Rebirth: The Fake Young Lady Is A Real Young Lady - C.924 - : Hypnotist


Chapter 924: Hypnotist

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“Are you sure you don’t want to pursue this matter?” Li Nan asked with uncertainty.

“I’m sure!” Li Zhe smiled. “That’s all I have to say. Think about it yourself!”

After saying that, Li Zhe turned around and was about to leave with Meng Yu and Zheng Huai. Li Nan struggled for a while and then slammed the glass hard. It was not until Li Zhe picked up the microphone again that he said loudly, “I’m in prison now. Can you help me find the hypnotist?”

Li Zhe secretly exchanged a look with Zheng Huai and Meng Yu. Then, he frowned at Li Nan and asked mockingly, “Why should I help you so much? I came here today because of my grandfather. I’m just telling you a way to get away with it. As for what you want to do, I have no obligation to help you.”

Li Nan saw that Li Zhe was about to hang up the phone again, so he quickly said, “Isn’t Li Jin also hypnotized?” As long as you found that person, Li Jin would be able to wake up. Didn’t you come here today to trick me just to let Li Jin win? If you don’t answer, I won’t be so easy to talk to next time.”

Hearing Li Nan’s self-righteous words, Li Zhe sneered in his heart, but he said without showing it on his face, “My second uncle and aunt did come to beg me, but Li Jin is a traitor. Why should I let her wake up? 1 can’t wait for her to be silly for the rest of her life.”

Li Nan didn’t expect Li Zhe to be so stubborn. He could only continue to increase the stakes. “As long as you help me find that hypnotist, I’ll convince the Li Industries Clan to return the 10% shares to you when I get out!”

Li Zhe did not expect such an unexpected gain.

All these years, he had dreamed of getting rid of these dog-skin plasters from the Li industries’s collateral family.

“How can I be sure that you won’t trick me? What if you go out and regret it?” Li Zhe asked doubtfully.

Li Nan was calculative. If he was convicted now, keeping those shares would benefit others. It was better to use them to save his life.

He could have said it himself and asked the police to find the hypnotist, but it was obvious that as long as he opened his mouth, the prosecutor would think that he was awake and not hypnotized.

Moreover, Li Zhe might also cause trouble. Therefore, he had to use Li Zhe to confirm that he had been hypnotized.

Li Nan’s heart hardened. He said directly, “Those shares are all under my name. I can write a statement for you now. When I get out, I’ll transfer them to you directly.”

Li Zhe was not the kind of person who would listen to Li Nan’s nonsense. He said casually, “Either you transfer the ownership right now, or there’s no room for negotiation! ”

“Li Zhe, aren’t you taking advantage of the situation?” Li Nan gritted his teeth and complained.

Li Zhe just shrugged and said, “It seems that we didn’t reach an agreement. Forget it then. Anyway, I’ve never cared about your 10% shares. Let’s go. You can slowly endure here!”

Seeing that Li Zhe was about to put down the microphone, Li Nan remembered to stand up. I’ll give it to you!’

Li Nan was secretly proud of himself, but then he reluctantly accepted it. He said that he would go back and think about it. If he thought it through, he would get someone to send the transfer contract over later.

Li Nan, who was at a disadvantage, could only agree to Li Zhe!s unfair treaty.

Li Nan hurriedly revealed the information about the hypnotist. “1 don’t know the name of the hypnotist either. I met him by chance a few years ago. He opened a small clinic in the reef area. It was said that he had experienced a fire and his face was ruined, so he didn’t often meet people. Even when he met, he wore a mask. He doesn’t often go to the clinic. He only asks me to meet him there when I contact him. He’s very mysterious.”

“Is that all?” Li Zhe narrowed his eyes and asked. “How do we investigate this?”

Afraid that Li Zhe wouldn’t find it troublesome, Li Nan continued anxiously, “I have his phone number, but I usually only contact him via text messages.”

Li Nan recited the hypnotist’s phone number.

Li Zhe looked at Li Nan as usual and said, “Okay, I understand. I’ll find a time to look for him. It would be best if he could take the initiative to confess. By the way, I got someone to send the transfer contract over later. Remember to sign it. I have to see the transfer contract before I can help you find someone..”

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