Simulation Towards Immortality In A Group Chat - C.326: 134: Chen Kang Resurrects! A New Strange Phenomenon Appears! _2

Simulation Towards Immortality In A Group Chat

C.326: 134: Chen Kang Resurrects! A New Strange Phenomenon Appears! _2

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Zhang Jun (70): “As I said before…..zombies are starting to develop intelligence now. There are powerful zombies with high intelligence that control other zombies and refrain from meaningless large-scale destruction. Moreover…the hierarchy among zombies is more rigid than humans. The advanced zombies can issue orders to the lower ones at will, they can even use them as food without retaliation. As for zombies of the same level, they used to fight and eat each other, but not anymore.”

Wang Ping (66): “The birth of intelligent zombies chalking them up as a new intelligent race. It feels interesting to see them gradually form their own civilization….”

Luo Weiguo (85): “Only a strong person like you, Mr. Wang, would find this interesting. I feel a chill because they have replaced humans.”

Xu Yi (84): “There’s no such thing as replacement or not, it’s just how this world is. Humans are special, but not the only special ones. Let alone, zombies themselves are also human beings, I suppose. They are a new race formed from viral attacks on genes. In a sense, this is human evolution? The virus wanted humans to evolve, but humans couldn’t stand the power of the virus, so the genes collapsed and turned into zombies, and finally reorganized.”

Zhang Hu (5): “Your perspective is….quite peculiar.”

Zhang Jun (70): “It feels like we’ve veered off-topic. Shouldn’t we be discussing Chen Kang? But while zombie civilization is interesting, it makes my life more miserable. I used to be able to hunt zombies everywhere with my powerful strength. Now, I can’t be so reckless. I’m not afraid of weak zombie groups, what scares me are those terrifying zombies. Damn it, I am a powerful monster, and there are loads of strong zombies under my control.”

Wang Ping (66): “Then you’re really out of luck. However, I feel that your headache will increase because you have to take care of this ‘predecessor ransmigrator’ Chen Kang, amusing.jpg.”

Zhang Jun (70): “Mr. Wang, don’t take delight in others’ misfortune….”

Chen Si (83): “I’m sorry, my brother has caused you trouble.”

Zhang Jun (70): “Don’t worry about it, I’m actually happy. Finally, I have a companion in this world, someone who can talk. Although it’s a bit of a pity that it’s a man, it’s better than nothing.”

Wu Jun (20): “Hey, Zhang Jun exposed his intentions.”

Fang Yun (3): “It’s normal, normal. After all, this guy has been on the verge of madness from being alone in this Zombie World. He used to be so charitable during every mission.”

Zhang Hu (5): “I think, a man isn’t necessarily a bad option, funny.jpg.”

Wang Ping (66): “Zhang Hu, you’ve gone too far. Go and frolic away, don’t corrupt the girls in the group.”

While the group was in full swing, Chen Kang in the Zombie World had finally come to his senses from his drowsy state.

After soaking in all the information from the group chat, he finally understood his situation.

He had died, and was resurrected by his own sister.

For a moment, he felt very ashamed.

As a big brother, he should have protected his sister. Instead, he relied on her to risk dangerous missions and gather precious points to resurrect him. It was rather embarrassing.

“Zhang Jun, thank you for protecting me. Without you, I would have become zombie food again.”

Gratitude filled Chen Kang’s face as he looked at Zhang Jun.

“It’s nothing. Group members should help each other, that’s what I should be doing.” Zhang Jun earnestly spoke. “By the way, how did it feel when you were eaten by the zombie?”

Zhang Jun’s first half of the statement moved Chen Kang greatly, but the second half froze him silent, his face filled with fear and as black as the bottom of a pot.

“Ahem, just kidding.”

Zhang Jun coughed lightly and started talking.

“Instead of this, you should draw your golden finger first. Every transmigrator can draw their own golden finger. You didn’t draw it and hung yourself, which is a pity.”

“Yeah, I know.”

Chen Kang inhaled deeply and drew his golden finger with high expectations.

Then, his face showed an expression of disappointment.

“So, what’s your golden finger?”

Curiosity sparkled in Zhang Jun’s eyes.

“It’s Restriction.”

Chen Kang spoke in disappointment.

“It can impose a restriction effect on a single specified object, causing it to be unable to move. However, the greater the discrepancy in strength, the shorter the restriction time.”

“Shit, that’s a god-level skill!” 𝔣𝖗𝖊𝖊𝖜𝔢𝔟𝔫𝔬𝖛𝖊𝔩.𝖈𝖔𝔪

Zhang Jun’s eyes widened in shock, speaking excitedly.

Transmigrators draw their golden fingers randomly. There are ordinary ones and strong ones, but none are weak.

“Is it very strong?”

Chen Kang said in a somewhat confused tone.

“Are you kidding? Of course it’s strong. Can you imagine how important control skills will be when you’re in team fights? Yours is a specified powerful control skill, necessary for challenging matches beyond your level!”

Zhang Jun smacked his lips, exclaiming.

“You and your sister really are of the same type. Your sister can specify an object and reduce half of its combat power, while you can restrict a specific person.”

“Later, when the group’s powerful members undertake a mission, if they form a team with you, the success rate would skyrocket, even a fool would know this. I will reap the benefits of being in the same world as you, aren’t I free to fight whoever I want?”

Zhang Jun stared at Chen Kang with fervent eyes, licking his lips and spoke a bit too pleased.

Hearing this, Chen Kang instinctively clenched his butt. He felt that his ‘Junior Transmigrator’ Zhang Jun was a bit dangerous.