My Descendant Begged Me To Help Him Just After I Became A God - C.580 - : Real Immortal


Chapter 580: Real Immortal

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The white-robed woman’s skin was as white as snow, and her eyebrows were like willows. Her eyes were cold and faintly flickered with spiritual light. Her posture was dignified and holy, but there was also a sense of beauty that charmed those who laid their eyes on her. When the two different temperaments were combined, the man on the cliff was stunned.

The man was only absent-minded for a moment. He immediately lowered his eyes and hurriedly said, “I have indeed refined the Indestructible Golden Body. I wonder if the promise made by the Dao Ancestor back then is true?”

The woman in the white dress was Bai Qi. She had come under Jiang Changsheng’s orders.

The Dao Ancestor had promised that the first existence in the Immortal Dao to refine the Indestructible Golden Body would become the War Immortal Saint.

The War Immortal Saint’s reputation was not the only thing that sounded impressive. The Dao Ancestor would also give the position a certain degree of divine authority.

“What’s your name?”

“My surname is Su and my name is Yin.”

“So it’s you. Go to the Heavenly Court and enter the Immortal Emperor Ascension Platform. I will wait for you at the other end.”

Immortal Emperor Ascension Platform?

Su Yin was shocked. He hastily explained, “Even though I have refined the Indestructible Golden Body, I am not an Immortal Emperor. Are you mistaken…”

Bai Qi snorted and could not help but cover her mouth and chuckle. This kid was really honest.

Su Yin did not dare to look at her. At the same time, he did not want his imagination to run wild.

He did not think that Bai Qi was the Dao Ancestor. If his guess was right, the woman in front of him was the Saint Mother of Fortune under the Dao Ancestor.

“It is precisely because you are not an Immortal Emperor that you are allowed to go to the Zenith Heaven Immortal Realm to cultivate. You will have to come back in the future. Only when your merits are fulfilled can you remove your title as the War Immortal Saint.’

Bai Qi’s words allowed Su Yin to breathe a sigh of relief and hope rose in his heart.

If he went to the Zenith Heaven Immortal Realm, would he be able to see the Dao Ancestor?

Even though Su Yin was only a thousand years old, he had always admired the Dao Ancestor. His greatest wish in life was to meet the Dao Ancestor.

“Alright, I look forward to the War Immortal Saint’s fame shaking the Immortal Dao and protecting it. I hope you will not let down the inheritance of the Indestructible Golden Body Technique and the Dao Ancestor’s expectations of you.”

After Bai Qi said that, he left. Su Yin stood up and looked at her departing figure as his heart surged with emotions.

The Dao Ancestor had expectations of me?

Su Yin clenched his fists and felt that his future was limitless.

Within the Purple Cloud Palace.

Jiang Changsheng stood up. He was stretching his muscles and bones. After 500,000 years of sitting and comprehending the Dao, his cultivation had improved a lot, but he was still far from breaking through.

A breakthrough in the Zenith Heaven Realm was not something that could be completed in a million years. However, he was satisfied when he saw his strength value increasing.

Right now, he was really not afraid of any Yan Saint.

Bai Qi came over and asked, “Master, what authority does the War Immortal Saint have?”

Jiang Changsheng answered, “Fight gods, fight saints, fight all the Immortal Gods, and even fight the Celestial Emperor. The premise is that the immortals, gods, and buddhas have made mistakes. The existence of the War Immortal

Saint is to fight against all injustice and fight for all beings under the Immortal Dao.”

When Bai Qi heard that, her eyes darted around. The War Immortal Saint’s divine authority was much greater than she had expected. It could even be said that he was second only to one person and above all living beings.

Jiang Changsheng looked at Mu Lingluo. Mu Lingluo was already an Immortal Emperor and was also competing in the race to reach the Zenith Heaven Realm.

The difference between the Zenith Heaven Realm and the Immortal Emperor Realm seemed to be only one realm, but in fact, the difference was like heaven and earth. The difference was greater than all the previous realms combined.

