Mythical Era: I Evolved Into A Stellar-Level Beast - C.2 - : Talent


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"Your Salamander Avatar has gained an evolution point by consuming a large amount of food." 𝙛𝙧𝙚𝙚𝔀𝙚𝓫𝒏𝓸𝓿𝙚𝒍.𝓬𝓸𝓶

"Attribute page generating...generation completed."

As two rows of transparent text emerged, a transparent page frame appeared before Jack Clark's astonished eyes.

Physique: 7 (Ordinary People 10)

Strength: 7

Agility: 6

Spirit: 10

Talent: Soul Split

Avatar Species: Six-legged Salamander[Ordinary amphibious creature, 30 centimeters in adult length, combat power 0]

Level: None

Talent: None f(r)eenovelkiss

Evolution value: 1/10[When the evolution value is full, evolution can be initiated]

"Attribute page..." Jack Clark slowly breathed out, suppressing the excitement deep in his heart.

As a semi-otaku who used to enjoy reading novels, watching anime, and playing games, Jack Clark naturally accepted this unexpected development.

Moreover, he probably knew why the Six-legged Salamander had become his avatar.

It should be related to his talent of Soul Split.

Glancing over the data in each category, Jack Clark wasn't surprised by the fact that his attributes were lower than ordinary people in every aspect except spirit.

His body was truly weak.

Then his gaze fell on the data of the avatar below, and the corner of his mouth slightly lifted.

With an attribute page that only existed in fantasy and an avatar that could accumulate evolution by simply eating, he felt that he could get by effortlessly in this life.

"Cough...calm down, calm down." After the excitement, Jack Clark gradually calmed down.

Next, he studied the attribute page for a while, but unfortunately, he didn't gain anything.

... ...

At 8 o'clock in the morning, on a pedestrian walkway by the street, Jack Clark, dressed in a white short-sleeved shirt, black trousers, and leather shoes, walked towards school facing the morning sun.

It has to be said that the school uniform in this world was quite nice. Wearing it made Jack Clark look a bit more spirited.

At this time, his brother Glenn Clark said enviously, "Bro, you look so handsome in this school uniform."

Due to his weak constitution since childhood, Jack Clark always had a pale complexion, appearing fair and clean. His facial features were so delicate that he looked better than many female students.

Though his 1.7 meter stature was not very tall and he was slightly thin, his upright posture when walking had an air of elegance, giving off the vibe of a frail and beautiful youth.

"It's not bad." Jack Clark was quite satisfied with this, glad that he wasn't short and ugly after crossing over.

In contrast, his younger brother Glenn Clark appeared more rugged. At only thirteen years old, he was already 1.75 meters tall with a sturdy body and a tiger-like appearance.

Today was not only Jack Clark's first day of school, but also Glenn's. The two brothers were both starting school—one in junior high school and the other in high school.

Also, their schools were in the same direction. Glenn's school was closer, about twenty minutes away on foot. Jack's high school was about half an hour away, separated by a district.

"Bro, I heard that after entering high school, you guys can start learning True Martial. If you have a good talent, you may even be trained by the country."

Jack Clark shook his head: "It's not easy to reach the standards for national training."

Glenn waved his fist: "Bro, I believe in you. You can definitely do it."

"...Do you think my sickly body has a good cultivation talent?" In contrast to Glenn's blind trust, Jack Clark had no confidence in himself.

After the beginning of the New Era, the world experienced more than a decade of chaos. Countries around the world united to form the current United Federation, maintaining decades of stability.

The city they were in was called Mist River City. Most of the population was of Chinese descent, and they implemented a twelve-year compulsory education.

When they reached high school, as their bodies matured, everyone would begin to learn the basic True Martial Arts set by the Federation.

At this stage, most people's lives took different paths.

If one had cultivation talent and was willing to develop in the martial arts, they would enter martial cultivation classes in their first year of senior high school, focusing on martial arts while also studying the humanities.

Others who practiced basic True Martial Arts for a semester, but lacked talent, could focus on the humanities or sciences and enter university with excellent grades.

Of course, whether in martial arts or academics, talented individuals were in the minority. Most people would step into society after finishing high school.

And since martial arts cultivation was involved, a good physique was naturally essential.

That was why Jack Clark did not hold much hope for his own cultivation talent.

However, he was not discouraged. With an attribute page and an avatar capable of evolving, he still had the potential to stand at the peak.

Jack Clark and Glenn parted ways halfway, and after walking for more than ten minutes along the pedestrian walkway, Jack arrived at the school gate of South Sky Martial Height.

Today was the start of the school year, and sedans dropping off students nearly filled the streets.

Due to the 'recovery of spiritual energy,' the technological advancements of this world were also developing, albeit slowly. Overall, they were only slightly more advanced than Earth.

As a result, the streamlined designs of these luxury cars were still dependent on gasoline and electricity, not yet advanced enough to become hover cars.

Following the flow of people, Jack Clark leisurely entered the school. Guided by the names on the notice board, he finally arrived at the classroom for the second floor's Senior One, Class 3.

At this time, there were already some students in the classroom, making it somewhat noisy.

Jack Clark scanned the room and casually chose a seat near the window in the back row, thinking to himself, "I didn't expect to go through high school again after crossing over."

Soon, the classroom was filled with about forty students, with roughly a one-to-one ratio between males and females.

At 9 o'clock, a woman in her thirties entered the classroom, wearing business attire and a stern expression. She wrote the name 'James Clark' on the blackboard as she walked in.

Jane stood on the podium and looked down seriously at the students below, saying, "My name is James Clark, and from today on, I will be your class teacher."

Then she directly pointed at two students sitting in front row: "You, temporarily be the Class Leader."

"You, temporarily be the Martial Art Committee Member. Any problems?"

The two students she pointed at, a boy and a girl, looked excited. The boy stood up and said, "Teacher, I have no problem."

The girl also nodded: "I have no problem."

"Good. Later, you two find a few people and go to the equipment room to get the learning materials distributed."

"Yes, teacher."

Then she looked at all the students and said indifferently, "Today is the first day of school, so there's not much to do, mainly getting to know the class you are in."

"After you receive your learning materials, you can move around freely. You can go home or visit the school. We will start classes officially tomorrow."

"Also, the seats you are in now are the ones you'll use from now on. They won't change under normal conditions."

"There are corresponding keys in the drawer under the desk. You can lock your learning materials inside, so there's no need to carry them back and forth every day."

"That's all."

After she finished speaking, the class teacher named Jane left decisively, making a clean break and leaving the students dumbfounded.

Jack Clark was included. He didn't expect to meet such a badass class teacher on his first day of high school in this world.

Or was the educational style in this world just like this?

Pointing out a few people at random to be Class Leader and Martial Art Committee Member, giving a few instructions, and then leaving without any further ado, as though staying a moment longer would waste her life.

Under normal conditions, shouldn't each student be asked to introduce themselves on stage, allowing everyone to become familiar with each other and quickly integrate into the class atmosphere and new environment?