in a cold voice, “The cycle of the Great Dao… What a joke! Who do you think is responsible for the cycle of the Great Dao? You have wanted to subdue me time and time again, but you have never been grateful. The Great Dao does not need you at all!”

“There’s no need for that!”

A terrifying aura emanated from the will of the Great Dao. Jiang Changsheng, who was cultivating under the All Heavens Great Dao Tree, also opened his eyes..

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