However, there were two people who were about to break through the barrier before Zenith Heaven Realm and enter the transformation phase.

The Kunlun Leader and the Ten Thousand Buddha Ancestor.

Other than the two of them, the Celestial Emperor was the closest to the Zenith

Heaven Realm. Jiang Yi should have been the closest to the Zenith Heaven Realm. However, Jiang Yi was still receiving punishment in the eighteenth floor of Hell, cleansing his karma. There were still hundreds of thousands of years before Jiang Yi could leave Hell and be expelled from the Endless Void. “When the second Zenith Heaven Immortal appears, I can finally cultivate in peace.”

Jiang Changsheng thought that when the Dao Yan attacked in the future, they would be stopped by the Kunlun Leader and the Ten Thousand Buddha Ancestor. It would be interesting if they could not see him.

He could not always shelter the Immortal Dao from wind and rain. He should let the Immortal Dao face its own predicaments and display his strength at the same time.

In the boundless world, there was no such thing as hiding one’s weakness. Only by displaying strength could one intimidate the enemy.

The boundless world was different from the Endless Void. Forces would only fight and rarely join hands. It was even more impossible for them to unite and suppress the Immortal Dao just because they felt that it had potential.

To put it bluntly, there was no absolute overlord in the boundless world. Therefore, the forces only cared about their own interests and did not have the time to consider problems from the perspective of the boundless world.

After stretching his muscles and bones, Jiang Changsheng disappeared on the spot.

He came to the sea of clouds. The sea of clouds here was purple in color, magnificent, and exuded a mysterious and strange atmosphere.

Jiang Changsheng raised his hand and beckoned. A ball of energy gradually condensed in his hand and he revealed a curious expression.

This ball of energy was a God of the Great Dao, Wu Xuhou, who had been killed hundreds of thousands of years ago.

The Wu Xuhou that had been killed had been born again, and it was still in its incubation state.

This was what it meant to be unkillable!

Jiang Changsheng held the Wu Xuhou and moved to the All Heavens Great Dao Tree. He walked to the Forgotten Well.

“I got this from killing you. I’ll let you have a taste.”

Jiang Changsheng thought and threw the Wu Xuhou into the Forgotten Well.

Looking at the waves on the Forgotten Well, Jiang Changsheng saw the future.

He discovered that even though the Zenith Heaven Realm was omnipotent, there were still troubles that came with the realm. That was, after seeing through the past and the future, it was easy to become obsessed.

Other than cultivating, Jiang Changsheng liked to observe the future and the myriad changes. He could deduce different futures based on his thoughts. This feeling of controlling everything was easy to lose oneself.

Looking at the Wu Xuhou sinking into the Forgotten Well, Jiang Changsheng suddenly became vigilant.

The Zenith Heaven Realm was powerful, but there were many Zenith Heaven Immortals in the ancient Immortal Dao. Some existences had even observed the future. Even so, the ancient Immortal Dao had disappeared.

“There might be existences in the boundless world that might be able to observe the future.

Jiang Changsheng began to enter a meditative state. He stood by the Forgotten Well without moving.

No one knew how long had passed.

There was a fluctuation in the distant Immortal Emperor Ascension Platform. A ray of light rose, followed by a figure stepping out.

It was Su Yin.

Su Yin still had lingering fears. Even though the heavenly tribulation on the Immortal Emperor Ascension Platform had been temporarily closed for him, the teleportation across the Great Dao Void still made him feel uncomfortable. Previously, he did not dare to move at all. He felt that he would turn into ashes and his soul would dissipate if he was careless.

Su Yin tried hard to calm himself down. He subconsciously scanned his surroundings and looked up.

He widened his eyes in shock.

What kind of tree was that?

Wasn’t it too spectacular?

Was this the Zenith Heaven Immortal Realm?

