Night of the Broken Gliph - C.214


“Our appraiser was unable to grade this item, but due to its obvious uniqueness, it is the second last item of the auction.

“The base price for this item is seven hundred thousand. The bidding starts now.”

This was the first time the auction house went silent after Madame Yuen announced the start of the bidding.

Putting all other reasons aside, this item was a total enigma; its effects were unknown, yet the starting price was 700,000 silver taels! Large clans might be rich, but it didn’t mean they could squander their money. Even Fok Fung only spent 300,000 silver taels on a grade three gliph weapon! The unnamed fire bead was the price of more than two grade three gliph weapons, and not everyone could afford such a gamble.

After some time, a voice rang out. “Seven hundred and ten thousand taels.”

The crowd turned toward the voice to see a woman standing confidently, representing the mighty mountain in the North. It was Yim Ying Yuet of Blazing Skies Mountain.

“Blazing Skies Mountain is famous for their powerful gliphers and blacksmiths proficient in fire-forging. It’s no surprise they are interested in this peculiar fire-attributed bead.”

“Here's a fun fact; behind every powerful fire-forger is their flame resonating energliph. Those unable to resonate cannot be considered a powerful fire-forger! It’s said that one’s skill and their flame’s grade symbolises the forger’s ability.”

“Seven hundred and fifty thousand,” somebody declared.

The crowd exclaimed at the new bid, and this put a wide smile on Madame Yuen’s face. She was prepared to skip this item, but Yim Ying Yuet’s bid was a pleasant surprise. Now, it seemed like there would even be a fight for the bead!

The crowd followed the sound to see a teenager wearing a white robe, which acted as a symbol simultaneously.

It was the Cloud Palace outer sect uniform!

“He looks familiar…”

“Now I remember! That’s Woo Hung, Doctor Kuen’s direct disciple!”

“Doctor Kuen… The imperial physician, grandmaster Kuen Hip?”

“Of course! He’s the only one who deserves to be called Doctor Kuen!”

“No wonder he’s wearing the Cloud Palace outer sect’s uniform. With Doctor Kuen’s ability, he should be able to get his disciple a spot.”

“Woo Hung is skilled in both medicine and alchemy. Now it seems like he’s betting on the bead with the hope that it’s something special.”

“Interesting… Both parties are betting that the flame in this bead is no ordinary flame. One hopes to use it for forging, while the other wants to refine elixirs with it.”

Yim Ying Yuet frowned, but she didn’t care about Doctor Kuen. “Eight hundred thousand.”

Equally fearless, Woo Hung, who had Doctor Kuen behind him, raised the price again. “Eight hundred and fifty thousand!”

We are in South Imperial City. This is no place for the Northerners to act as they please, he thought.

“Eight hundred and fifty thousand!”

“Nine hundred thousand!”

The price soared, and Chui Yim, watching the auction curiously, had a weird expression. As Madame Yuen placed the fire bead in her hand, the Heaven’s Flame moved slightly within him, making him jump.

The Heaven’s Flame was just like him, only reacting to beneficial or life-threatening situations. This showed that the bead was indeed unusual.

He had intended to bid, but he could only sigh after hearing the rising price. So what if you guys are rich? After completing my New Rich project, I’ll suffocate you with silver taels!

Kam Chin Kee watched the emotions on Chui Yim’s face change as he probed. “What’s wrong? Are you interested in the bead?”

“That’s not something we can get our hands on.” Chui Yim glanced at him as he sighed.

“I don’t think so.” Kam Chin Kee laughed as he pressed onto a gliph formation at his side that projected his voice outside. “One million five hundred thousand!”


As soon as he placed the bid, it caused an uproar!

“Who! Who was that!?”

“I think… it’s from a red grade private room… A red grade guest is interested in it…”

The crowd looked up to realise that a formation was activated to prevent them from seeing the guests in the room. There was such a gliph formation in every room, but the important figures like the Lee Clan, Great Book Academy, and Yik Clan didn’t need to hide their identity.

After the gliph formation was activated, it would even change the guest’s voice, making it impossible for the crowd to find out who was in the room. Madame Yuen might be the only person who knew who just bid.

Yim Ying Yuet frowned once more. Soon, she slowly sat down. One million and five hundred thousand silver taels was far too much for an unknown flame. Moreover, she was from the Blazing Skies Mountain, a volcano full of rare flames. Thus, this bead wasn’t worth that much to her. It was just something she suddenly felt like betting on; it just wasn’t worth bidding anymore.

Woo Hung eyebrows creased.

He had a different view from the others. He had heard from his master that his village was swallowed by flames the day he was born. With lady luck looking after him, he survived, and his master took him in. Naturally, he was fire-attributed, and his sensitivity toward fire increased greatly after breaking through his heart chamber. The feeling this bead gave him was shocking, making him feel like there was a monstrous flame hidden within it.

The thought of this made Woo Hung grit his teeth and continue. “One million six hundred thousand!”

“Are you crazy! Where are you going to get so much money?” Chui Yim was dumbfounded.

Kam Chin Kee ignored him and bid for the item again with a huff. “One million eight hundred thousand!”

Dismayed, Woo Hung sat down and shook his head silently.

“One million and eight hundred thousand going once! One million and eight hundred going twice! One million and eight hundred going thrice! Sold!”

Madame Yuen heaved a sigh of relief. They would have simply gifted the great master the item if they knew he wanted it; there wasn’t the need for such intense bidding!

On the other hand, Chui Yim was staring at Kam Chin Kee with shock.

Meanwhile, Kam Chin Kee was wearing a rare proud expression as he enjoyed Chui Yim’s shock. You thought I was poor, huh?

Hmph! I can do anything I want since I’m rich!

Madame Yuen was feeling energetic once again.

After hosting countless auctions, she was extremely experienced. The unnamed fire bead was the item she worried about the most, but the auction house’s most experienced appraiser insisted on making it one of the last items. She only agreed because they had a good relationship, but now it seemed like it was indeed a unique item.

As for the last item… She had great confidence in it.

“Now, we have arrived at the last item for today, which is what I believe most of you, clans, organisations or institutions alike, have come for.”

Mok Muk was being treated as a noble guest in the Yik Clan’s black-grade private room, and he was excited over his change in status. He led a pitiful life in the past, but he suddenly became a man of status. Of course, his ability was the key point. Even in his second life, he had spent about twenty years researching how to combine his energliph and sculpting. His achievements today was the conclusion of his hard work.

At the same time, he heard Madame Yuen’s words. He couldn’t help but ask, “Is Madame Yuen talking about the mysterious great master sculptor?”

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