Night of the Broken Gliph - C.181


As soon as he sat on the cushion, he felt much calmer. Not just that, but his senses seemed to become sharper and his thinking speed increased. Most importantly, he could clearly sense the Heavens Flame in his body for the first time.

To him, with his enhanced senses and mental state, the Heavens Flame looked as tiny as a finger despite its ability to raze half of South Imperial City.

Chui Yim was no longer fearful of the Heavens Flame. He had suffered in the past thirteen years because of it, but the Heavens Flame had also saved his life many times. He would have died to the Yellow Springs Lady if not for it.

Thus, he and Heavens Flames were companions. If Chui Yim died, the Heavens Flame would disappear, and vice versa.

Everything considered, he decided to insert the energliph he had cultivated into the Heavens Flame to help it grow, but there was still no change to it except for the time he accidentally ate the mysterious drumstick.

It made Chui Yim slightly afraid now that he was feeling it.

Who wouldnt tremble if they suddenly realised that the baby they were cradling actually held a divine weapon that could slice the world in half? But very soon, Chui Yim thought things through. Hes in my hands now; once I raise him into an adult, Ill make him work for me!

This silly thought did make Chui Yim feel better and calmed him down instantly. He stood up, but the feeling disappeared immediately, which made him look at the ordinary-looking cushion thoughtfully.

Wow! What an item! It boosts my cultivation, and its like a perpetual cultivation elixir that I can take without any side effects!

Chui Yims feelings towards Ping Chi were even more complex now. Ping Chi gave him his precious Nine Dragons Fire Cauldron, a Poorest Elixir, the Thirty-Six Night Lunar Needles, the black cushion, countless herbs and gliphic plants, and his research and teachings.

Despite not being his master, Ping Chi treated him like his son and spoiled him hard.

Chui Yim shook his head as he sat down, not delving into it any further.

He ignored the boiling Heavens Flame. If it truly wanted to kill him, he wouldnt have lived for the past thirteen years and continued to cultivate.

Cultivation was smoother for him today and all energliph cultivated went to the Heavens Flame non-stop.

After a quiet night, Chui Yim felt more energetic when he awoke. He put away the black cushion carefully and walked out of his residence by the lake.

It was only a few days until the Cloud Palaces outer sect started school, and he was determined to settle down in these few days!

Lam Ming Sum rubbed her cat-like eyes slowly. She woke up to realise that she was lying on a bench.

It was an ordinary wooden bench the length of a bed. When she looked closer, she realised a man was lying on a similar wooden bench next to her. He had his eyes shut tightly, relaxed as he enjoyed the gentle sunlight.

May I ask Lam Ming Sum spoke as she looked around.

She was instantly stunned when she looked out of the window. She could see the entire Evergreen Palace from where she was!

It had been a year since she arrived at the Evergreen Palace, yet she hadnt even paid her fathers Pure Sun Hall or the World Observatory Hall a visit. The places she was familiar with were the Ming Sum Hall and the Imperial Garden. She also knew about a tall building in the Evergreen Palace which Kan Hang told her not to visit for no reason apart from it being a forbidden area.

But now, she realised she was in the building with a stranger.

Little girl, youre finally awake, the old man said without even opening his eyes. His voice seemed to carry a special charisma. You cultivate a very special style. What is it called?

Lam Ming Sum was confused, but her kind nature made her treat the older man respectfully. I dont know its name.

Heh. The elderly man thought Lam Ming Sum was unwilling to tell him its name, so he laughed and didnt insist. But being a sensitive girl, she immediately realised what the old man was thinking and shook her head.

I mean it! If sir doesnt believe me, Ill show you! She slapped the jade on her waist. A torn book appeared in her hands, which she then passed over.

Her actions shocked the elderly man. He felt that Lam Ming Sums style wasnt ordinary, but for a person of his status, he wouldnt be greedy for any other styles as when cultivators reached a certain level, they couldnt change to other styles anymore. Their bodies and personal gliphs had already gotten used to the energliph they cultivated with their current style. Even so, he was still surprised to see Lam Ming Sum take the style out so decisively.

Is this her character? She has a pure and innocent heart?

This man was Old Ngai, the thousand-gliphic gliphist hidden in the Evergreen Palace.

Soon, he opened his eyes slightly. Even if he didnt fully open his eyes, Lam Ming Sum still felt dizzy.


When Old Ngais eyes landed on the torn book, he couldnt help but let out a sound of surprise.

There was only one visible word, Records, on the cover. Two other words were located above it, but they were smudged with ink, making them impossible to read.

After hearing his Eh, Lam Ming Sum felt her dizziness disappear. No matter how slow she was, she realised she had met a true elite. Senior, look. The words are smudged with ink. You cant read it.

Hehe, interesting. Old Ngai laughed. This isnt any ordinary ink, but a restriction lock. Of course you cant see anything, he said as he reached out his left hand. Old Ngais hand was so slim that it looked like a tree branch. When he placed his middle and index fingers together, it looked like a tree root. A slight green smoke sizzled from the book when his fingers moved across the smudged ink.

A restriction lock set before his death? This cant stop me. Old Ngai smiled thinly. But what threw him off was that he realised the restriction lock on this book was set by an elite of at least his level.

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