Rebirth: The Fake Young Lady Is A Real Young Lady - C.930 - : Wanderer


Chapter 930: Wanderer

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Ye Min didn’t expect Wang Lei to be so good at making false accusations. She didn’t hold back and said in a stern voice, “Your cousin Li Jin colluded with outsiders to seize Li Industries’ assets. Then, she imprisoned Zhao Yuan and Guan Bo. She almost took the lives of two people. This was her doing. As for the drug, it was Li Jin who provoked Li Nan. Li Nan drugged her. She deserved it. ”

Wang Lei felt that Ye Min was talking nonsense. She said indignantly, “You’re talking nonsense. My cousin would never lie to me. It was Shen Xi who drugged her and made her look like she was in her seventies or eighties.”

When Li Jin rushed over, she heard that Wang Lei had revealed the secret of her body to the public. She was so embarrassed that she wanted to hide it immediately.

However, Wang Lei was not the least bit worried. When she saw Li Jin following her, she pulled Li Jin over angrily. Then, when Li Jin was caught off guard, she pulled Li Jin’s sleeve open. In an instant, that skinny hand covered in age spots appeared in front of everyone.

Everyone looked at Li Jin in surprise, and soon, everyone started discussing. Li Jin cried out in shock. In a moment of desperation, she slapped Wang Lei fiercely, causing her to be dumbfounded.

“Cousin, why did you hit me?” Wang Lei looked at Li Jin in a daze and asked.

“I’m fighting for you!’

“l don’t need your help!” Li Jin hated Wang Lei’s innocent and silly look. She shouted angrily.

Wang Lei didn’t know what she had done wrong to have such an idiotic cousin.

She wanted to secretly treat her, but now that everyone knew that she had become like this, how was she going to survive in Beijing in the future?

Wang Lei also covered her face with an aggrieved expression. Then, she said loudly, “Just treat it as my kindness becoming a donkey’s liver. I won’t help you anymore! ”

Li Jin was shocked. If Wang Lei didn’t help her now, then no one could help her. Li Jin quickly went forward to pull Wang Lei and apologized carefully, “Xiao Lei, I’m sorry. I was anxious just now, so…Cousin said sorry to you. Can you forgive me?”

“Li Jin, what’s wrong?” Shen Xi sneered. “You don’t dare to tell your dear cousin the truth about what you’ve done? Are you afraid that she won’t help you if she finds out that you tried to kill two people?”

“Shen Xi, what nonsense are you talking about?” Li Jin said as he pulled Wang Lei away.

“Wang Lei, 1 admit what you just said!” Shen Xi shouted from behind. “l deliberately prevented Li Jin from receiving treatment. Moreover, I swear that as long as I don’t die, Li Jin will never be able to cure her strange illness!”

Shen Xi’s words were a public provocation to Li Jin, and she even made it clear that she would not rest until Li Jin was dead. However, no one stepped forward to stand up for Li Jin.

After all, Shen Xi was the heir of the Shen Lu family. No one wanted to go against Shen Xi.

Moreover, they didn’t know what Li Jin had done, so no one was willing to speak up for her.

Wang Lei had just been slapped by Li Jin in public. She was still angry, so she didn’t want to say anything.

At this moment, Li Jin was like a monkey whose fur had been plucked. She was so embarrassed that tears were welling up in her eyes.

In the end, she really couldn’t stand everyone’s gazes, so she could only quickly pull Wang Lei away.

However, after this incident, everyone in the circle of Beijing knew that Shen Xi and Li Jin were not on good terms. In addition, Li Jin was now chased out of the house. Li Jin had been running into a wall everywhere she sought medical treatment.

It was always impossible to make an appointment at a public hospital, and Li Jin could not even enter a private hospital.

Shen Xi kept her word and refused to let Li Jin cure that strange skin-aging disease.

After Guan Bo took care of Zhao Yuan, Li Jin’s life became even worse.

Guan Bo brought people from his circle to find trouble with Li Jin every day.

According to Guan Bo, if he and Zhao Yuan weren’t killed by Li Jin this time, Li Jin wouldn’t have been able to live in peace for the rest of her life.

Even Lei and the Wang family, who had been helping Li Jin, were targeted by Guan Bo. The Wang family couldn’t bear the burden and forced Li Jin out of the Wang family.

In a short period, Li Jin went from being the eldest daughter of the Li family to the head of Li Industries and finally became a vagrant on the streets..

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