Since The Red Moon Appeared - C.600 - : The establishment of the single unit (1)

Since The Red Moon Appeared

C.600 - : The establishment of the single unit (1)

Chapter 600: The establishment of the single unit (1)

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“What’s wrong with the lizard?”

I don’t know. It’s been like this ever since I came back from Happy Town …

It was already the evening of the same day, and Lu Xin and the others were already making the final preparations for the pre-meeting mobilization.

During that day, he had already returned to satellite city No. 2, packed his things, and asked for leave from director Liu. Director Liu happily approved of Lu Xin’s request for leave. Vice President Xiao, on the other hand, made several phone calls when he heard that Lu Xin wanted to take leave again. He asked Lu Xin where he was going, when he would be back, and if he could take him out to see the world …

This made Lu Xin very displeased. This leader was getting more and more out of hand.

They were going to set off the next day, so they had to meet their team members and discuss the details of the mission.

However, a total of three team members were needed. The other two were still in the selection process, and the only one that had been decided was very worrying.

After getting lizard’s answer, Lu Xin immediately reported to his superior.

Because this reinforcement mission was very important to begin with, the higher-ups approved it very quickly.

As such, the lizard immediately accepted a new mission without officially announcing the end of its previous mission.

His serious, responsible, and hard-working spirit had inspired a group of related people.

However, the lizard itself didn’t seem to be in a good mood. After it flew back, it sat in the lounge and wiped its tears.

“Could it be that someone made him suffer?”

Lu Xin saw the depressed state of the lizard through the window and was very concerned about his vice-captain.

“Who would dare to make him suffer?”

Han Bing was also watching by the side. She held back her laughter and said, he’s the vice-captain of the solo squad after all …

Lu Xin nodded seriously after some consideration.

These words were actually very true. After all, this was his vice-captain. If someone bullied him, he would definitely not sit by and do nothing.

At the very least, he had to file a complaint to the higher-ups on his behalf.

“And Mr. Lizard is very amazing now . . . ”

Han Bing turned to Lu Xin with a smile.”Mister lizard, you did a very good job in the negotiation quest in Happy Town.”

we’ve successfully signed an official cooperation agreement with the Queen. Although the Queen has undergone a serious mutation, she seems to be a person who abides by the agreement. To a certain extent, we’ve completed our mission to control the surrounding abyssal Rift. We’ve even received a strong reinforcement. It’s worth celebrating.

in this way, Mr. Lizard has completed an a-rank mission beautifully. He is one step closer to his goal.

of course, the most important thing is that after Mr. Lizard had just completed an a-rank mission, he seamlessly connected with another s-rank mission. This is an amazing efficiency that even the special Investigations Department has not achieved. Now. the entire Special Investigations

Department has heard about it …

Lu Xin was pleased to hear this, ” spread the reputation of him being serious and responsible? ‘

“No, it’s not.”

“Everyone says that he’s really miserable … n Han Bing said with a smile.

Lu Xin wasn’t satisfied with this rumor. How could he say that working hard was miserable?

S-rank missions were worth. lot of money …

Although he didn’t understand, he still decided to go in and comfort his vice-captain when he saw him in such a low mood.

When he pushed the door open and entered, he saw that the lizard wasn’t just sitting there with its head lowered.

As he sat, he raised his hand weakly and hit his head. His eyes were unfocused as he muttered to himself,

just ten hours ago, I thought that there was no one more terrifying than the Queen in this world …

I thought that I would never encounter a scarier mission than negotiating with the Queen in my life …

in the end, 1 received a phone call, and I saw a whole new world …

“Why did I encounter these things?”

“Is it a trick of fate? Or is it God’s punishment?”

“Is it because there’s a problem with the way we usually conduct ourselves, or is it because the world is already so miserable?” am I the one in the wrong, or is it the world …

“You don’t seem to be in a good mood …”

Lu Xin sat down beside the lizard and patted its back in a friendly manner.

The lizard straightened its back, its face drained of all color. Its shoulders remained still, but its neck was turned 90 degrees to look at Lu Xin. It blinked its eyes innocently and said helplessly, ‘”Captain, there is … Did 1?”


Lu Xin nodded his head solemnly and asked with concern, “”You won’t be able to complete our mission in this state.”

The lizard’s eyes were filled with surprise, but it immediately showed a sad and tired look and sighed in a low voice,”Then

“That’s why you have to adjust your condition.”

“Or else you might die in the mission,” Lu Xin said.

The lizard was dumbfounded. Its expression turned serious, and it blinked innocently.

tell me if you’re unhappy or have any requests …

Lu Xin gave him a friendly smile and said, “”Since I’m the team leader, I’ll definitely help you in all aspects.”

For a moment, the lizard didn’t know what kind of expression it should have when facing him.

In front of him was a gentle smiling face.

