Night of the Broken Gliph - C.200


The Chamber Refining Cave played a part in Blazing Skies Mountains position as one of the worlds strongest organisations. Located in a peculiar geographical position, one could simultaneously experience the chilliness of the North and the blazing hellfire from the depths of the ground in the cave. This stimulated the cultivators chambers for the slim possibility of breaking through.

Simply put, it was a place with the effect of a Poorest Elixir.

There were even rumours that the Four Seasons Heaven sect leader Yeung Ha had paid a hefty price to visit the cave, which was the last resort of many gliphers whose cultivation stagnated.

However, things were different for Mung Si. She entered the cave despite having double innate arm chambers and came out with her wind chamber unlocked, becoming the first triple innate chamber cultivator ever seen! This also changed her life, as she turned from a glipher into a gliphist.

The latest news about her was a few months ago when she broke through her wind chamber and reached the single-chambered state at sixteen.

Gliphists cultivated in gliphism just like gliphers, but only the wind and heart chambers were important when it came to breakthroughs. For them, breaking through other chambers would make their cultivation more extensive yet impure, which was why most gliphists chose to focus on their heart and wind chambers and ignored the others.

Even so, Mung Si still had three chambers to store her energliph, and all she needed was the mental strength to break through. Yes, this meant that as long as Mung Si had enough mental strength, shed be able to reach the hundred-gliphic state without encountering bottlenecks.

Many Northerners believed she was destined to become a disciple of the Cloud Palace, the future sixth teacher. Of course, the Southerners would disagree, but they couldnt deny that Mung Si was a genius.

Mung Si, this is none of your business.

Mung Si had a pair of clear, shining eyes. It irks me to see a bunch of trash bully, someone, without any background. So this is the culture of the South? No wonder weve always suppressed the South.

What did you say! Chor Kwong Laan might have a poker face, but his anger was evident.

Am I wrong? Mung Si shrugged, her right hand playing with her ponytail subconsciously as she replied calmly. All of you are one-chambered gliphers, and youre joining forces against a gliphist, a country bumpkin who hasnt broken through and has no background. I dont even know how he got enrolled. Now I see what the greatness of the South is.

What did you say?!

Just as Chor Kwong Laan and Chor Fung were ready to retort, a voice rang out, leaving them all stunned.

The bald boy behind her was looking at her furiously. Who are you to teach us what to do? And whats with the sarcasm in your words?

To Mung Si, this was just a passing act of kindness; she wasnt hoping for the bald boy to repay her, but only to have a clear conscience. This was why she could enter the Chamber Refining Cave; she strongly believed that those of her generation couldnt stand alongside her.

But she never expected her kindness to be taken for ill intention. This thought made Mung Si flush red in anger as she turned to Chui Yim. Whats wrong with you?! Im trying to save your life here!

She looked cute, but Chui Yim didnt notice as he pouted. He never bothered quarrelling with kids, which was why he didnt tell Chor Shing Chit about Chor Fung and Chor Kwong Laan.

However, what bothered Chui Yim the most was being looked down on by females. It might be due to his experiences in his previous life, but he hated it when a woman stood in front of him to protect him. I didnt ask you to, did I? What a joke. How can a few potatoes take my life?

Great! Ill be waiting to see your skills. Mung Si laughed angrily.

Sure! Chui Yim shouted loudly, not giving in. He took out the cylinder he made with Kam Chin Kee the day before.

Such a terrific move. Mung Si sneered. Do you think the Heavens will save you from them if you take out a fortune stick pot? Indeed a country bumpkin. The deities from your hometown cant save you.

It was as if her words triggered Chui Yims old wound. Get lost, little girl. I wont be to blame if I injure you accidentally.

Mung Si boiled in rage. Her unyielding character made her turn and face Chui Yim directly when she heard him say that. Great! I look forward to seeing what you can do with that!

The situation unfolded in such a manner that the Chor Clan disciples were left stunned. They were prepared to fight the arrogant Northerner, but the tables again turned.

Just as all of them were lost in their thoughts, Chui Yims shout brought them back to reality. Then watch out! With that, Chui Yim pointed the cylinder at Mung Si, who saw the cylinder open.

At that moment, she had a bad feeling, but Chui Yim, blinded by anger, pressed a button at the base of the cylinder.


A buzz resounded as a piece of fist-sized metal shot out of the cylinder!

As soon as the metal was launched, even the Chor Clan disciples, let alone Mung Si, sneered. If it couldnt affect a gliphist, it definitely wouldnt affect a glipher.

The weapon might have lightning speed, but it was too simple. Moreover, gliphers bodies evolved and strengthened as they cultivated.. Ordinary weapons became useless against them when they were three-chambered. By then, only gliph weapons and energliph worked.

This was just an ordinary piece of metal that could only injure them slightly, like leaving a cut on their skin, but it definitely wouldnt kill them.

Mung Si heaved a sigh of relief while laughing at herself for feeling afraid. With a wave of her hand, gliph patterns formed in front of her. It was the Wall Prison gliph.

This was a simple gliph that provided considerably good defence. Its simple structure allowed a gliphist to form the gliph quickly, and most gliphists below the hundred-gliphic state would use this to defend themselves against gliphers.

Moreover, Mung Si was no ordinary person. She was a member of the Mung Clan of Blazing Skies Mountain. She cultivated the grade five Blazing Skies Style, which was the namesake of its sect; only a few outstanding disciples of theirs had the right to cultivate it.

Thus, the simple Wall Prison was red hot when created with the energliph from the Blazing Skies Style. Mung Sis scorching Wall Prison was way more powerful than the gliph Chan Shue Gun had formed in Southary.

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