Night of the Broken Gliph - C.159


It was a known fact that Clan Leader Chor was old; his days were numbered. After Clan Leader Chor passed on, the next clan leader would be none other than Chor Chong Hoi!

Father, whats the matter? Chor Sings deep voice rang out. Chor Sing was now a teacher of the Metallic Blood War Gates outer sect, and he was summoned urgently by his father while in the middle of a lesson. Chor Chong Hoi stopped smiling and stared at him solemnly.

I heard that Chor Shing Chit is back.

Chor Sing trembled in disbelief. Its been twenty years, Chor Shing Chit The observant Chor Chong Hoi could tell that Chor Sing was afraid. But Chor Sing was not to be blamed.

Chor Shing Chit was seven years younger than Chor Sing, but he was invincible in their generation, an elite regardless of where he was. Without Wat Suen who suddenly appeared, Chor Shing Chit and Wong Kwan were seen as the disciples with the highest chance of being selected by the Cloud Palace.

However, Chor Shing Chit failed the enrolment and vanished without a trace. Since he was the premier disciple of Chor Chun Pings faction, more than half of the resources of Chor Clan were provided for him, and him taking a silent leave gave Chor Chun Ping huge pressure. His entire faction were even chased out of South Imperial City to work as the Spiral Dragon Soldiers who guarded the Souths Fives.

At the end of the day, everything happened because of Chor Shing Chit and his stubborn personality. Had Chor Shing Chit stayed in the city, Chor Chong Hoi would have never gotten where he was today.

Thus, Chor Shing Chits return worried both Chor Chong Hoi and Chor Sing.

Father, are you certain? Chor Sing regained his composure as he asked.

It should be accurate. He came with a teen and an old man. That youth is the Southern Ping Ping Clans Doctor Odds disciple. Sing, its been twenty years those who come back now most likely bear ill intentions. Are you confident?

Chor Sing wore a poker face like it was the symbol of the Chor Clan.

The Chor Clan founded the jaw-dropping Spiral Dragon Rod Skillset and was home to some of the best gliphers in the South. They brought up tough men who cultivated an unstoppable will to battle, like Chor Sing.

In the twenty years that he was gone, I cultivated hard. With the clans resources that I had access to Hes back just in time. Ill officially beat him and ensure that father will become a clan leader with unquestionable legitimacy.

Hahaha great, great! Pleased, Chor Chong Hoi shouted. Let Chor Shing Chit become a stepping stone on your path to greatness!

Chor Sing didnt reply. He looked even more fierce and evil. Father, your humble son hopes to go practice his skills. Ill take my leave first. Chor Sing turned around calmly, with Chor Chong Hoi smiling as he watched his son leave.

He knew that even after twenty years had passed, Chor Shing Chit was still Chor Sings inner demon. Chor Shing Chits rash decision to leave made Chor Sing the strongest cultivator of his generation, not the common Chor Clan elite that he was supposed to be. Chor Sing was clear that everything he had now had been left behind by Chor Shing Chit when he had left.

Thus, Chor Sing had always doubted his talent and ability, which Chor Chong Hoi knew about.

The return of Chor Shing Chit will finally allow my son to mature; hell be the final stepping stone to my faction becoming the Chor Clans main faction!

Chor Chong Hoi was fueled by ambition. He might be old, but he desperately wanted to become the next clan leader and lead the Chor Clan towards a glorious future.

The night wolf coach entered South Imperial City slowly, passing many reserved-looking soldiers on guard. Chui Yim could feel that many of them werent just mere one-chambered gliphers; even two-chambered gliphers were only qualified to guard the city gates of South Imperial City.

The night wolf from Tse Clan had scared those with ill intentions away during their journey. Chor Shing Chits cultivation was enough to protect them unless they met a four-chambered state cultivator, but the night wolf saved them a lot of trouble.

The guards and knowledgeable people in the cities the trio had been to were either surprised, alert or viewed the night wolf with respect. But the soldiers they passed by this time didnt even flinch, as if the night wolf was a common beast.

Chui Yim understood why in no time. There were hardly any clan disciples in the other cities, but plenty could be found everywhere in South Imperial City. Every clan used different gliphic beasts as mounts, so it wasnt a rare sight, and the guards were all used to it. Moreover, nobody dared to cause trouble in South Imperial City as the Lam dynasty guards would arrest all the involved parties if anyone fought.


No authority was greater than the Lam dynasty in South Imperial City! With the Lam dynasty present, they feared nothing.

After passing the required checks and entering the water curtain gate, they found someone already waiting for them. It was a group of three with two people standing behind an elderly individual. Despite his age, he had rosy pink cheeks, and Chui Yim could see Tse Chuns features in him.

Youre little brother Chui Yim and brother Chor Shing Chit, right?

Chui Yim and Chor Shing Chit got off the couch and glanced at Bak Wun, who didnt seem to want to introduce himself, rather letting them think he was an ordinary servant.

As such, Chor Shing Chit had no choice but to take the lead. Sir, you are?

Hehe! I am Tse On! Tse Yu Baks Uncle and the current Tse Clan Leader, Tse Chuns younger brother!

Greetings, senior, Chor Shing Chit said immediately.

Tse On laughed. Unlike Tse Chun who was respectable and mighty, Tse On had an easygoing personality. This might be why he was assigned to the South Imperial City.

Theres no need for courtesy. Just call me Uncle like Yu Bak does. He laughed and turned to Chui Yim in gratitude. Ive heard all about you. Youre the one that cured Yu Baks poison and allowed him to cultivate once again, right? Youre our entire clans benefactor!

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