He squinted his eyes slightly, revealing his neat white teeth. He was gentle, calm, and had a kind heart that made people feel at ease.

At the same time, he pressed his hand on his back, as if he was looking for the position of his spine.

He had a standard smile on his face, but his pupils were no different when he smiled and when he didn’t smile, deep and gloomy …

The lizard suddenly shivered and said sternly, I don’t have any questions. I promise to complete the mission!

Lu Xin was pleasantly surprised. that’s great! I thought you didn’t want to go. I was just thinking about asking the higher-ups to let you take a break.

The lizard’s eyes suddenly became a little pitiful and Haggard …

Before he could say anything else, he heard han Bing gently knocking on the door and saying, ‘”‘The other two team members are here.”

Lu Xin raised his head and saw the door being pushed open. There was someone beside han Bing.

It was a woman who looked to be around 22 or 23 years old. She was wearing a simple red dress. The left side of the dress was long, and the right side was short, revealing two slender white and tender long legs. On her feet was a pair of sky-high heels that were almost 10 centimeters tall, which made people’s eyes light up.

She stood at the door a little timidly and nodded at him. Then she lowered her head and peeked at him again.

“Chi …

The lizard beside him suddenly raised its head.

The confusion and confusion on his face disappeared at the same time, and his eyes seemed to burst out with a bright light as he stared at the door.

Lu Xin could even see a look of surprise on his face, and his ears turned red with excitement.


Before Lu Xin could react, the lizard had already stood up with a smile on its face and extended its arms toward the door.

“Hello, hello …

He held the hand of the girl in the red dress enthusiastically, his face full of enthusiasm. “Is this our new member?” welcome, welcome. We’ve been waiting for you for a long time …

I’m the vice-captain of the single unit. Gecko. I wonder if this … Team member, how should I address you?”

The female team member seemed to be a little frightened by the lizard. She helplessly let the lizard hold her hand and cast a look at han Bing for help.

“Cough …”

Han Bing reacted and hurriedly introduced in a serious manner, ‘

Mr. Shan Bing, Mr. Lizard, these two are aptitude users selected by team leader Chen Jing and I from the Secret Service of the special Investigation Department. Their code name is red snake. She will join our team and follow us to the black Swamp to carry out this support mission, so …

oh, oh. Hello, hello …

Hearing this, Lu Xin quickly stood up and wanted to shake hands with the new member, but he froze in the air.

I’m not done with the lizard yet …

Miss Red snake, this is the captain of our unit, and this is …

Han Bing then introduced Lu Xin and the lizard to them. She paused when she was about to introduce the lizard and smiled.”lt’s our vice-captain,”


The red snake was stunned for a moment and suddenly looked at the lizard in a new light.”Hello, hello …”

Looking at the two of them holding each other’s hands, Lu Xin felt that he had lost his chance, so he awkwardly put his hand down.

“Then can we talk about the mission this time?”

Reluctantly, Gecko pulled the new member to sit down beside the desk and said with a smile, ” before you guys came, I was discussing this issue with the captain. I have no objections to this mission, but I have one problem. That is, as professional and experienced special contamination cleaners, we must pay attention to the protection and guidance of the newcomers. This point … “Captain, do you have any objections?” he looked at Lu Xin sternly.

“l have no objections,” Lu Xin replied, shaking his head.

Then, he turned to han Bing and asked doubtfully, ‘”Didn’t we say that we have two new members? What about the other one?”

Han Bing was obviously confused for a moment.

At this moment, a soft tentacle suddenly wrapped itself around Lu Xin’s palm. Lu Xin was stunned for a moment before he realized that there was a little monster in a crumpled Brazilian suit sitting beside him. The monster’s flat face was facing him, and it seemed to be suffering.

He suddenly realized that there were two people who had followed han Bing


One of them was the little monster, and the other was the girl in the red dress.

When the lizard shook hands with the red snake, it also stretched out its tentacles, waiting for him to shake hands with it, but he didn’t notice.

If it didn’t touch him, he might never have noticed it by his side …

“Oh, oh …

It was also at this moment that han Bing seemed to have just remembered that the other team member was this little monster. He smiled and said, after looking through the information of Qing gangs aptitude users, team leader Chen and I realized that there might not be many other aptitude users who could cooperate with Mr. Shan Bing. Therefore, team leader Chen decided to send her Secretary, Mr. Fanzang, to act as a hidden force and follow us on a mission.

its advantage is that it doesn’t need cooperation. The characteristics of its ability forced it to learn to be alone.

its weakness is also obvious. It’s easy to lose …

“So, team leader Chen’s request is that we must remember to bring it back …”

Hearing han Bing’s serious words, Lu Xin turned around and saw Misan looking at him with anticipation.

He thought to himself, it seems, the conditions are quite suitable. “It’s just that Chen Jings request is quite difficult to fulfill ….”

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