Since The Red Moon Appeared - C.606 - : The look in the eyes of the Grassman (3)

Since The Red Moon Appeared

C.606 - : The look in the eyes of the Grassman (3)

Chapter 606: The look in the eyes of the Grassman (3)

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It was just a slight movement of getting up, but his body seemed to have pulled out a long afterimage.

No one saw Black Jack’s movements in the middle.

He stood up and disappeared from his seat. By the time he stood up, he had already appeared in front of Secretary Shen, who was hiding under the heavy encirclement. He reached out his hand to grab her.

He pinched Secretary Shen’s cheeks with his left thumb and index finger and slowly exerted more force.

Secretary Shen was about 1.67 meters tall and had a thin figure, but she was at least 50 kilograms.

He pinched her cheek and slowly lifted her up. Her low-heeled leather shoes left the ground slowly, like a fish out of the water.

“Huala .

At the same time, the surrounding people were shocked. The guards with guns raised their guns at the same time and aimed at Black Jack.

“Hehe .

Faced with at least a few dozen guns aimed at them, diamond and heart looked at each other and sneered at the same time.

In the next moment, they dodged to the left and right at the same time. Their squarish bodies were so flexible that they didn’t seem human. They shrank their heads almost into their stomachs, and their bodies were greatly reduced in size. With a ” whoosh “, they rushed into the crowd and stretched out their hands.

He grabbed the arm of one of the guards, and strange things started to happen.

The moment the Guard’s arm was grabbed, his body twitched unnaturally. His other arm suddenly reached out and grabbed the shoulder of the guard next to him as if he had been electrocuted. The guard could not help but swing his arm and grab the neck of the person behind him one after another. This action quickly extended.

All the guards were connected to each other through some form of physical contact.

Pain and fear appeared on their faces at the same time, but they couldn’t let go, as if they had been hit by a high voltage.

Diamondlooked at the terrified expressions on their faces and revealed a satisfied and contemptuous smile. The hand of the guard who was holding the head moved slightly, and all the guards immediately turned around slowly. They were still holding guns in their hands, and they all pointed them at each other’s companions.

The diamond-like object chuckled, revealing two Tiger teeth.

Then, he raised his other hand, shaped it into a pistol, and pointed at his temple.

The next moment, all the guards opened fire at the same time. The smell of saltpeter filled the air and filled the nose.

All the guards fell to the ground at the same time. Blood gushed out of the muzzles of their guns, and their faces were still filled with horror and disbelief.

More than a dozen armed guards died at the same time.

Red heart, who was charging forward, sat on the legs of the chubby chief of the administrative office.

She leaned her head over, opened her blood-smeared lips, and bit the chief executive’s throat with her teeth. She didn’t use any strength, and even licked it with the tip of her tongue. The chief executive’s back tensed up.

The other department heads and secretaries also tensed up.

Because they saw that on each of their legs, whether male or female, there was a woman sitting.

They could even feel a warm breath and the feeling of teeth gently biting their throats.

The guards around them suddenly opened fire and killed each other.

His throat was being bitten by a woman’s teeth, and it could be bitten off at any time.

As a result, no one dared to move or even speak. All of them were so nervous that cold sweat was pouring down their bodies, and they didn’t move at all.

At the same time, old K pulled out his hands from his pockets.

All of them were three-inch-long black nails.

His movements didn’t look fancy, but the eight nails in his hands flew toward the walls on both sides. With a few clattering sounds, they were nailed into the eyes of the four strange faces on the walls on both sides, three centimeters deep.

Where the nail hit, very quickly there was a faint flow of dirty blood. It could be seen that the nail seemed to be actively piercing deeper.

Old K was frowning slightly as he stared at the portrait on the wall, observing it vigilantly.

Black Jack trusted his team members ‘abilities very much. When the changes around him occurred, he didn’t even turn back to look.

He just slowly raised his eyes and looked at Secretary Shen, who was holding his cheeks in the air.

you guys can’t even deal with the strange creatures in the S-Class restricted area, and you’re still thinking of targeting us? ”

“Do you know that I only feel happy when I see you guys overestimating your own abilities?” because this way, I can openly take over your Black Swamp city …

Secretary-General Shen’s face was pinched and he was lifted into the air.

However, he still had a respectful and polite smile on his face. It was just that his cheeks were a little deformed because they were being pinched.

As she listened to Black Jack’s words, her eyes suddenly moved a few times, like the second hand of a mechanical watch moving quickly. After turning twice, her eyes fell on Black Jack’s face, and then she slowly raised her hands.

