Rebirth: The Fake Young Lady Is A Real Young Lady - C.927 - : Kneel Down and Kowtow


Chapter 927: Kneel Down and Kowtow

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Li Jin looked at Li Dan in disbelief. “Grandpa, you hit me?”

“Don’t call me grandpa!” Li Dan said angrily. “l don’t have a granddaughter like you!!

Li Jin didn’t expect that her grandfather, who had always stood by her side since she was young, would hit her for two unimportant outsiders today.

Tears filled her red eyes. Li Jin looked at Li Dan angrily and said, “Even Grandpa, you’re helping outsiders bully me? I’m the one who was hurt this time. I’ve become like this because of them. You’re my grandfather. You didn’t seek justice for me, but you hit me for someone else!”

Li Dan looked at Li Jin, who was still unrepentant, and his heart was filled with disappointment. “Everything that happened today is your fault. It has nothing to do with outsiders.”

Li Jin suddenly smiled, then straightened her neck, and said, “I’m not wrong. I’m just doing it for the sake of a better myself. I’m just doing it to be able to stand at the top like Shen Xi. I’m just doing it to be compatible with Guan Lei. I’m working so hard to get into the business. What’s wrong with that? Who didn’t want a stronger version of themselves? 1 didn’t do anything wrong!’

Li Feng and Hai Xi looked at their daughter, who was already a little unfamiliar to them, and both of them shook their heads sadly.

Li Jin wasn’t afraid of killing two people. Instead, she looked at Shen Xi proudly and smiled, “Shen Xi, it seems that you’re only so good to your good friend. She was about to die, yet you were unwilling to lower your noble head for her. It seems that you will have to repent in front of her grave in the future. After all, you are the one who is unwilling to kneel and save her life.”

Shen Xi’s eyes were filled with a thick black mist. A gloomy voice came out of her ruthless mouth. “I’ll kneel. Do you promise to tell us where they are?”

Li Jin was a cunning and fickle person. Shen Xi didn’t trust Li Jin at all.

Li Jin looked at Shen Xi and said with a mocking smile, “Are you afraid that I’ll go back on my word? That’s right, you don’t do useless things. Don’t worry, I don’t want to take a life. As long as you kneel in front of me and kowtow three times and shout that you’re inferior to me, I’ll tell you. I swear I won’t lie to you.”

Shen Xi broke free from Guan Lei’s hand and walked towards Li Jin. “Li Jin, you better keep your word. Otherwise, I won’t let you off.”

Li Jin’s face was flushed red from Li Dan’s slap. She smiled arrogantly. “Of course, it counts!”

Seeing Shen Xi slowly bend his knees, Li Jin was so excited that all the cells in her body were screaming. She was finally going to win against Shen Xi.

Shen Xi, the heir of the two financial groups, this proud daughter of heaven was about to prostrate at her feet.

Seeing that Shen Xi’s knees were about to hit the ground, Li Jin’s entire body was glowing with excitement. If she could capture the scene of Shen Xi kneeling to her, she would be able to be arrogant in front of Shen Xi for the rest of her life.

Suddenly, someone barged into the crowd and whispered something into Guan Lei’s ear.

“Xi, Zhao Yuan, and Guan Bo have been found!” Guan Lei stepped forward and pulled Shen Xi up.

Shen Xi looked at Guan Lei in surprise, then immediately stood up and left with Guan Lei.

Li Jin was so angry that she almost bit her teeth. It was obvious that Shen Xi was about to submit to her feet, but she had to be pulled away by Guan Lei at this time.

The rest of the people looked at Li Jin coldly and left the ward.

Li Dan glared at Li Jin angrily and left with the disappointed Li Feng and his wife.

Li Jin looked at his parents in panic and shouted, “Dad, Mom, why are you leaving? Where are you going?”

“From today onwards, you are no longer a descendant of the Li family, nor are you your parents ‘child,” Li Dan said coldly.

Li Jin was shocked. “Grandpa, are you going to kick me out of the house for such a small matter?”

Hai Xi looked at her daughter in surprise and exclaimed, “Small matter? Do

you think two lives are a small matter? Xiao Jin, how did you become like this?”

“But those two lives were taken by outsiders, weren’t they?” Li Jin asked in confusion. “I’m the child of the Li family. How can their lives compare to mine?”

Li Dan was so angry that he slammed the door and left. Li Feng also left with a disappointed expression. Hai Xi also shook her head and left in disappointment.

They could accept an ordinary child, but they really could not accept a child with such a bad personality..

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