Night of the Broken Gliph - C.203


Not just an elder of Blazing Skies Mountain, Yim Ying Yuet was also one of the two overseers of the Northern talents here for the Cloud Palace outer sects enrollment. The news of Chor Clan disciples attacking Mung Si made her gather all the Northerners currently in South Imperial City to the Chor Mansion for an explanation.

The man next to Yim Ying Yuet emitted a similarly strong and cold energliph. As pale as the moon, ill would be the best word to describe him, but nobody would dare belittle him as he, Tok Muk Fung, was the priest of a prestigious tribe in the North. Despite not having a standard cultivation system, many tribes had unique characteristics, or else surviving the harsh North would be out of the question.

The others were all elites of the North, with the weakest amongst them being the three-chambered glipher or a ten-gliphic gliphist. Each and every one of them were people that the Evergreen Palace would welcome with a banquet if they ever visited.

This was no exception for the Chor Clan either. Chor Chong Hoi was the one to welcome them. Since Chor Chun Ping was currently at Southern Bulwark, Chor Chong Hoi, the next in line with the most authority, took his place. Him personally welcoming the Northerners demonstrated the Chor Clans respect.

My guest from afar, please come in for tea.

Calm as a millpond, Chor Chong Hoi wasnt affected or swayed by the status of his guests. That was characteristic of the Chor Clan; calm as still water, and no ripples would be seen even if you threw a pebble into it.

The group entered the Chor Mansion with Tok Muk Fung and Yim Ying Yuet in the lead.

As they perceived Southerners to live extravagantly, the group was surprised to see the spartan Chor Mansion, which was even simpler than those found in the North. There were Chor Clan disciples on guard, and they didnt flinch even when facing the fierce Northerners.

The crowd arrived at the Chor Clans guest hall. Unlike the living room, the guest hall was filled with simple wooden chairs for the guests to sit on.

Serve the tea.

Hearing this, the Chor Clan disciples at the side immediately bowed respectfully and obeyed his instructions. However, Yim Ying Yuet raised her brows and spoke with her cold voice, Cut the courtesy, Mr Chor. We Northerners dont buy into this. Lets cut to the chase. Your kid intended to humiliate the talent of the Blazing Skies Mountain in public.

I want an explanation, and Ill leave immediately for the palace to administer justice if Im unhappy with it. Let me see if you Southerners dare to ignore us.

Mung Si was a talented, humble and hardworking disciple. She was perfect in all ways to Yim Ying Yuet, and despite Mung Si not having the same surname, Yim Ying Yuet had long viewed Mung Si as one of them. Even the Blazing Skies Mountain sect leader viewed her as their grandsons wife. It could be said that they saw her as their direct descendant!

How could Yim Ying Yuet sit back and watch such a situation?

On the other hand, Tok Muk Fung and the other Northern elites remained silent. They were here representing the North and simply assembled to show support for their fellow Northerners, the Blazing Skies Mountain!

This is no doubt the fault of ours, Chor Chong Hoi replied unfazed as he waved his hands casually. Bring that useless thing here!

Yes sir. A female cultivator behind him nodded and left.

Not long later, she returned with a gunny sack that caught everyones eyes. The gunny sack was moving violently like there was a living thing struggling within, a chilling sight to say the least.

The woman opened the gunny sack and poured the contents out like it was trash. It turned out to be a teenager who was trying to shout but couldnt due to the piece of cloth stuck in his mouth. He seemed to have gone mad.

This useless boys malicious intent has destroyed both the Chor Clan and Souths reputation. Despite his attempt failing in the end, its bad to have such thoughts. Chor Chong Hoi started slowly as he pointed at the woman from the Chor Clan. She is Chor Sing Hon, a direct disciple of the Chor Clan, as well as Chor Fungs mother.

Just like all other Chor Clan members, she had a poker face. Ive already cut off five of his fingers as a warning. Coldly, she threw the fingers that were still bleeding on the ground in front of them.

I wonder if this is enough to pay for his sin? Chor Chong Hoi turned toward Yim Ying Yuet; no emotion could be seen from his face or eyes. It was as if the disciple whose fingers were cut off wasnt from the Chor Clan but a random stranger. This scene made even Yim Ying Yuet and the other Northerners, who were used to bloody scenes, gasp in horror.

Indeed the Metallic Blood, Spiral Dragon Chor Clan. They garrisoned the Bloody War Frontier, so the Northerners were familiar with their name. But now that they were witnessing their internal matters first-hand, it still left them stunned.

The Chor Clan took action and dealt with everything in one night. The punishment was so harsh that even Yim Ying Yuet couldnt say anything about it.

Indeed the Chor Clan, Yim Ying Yuet said meaningfully as she turned to Mung Si beside her, who was silent the entire time.

All those present turned to Mung Si. Her answer would determine if this matter was settled here or would turn into a bloody conflict.

Enough? Mung Si stood up. Even though she was a gliphist, she trained in the Yim Clans martial arts from a young age, and her loose clothes made her look more dashing than most men. Reputation is more important than ones life for girls. This would be enough if he simply wanted to kill me. But he wanted to embarrass, humiliate and taint me. How are five fingers enough? Im not being purposefully harsh as a Northerner, but this is a girls limit!

Mung Sis face flushed red in embarrassment. If not for the bald teenager yesterday, I wouldve already But if not for his weird weapon and poison, this kid wouldnt have had the chance to even harm me! Should I be thankful or hate him

Mung Sis words made Chor Chong Hoi and the other Northerners hearts fall, knowing that this wouldnt end easily.

Chor Chong Hoi remained calm. Oh, then this old man does not know what explanation you desire.

Hand him to us if you dont, Yim Ying Yuet sneered. The four-chambered gliphers energliph was like a blazing fire.

How could we simply hand him over? Hes a Chor Clan disciple, after all.

So I can say that the Chor Clan views the Blazing Skies Mountain as unimportant? Yim Ying Yuet asked coldly.

Think however you like, Chor Chong Hoi continued in his calm tone. We have already carried out the necessary punishment, and no changes will be made whether you like it or not. Go to the palace if that is what you want. With that, Chor Chong Hoi stood up with an ink-like black aura surrounding him. The Chor Clan respects justice, but it doesnt mean anyone can step on us.

Wow, the Chor Clan. How mighty. Even Tok Muk Fung stood up. Then lets head to the palace and let the Southern Emperor Lam preside over this.

Chor Chong Hoi didnt even look at them as he waved his sleeves. Send the guests off.

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