Her two hands were supporting her chin.

It looked as if he was being held in the air and his neck couldn’t take it, so he subconsciously held onto it with his hands.

However, when her two hands held his chin, Black Jack suddenly felt that something was wrong between his fingers. Fine cracks appeared on the skin of the female Secretary, as if a thin piece of porcelain had been crushed, and it caved in.

He could even feel the cracks spreading on his fingertips.

The next moment, the female Secretary suddenly lifted her body up with force. ka ka ka ‘

Her head suddenly slid out of her neck.


It was her body that fell to the ground, but her head was in Black Jack’s hands. There was only a bright red spine that was swinging around like a living creature connected to his head

Black Jack and his men were both shocked by this scene and subconsciously retreated.

At this moment, the headless body of the Secretary-General suddenly moved. Her hands searched the ground and found the small black remote control. Her fingers slid to one of the buttons and pressed it lightly, making a “beep” sound.

“Chi …”

The sound of the machine’s strings turning rang out, and the black curtain in the middle of the conference room slowly parted.

Behind the curtain was a one-meter-wide glass pond. In the pond, there was a Paddy man.

They were the kind of people that were often seen in the fields. Their bodies were woven with straw, their arms were stretched out, two glass balls were embedded in their heads as eyes, a strange smiling mouth was drawn with red chalk, and they wore a black pointed hat.

Under the incandescent light, the eyes made of glass balls flickered with a dazzling light. They looked ahead in a daze.

“Chi …”

The entire meeting room was suddenly filled with a strange mental power.

There was no process. The moment the Paddy man appeared, this strange polluting power had already filled every inch of space.

Every single one of them was enveloped within.

“Not good!”

At that moment, no matter if it was black Jack, old K, diamond, or hearts, all of them felt a chill run down their spines.

They sensed an unusually terrifying sense of danger, and it was as if electricity was flowing through their bodies.

He had almost no intention of resisting. Subconsciously, he wanted to close his eyes, turn around, and escape as fast as he could.

They even felt that they had already escaped.

However, he suddenly felt as light as a feather. When he turned around, he realized that he was still in the same place.

His body was stiff and his eyes were dull. He maintained the posture he had when he first saw the person.

They couldn’t believe it. They rushed over and wanted to pull ‘themselves’ with them. They shouted angrily.

However, in this conference room, it was just a few gusts of wind.

“Pa la …”

There was movement.

It was the headless female Secretary. She fumbled to get up, but because she couldn’t see, she accidentally hit the table.

However, she still managed to steady herself, then groped her way forward.

After a few steps, she successfully touched Black Jack’s position, and her two hands slowly moved up, holding his head.

With a slight force, she pulled out Black Jack’s head with a bloody spine. Then, she carefully held the head, aimed it at her neck, and stuffed the spine into her body bit by bit.

“Ka ka ka …”

With a series of crisp sounds, the head landed on her neck.

She held it with both hands and shook it slightly from left to right. Finally, it fit perfectly.

The muscles on Black Jack’s face, which had been expressionless for a long time, contracted slightly, turning into a respectful smile.

he’s indeed an ability user who can kill strange creatures. His ability is very powerful …

The Secretary, or rather, Black Jack, smiled and mumbled to herself.

Then, she turned around and looked at the wall.

The four human-faced statues on the wall still had nails in their eyes, but their expressions had changed.

There seemed to be a strange smile on the statue.

The next moment, three of the statues slowly opened their mouths and spat out a mass of black substance.

The substance slowly wriggled on the ground and slowly condensed into human figures. They turned into three women who were wearing the same clothes as Secretary-General Shen. They looked exactly the same as her before, and even the smiles on their faces were no different.

Their low-heeled shoes made a crisp sound as they walked to old K, diamond, and heart.

The three men’s pupils contracted, but they couldn’t say anything or do anything. They reached out their hands at the same time, slowly reaching for their heads. Then, they carefully lifted them up as if they were holding some art pieces.

After a while, the aptitude user team from Long Lake City gathered once again.

But now, they all had respectful smiles on their faces, and seemed much more amiable than before.

Moreover, they were no longer dressed in strange clothes of different colors. Instead, they were all dressed in black dresses and low-heeled shoes.

“Another team has been taken down …”

Black Jack turned his head and looked at the people across the conference table who had collapsed in their chairs in fear.

“I really hope more teams can come …”

They smiled at the same time, and their voices sounded in unison, forming a strange resonance.

“Otherwise, he won’t be satisfied!”