Rebirth: The Fake Young Lady Is A Real Young Lady - C.918 - : Escaping


Chapter 918: Escaping

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“Li Nan, think carefully. You’re only guilty of financial crimes now. If you kill someone, the outcome will be different.” Meng Yu said coldly.

Li Nan laughed wildly. “Financial crimes? I don’t believe that you didn’t investigate thoroughly. You can’t trick me into letting her go!’

Over the years, many people from the Li family had died in his hands. Lin Mi knew all this, so Li Nan didn’t believe that Li Zhe and the others didn’t know.

“Then what do you want?” Li Zhe ignored the crying Li Feng and his wife and asked calmly.

“Prepare a helicopter and 50 million in cash. 1 want to leave Huaguo immediately!” Li Nan said.

“Here, here, here!” Hai Xi shouted with tears in her eyes. “As long as you don’t hurt Xiao Jin, we’ll give you anything you want!”

Li Nan didn’t pay attention to Hai Xi. He just turned his gaze to Li Zhe. Here, Li Zhe was the one who made the decisions.

Hai Xi and Li Feng instantly understood what Li Nan meant. They immediately begged Li Zhe. “Ah Zhe, save your little sister. She’s still young.

She can’t die.’

“Alright, I agree.” Li Zhe frowned and said, “But you’d better control the gun in your hand.”

“It’s too crowded here. Get out, all of you!” Li Nan smiled contemptuously.

Li Jin’s life was in Li Nan’s hands, so everyone had no choice but to leave.

Hai Xi looked at Li Jin, who was still standing beside Li Nan in a daze. She was extremely worried. As soon as she stepped out of the conference hall, she grabbed Li Zhe’s hand and begged, “Ah Zhe, you must save your little sister! She was bewitched to do such a thing. She’s a good person by nature. You have to save her!”

“I’ll do my best, Second Aunt,” Li Zhe sighed and said.

After receiving Li Zhe’s reply, Hai Xi sobbed and stayed at the side with her husband.

Li Zhe ordered his men to prepare a helicopter and cash, while Meng Yu led his men into the building opposite, trying to find an opportunity to repel Li Nan from afar.

Unfortunately, Li Nan was too alert. The moment everyone left the meeting room, he pulled all the curtains, which made Meng Yu a little unable to locate Li Nan.

Helpless, Li Zhe could only follow Li Nan’s request and put the money in the helicopter. He could only watch as Li Nan left with Li Jin from the top floor of the company.

Li Feng grabbed Li Zhe’s arm and said worriedly, “Ah Zhe, will Xiao Jin not be able to come back if she leaves with Li Nan? Would something happen? If Li Nan runs away, our Xiao Jin will also disappear!”

Li Zhe looked up at the sky and smiled. “He won’t. Li Nan won’t be able to escape! ”

As soon as Li Zhe finished speaking, the roar of a helicopter could be heard not far away.

In the next second, Shen Xi flew the helicopter in a fancy circle in front of Li Zhe and the others. Then, the inverted helicopter flew directly in the direction of Li Nan’s helicopter.

The speed was so fast that the people on the rooftop didn’t even have time to take a few glances. Shen Xi had already surrounded Li Nan’s helicopter and circled it.

Li Nan gritted his teeth, wishing he could smash the helicopter that was like a dog skin plaster.

However, the helicopter was like a loach that had turned into a spirit. It could even slide in the sky until it disappeared in the blink of an eye and reappeared in the blink of an eye, like a ghost.

After being fooled by the helicopter on the opposite side again, Li Nan was so angry that he smashed the control panel. The helicopter stopped abruptly, almost scaring Li Nan to death!

Li Nan quickly stabilized the helicopter. Seeing that the helicopter that was surrounding him had disappeared, Li Nan panicked. Just as he was about to speed up and leave, he suddenly realized that the helicopter below him was out of control.

Shocked, Li Nan frantically fiddled with the control panel, but the helicopter did not react at all.

Li Nan thought that the helicopter would continue to move forward until it ran out of fuel and fell.

However, to Li Nan’s surprise, the helicopter was descending at a constant speed without his control, as if it was controlled by something. This ignorant fear made Li Nan panic.

On the ground, everyone was looking at the scene in the sky in shock. They had thought that Shen Xi might force Li Nan’s helicopter to stop, but they never expected that Shen Xi would control her helicopter to stop Li Nan’s helicopter and drag it to the ground..