Night of the Broken Gliph - C.163


The following day, Chor Sing and Chor Chong Hoi had yet to make their move, but Chor Huet Zhin already made his.

Currently in Chor Mansions main hall, Chor Huet Zhin stood at the sand table with Chor Shing Chit and Chui Yim standing behind him respectfully. Chui Yim couldnt keep still for long and soon returned to his usual self, munching on his breakfast.

On the other side of the sand table stood six Chor Clan members who were the pillars of the Chor Clan and each represented a separate faction in the clan. There were six factions in the Chor Clan, including Chor Chong Hois and Chor Chun Pings factions. Chor Huet Zhin was previously part of Chor Chun Pings faction, but he stood independently and led all the factions equally after becoming the clan leader.

Even so, every clan leader still focused on nurturing and raising the faction they came from.

The representatives of all six factions, except for Chor Chun Pings faction, were present. Chor Chong Hoi looked uneasy as he stole glances at Chor Huet Zhin from time to time, fear swimming in his eyes.

Chor Huet Zhin was the current clan leader of Chor Clan who rose to power decades ago. He was the son of a famous heroine married to a Chor Clan member, both of whom had lived their lives in a war against the North at the Bloody War Frontier on the day of Chor Huet Zhins birth.

The name Chor Huet Zhin meant bloody war, and he lived up to his name by heading to the Bloody War Frontier alone to fight after reaching the two-chambered stage. He started as a military chef, eventually becoming a fighter for the South and only returning to the clan as a four-chambered general fifty years later.

He became the undisputed Chor Clan leader and mercilessly led the clan to even greater heights. Chor Huet Zhin also dealt with many other government officials in the morning imperial meeting as he was also the great general of the Southern Bulwark at the same time.

Both were wars to him; just that one shed blood while the other wasted his breath. Nevertheless, Chor Huet Zhin excelled in both.

The fifty years worth of experience he had gained battling the Northerners were useful in his later years where he thought of many schemes that successfully repelled the invading Northerners again and again. He only resigned from his position as general five years ago due to his deteriorating health and finally returned to the clan to assign various roles to each faction as he slowly stepped out of the picture. It was obvious that his days were numbered.

Normally, a four-chambered state glipher had a longer lifespan than this, but Chor Huet Zhin spent most of his life battling and was riddled with many decades-old severe internal injuries that even Mo-Yung Yin, whom the Lam emperor invited, was unable to heal.

When the lion kings time was up, countless others in the tribe would aim for his position. And Chor Chong Hoi was one of them.

All six factions of the Chor Clan were on par with each other. Due to the clans strict rules, they rarely played dirty or went overboard. The worst they could do was send the other faction to the Southern Bulwark, but the clan members were still treated nicely by the clan.

It was difficult to rank ones battle skill; thus, a factions ability depended on how powerful they seemed.

Heritage was of utmost importance in clans.

All factions seemed to be on par on the surface, so the disparity in strength was shown through their younger generations abilities. A clans longevity depended on having ample young blood to take over the ageing seniors, which was why many Tse Clan members assumed that another hostile clan poisoned Tse Yu Bak.

Causing the deaths of talents from other clans out of jealousy was an unspoken taboo in the South. If one committed such a treacherous deed, a war between both clans would be inevitable; even the Lam dynasty couldnt interfere.

The younger generations were the only fair judging criteria since most of the older generations had similar capabilities. Chor Sing slowly rose to become the elite of his generation, with the clans resources mostly going to him after Chor Shing Chit left twenty years ago. All the g-food and elixirs that helped cultivation were within his reach. He lived up to their expectations and finally reached the three-chambered state. At this rate, reaching the four-chambered state wasnt difficult.

Chor Sings existence resulted in the other five factions being suppressed and Chor Chun Pings faction being sent to the bulwark because Chor Chong Hoi feared them. Everything seemed like a perfect plan until Chor Huet Zhins appearance today.

Despite knowing that Chor Huet Zhins days were numbered, Chor Chong Hoi still feared and respected him after living under him for decades. Just like how a soldier would always respect his former captain even after becoming a general himself.

More importantly, Chor Chun Ping was Chor Huet Zhins son!

I see that everyone has arrived, great, Chor Huet Zhin boomed. His voice was loud and striking, just like a healthy man. Im only here for one thing. Soon, Ill take my last breath, and its time to elect a new clan leader.

Chor Huet Zhin spoke so calmly that it was as if this wasnt about his death. Some clan members were dumbfounded, some were grief-stricken. On the other hand, some members remained calm like they had expected it; others felt emotional yet acted strong and steadfast.

Of course, more were shocked and sorrowful. Chor Huet Zhin was undoubtedly an excellent clan leader, one of the best in the Chor Clans history, who led the clan to great success.

Everyone here are soldiers and fighters that take life and death as the ordinary, so dont give me that kind of reaction, Chor Huet Zhin commented. Well pick a new clan leader with the traditional method. Summon Chor Chun Ping back to the clan.

Clan Leader, Chor Chun Ping is currently guarding the Southern Bulwark, the workload he has Unwillingly, Chor Chong Hoi blurted out before stopping in his tracks as he met Chor Huet Zhins eyes.

Both of them exchanged glances and in less than a second, Chor Chong Hoi looked down, not daring to speak.

Chong Hoi, I know about your plans but its against the rules. We must follow the rules.

Its unfair to begin with since Clan Leader is Chor Chun Pings father! Chor Chong Hoi exclaimed, unwilling to give in. Chor Huet Zhin remained unfazed like he had fully expected this.

Indeed the wooden-faced clan. His expression shows that hes from Chor Shing Chits faction! Chui Yim thought to himself

Chun Ping being my son is unrelated to the clan leaders election. His faction was the strongest back then because of Shing Chit, which was why more resources were provided for his line. After Shing Chit left and Sing became the strongest, your faction became more powerful. Did I ever try to suppress your faction?

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