Su Yin’s heartbeat sped up. He looked up and admired the beauty of the All Heavens Great Dao Tree.

After a while, he suddenly saw a figure standing under the All Heavens Great Dao Tree.

He hesitated for a moment before he immediately flew over.

He came to Jiang Changsheng’s side and carefully looked at him. Jiang Changsheng did not use a magic treasure to conceal his true appearance, so he could see him clearly.


Su Yin cupped his fists and greeted him in a low voice.

Jiang Changsheng was still in a meditative state. His eyes were open, as if he was staring at the Forgotten Well in a daze.

Su Yin found it strange and his gaze involuntarily landed on the Forgotten Well.

Could there be something in the lake?

Never in his wildest dreams would Su Yin expect that it was not a lake, but a well.

Su Yin suddenly raised his eyebrows. He saw something swimming in the lake. Could it be what this senior was looking at?

Gradually, Su Yin was also in a daze.

What was hidden in the lake?

“Do you think your Indestructible Golden Body is strong enough?”

A voice interrupted Su Yin’s thoughts.

Su Yin turned around and saw Jiang Changsheng staring at him. He hurriedly bowed and said, “Greetings, senior. I am Su Yin. Senior knows that I have successfully refined the Indestructible Golden Body? May I know your name?” He did not expect the other party to be the Dao Ancestor. In his understanding, the Dao Ancestor was extraordinary and had countless mighty figures under him. Why would he come to meet him personally?

Jiang Changsheng smiled and said, “Take my palm. If you can withstand it, I will tell you my name. Do you dare to try?”

Su Yin thought that since the other party could recognize his Indestructible Golden Body, the other party must be related to the Dao Ancestor. It was impossible for them to harm him.

He immediately nodded and said, “Then I’ll ask for senior’s guidance!”

As soon as he finished speaking, his skin color instantly turned golden, and it was a shining golden color. His entire temperament suddenly changed, from a little timid to high-spirited.

Ever since he refined the Indestructible Golden Body, he had never tasted defeat. Ever since he refined the Indestructible Golden Body, he had an invincible sense of conceit. Even in the face of a mysterious senior, he was confident.

He wanted to let the seniors of the Immortal Dao see how powerful his Indestructible Golden Body was!

He was the future War Immortal Saint!

Jiang Changsheng smiled. He merely raised his hand and lightly patted Su Yin.

Su Yin maintained a confident smile. Before his pupils could change, a gust of palm wind attacked.

He turned into ashes in an instant!

The wind blew, blowing the grassland.

Jiang Changsheng waited for a few breaths before he shook his hands. The wind from the previous palm strike blew back and condensed into Su Yin’s figure.

As soon as Su Yin’s physical body recovered, he suddenly collapsed to the ground and gasped for air. His face was filled with fear as he looked at Jiang Changsheng.


Su Yin had never experienced such a horrifying feeling. Was he dead just now?

Jiang Changsheng smiled and asked, “Do you think your Indestructible Golden Body is still strong?”

Su Yin was speechless. The main reason was that he had yet to wake up from the fear of death.

Jiang Changsheng raised his hand and pointed his index finger at him. Su Yin immediately fell into a trance and his eyes lost their light.

After a long time.

Su Yin suddenly woke up, but Jiang Changsheng was no longer in front of him.

“Primordial Chaos… Indestructible Golden Body Technique…”

Su Yin recalled the memories in his mind and was shocked.

There was actually a higher level above the Indestructible Golden Body Technique, and he was only at the beginner level?

Could that person be…

Su Yin suddenly thought of a possibility and could not help but tremble.

“You can cultivate here from now on.

A voice sounded. Su Yin turned around and saw a figure sitting not far away. It was not Jiang Changsheng, but Ye Xun.

Su Yin hastily walked over and raised his hand to salute. “That senior from before…

Ye Xun closed his eyes and said, “Forget him. At least hide it in your heart.”

Su Yin was shocked and became even more excited..

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