Super Card System - C.465: Power Bank?

Super Card System

C.465: Power Bank?

Enel laughed heartily, while Ian quickly condensed another bullet and shot it towards the Ark.

He had no knowledge of the Arks design, so he couldnt possibly know where the device that generated thunderclouds was located. He could only try his luck or simply destroy the entire Ark.

However, Enel also realized the situation. Although he didnt know the specifics of Ians electromagnetic cannon ability, he understood that it was nothing more than a more powerful projectile. He actually had a way to counter it.

Upon seeing Ian condensing the bullet, Enel placed his hand on the golden cabin and used his Lightning Metallurgy ability to extract a large chunk of gold from the ship. He then melted it and transformed it into a very solid shield. When Ian fired the second shot of his Super Electromagnetic Cannon, the shield directly blocked it in the direction Ian aimed at, effectively stopping the attack.

Although the gold shield was completely shattered by the Railgun, even penetrating Enels body, he, who had transformed into an elemental form, remained unharmed. Moreover, the power of the Super Electromagnetic Cannon was greatly weakened after being blocked and only created a hole in the rear cabin without piercing through the ships hull.

Faced with this turn of events, Ian had no choice but to take matters into his own hands. Blazing his wings of fire, he soared towards the Ark, drawing Enels attention. Enel was caught off guard by Ians audacity, and found himself looked down to, by Ian who just landed on the top of the cabin!!

Upon landing, Ian unsheathed his Senbonzakura and shouted loudly as he swung his long sword, unleashing a tremendous sword aura that directly split the entire Ark into two.

He cut along a straight line where the chimney was located, and this time it finally worked. After splitting open even the chimney, the engulfing black clouds finally stopped.

Damn it! Enel cursed as he broke free from the golden wall of the cabin. He instantly teleported behind Ian, wielding a golden staff in his hand and smashing it towards the back of Ians head.

His current attack was actually futile. The production of thunderclouds had already ceased, and there was no way Ian would be hit by his staff. With a slight sidestep, Ian dodged Enels strike and swiftly approached, slashing his sword towards Enel.

Enel dared not take Ians attack head-on, fearing a repeat of what happened before when Ian effortlessly severed his weapon and struck him. Previously, his golden staff had been reconstructed using Lightning Metallurgy. If the same thing happened again, he would truly be foolish.

This is the advantage of having Armament Haki. For those who cannot imbue their weapons with Armament Haki, it becomes easy to cut through their opponents weapons.

Enel dared not engage in a collision; his only choice was to evade. Transforming his body into lightning, he attempted to teleport sideways.

However, at that very moment, Ians empty left hand suddenly thrust forward, gripping tightly!

What followed was a seemingly simple action, yet something extraordinary occurred. Amidst Enels teleportation, his entire body abruptly froze, losing control and stumbling out onto the deck, tumbling several times.

Nearly battered and bruised, Enel, after picking himself up, stared at Ian in bewilderment. What What did you do to me just now!?

In truth, even Ian was taken aback by the outcome. His action was merely a spontaneous idea. If the so-called electric shocks could control the power of lightning, then could he control someone like Enel, who was an embodiment of lightning?

It was precisely due to this sudden idea that Ian acted on impulse.

And unexpectedly, it worked! During the split second of Enels teleportation, his entire body was undoubtedly in an elemental state. At that moment, he was nothing more than a humanoid form of lightning, precisely within Ians grasp of control.

As for why it was just a tug and not more, it was because the power within Enels body, no longer under his control while being seized by Ians hand, caused him to fall back from his elemental state to his normal form, breaking free from Ians control.

Once he realized this, Ian couldnt help but have an impulse to burst into laughter. It was too unexpected, truly too unexpected!

It seemed that he was the true natural enemy and nemesis of Enel!

Indeed, although they both possessed the ability to wield the power of lightning, Ian couldnt achieve the same level of mastery as Enel, transforming into lightning at will. When utilizing the power of lightning, Ians body remained his own, seemingly inferior to Enel. However, ironically, it was this seemingly inferior difference that allowed Ian to accomplish what even Enel couldnt.

Get-over-here! Ian shouted, extending his right hand once again, reaching out towards Enel.

Witnessing Ians movement, Enels heart skipped a beat, and instinctively, he attempted to transform into lightning and teleport. However, as soon as his body entered its elemental state, it was immediately drawn towards the inexplicable force emanating from Ians hand, involuntarily hurtling towards Ians location!

Enel hadnt realized that it was when he doesnt transform into his elemental state that he had been safe. It was an ironic twist of fate that his attempt to embody the very essence of thunder had backfired. Ians technique, reminiscent of Teachs Dark Water, targeted the raw power of Enels Rumble-Rumble Fruit itself, leaving him utterly powerless to escape.

Enel was really unlucky in this regard. If he possessed a different type of natural ability, such as ice or fire, he would have been fine. Ian wouldnt have been able to do anything to him. But unfortunately, he was a lightning user

If Enel had known this, he would have probably been overwhelmed by embarrassment

While under the control of the power in Ians hand, the more Enel tried to transform into lightning and escape, the more he was drawn in. Before he had a chance to struggle, he was already captured by Ian, right in front of him.

Ian grabbed his neck with his right hand, and without further politeness, the haki on his palm directly seized Enels physical body, preventing him from breaking free. Then, Ian squeezed his neck and rammed him towards the deck below!

This collision shattered Enels entire face. His face transformed into an elemental state upon contact with the deck, so it didnt harm him. However, his neck was restricted by the haki, and he couldnt escape.

Oh, youre quite clever! Although Ian praised him, he suddenly raised his left hand and punched Enel in the face!

This was the second time! It was the second time Enel was punched by Ian. The power of haki made his elemental state ineffective, and his nosebleed started to flow again.

You you Enel, with his nose punched, was in pain, and tears almost welled up in his eyes. He also felt a bit dizzy.

Seeing Ian so close, he quickly grabbed Ians arms with both hands and exerted all his strength to release a powerful electric shock against him.

However, he forgot that Ian was completely immune to this. No matter how powerful the electric current was, it would have no effect on Ian unless he replaced Mikoto Misakas card!

The card endowed him with the power to control lightning. Therefore, when Enel gripped Ians wrist and released the electric current, it had no effect on him whatsoever.

However, due to Enels neck being firmly grasped by Ian, he found it difficult to breathe, causing him to subconsciously continue releasing electrical discharges towards Ian even though they were ineffective.

Hmm, electrical discharges that phrase sounds a bit suggestive

Initially, Ian paid little attention to it. After all, Enel could discharge electricity while Ian continued to deliver blows with his fists.

But at that moment, Ian noticed something peculiar. He realized that his Nen power was rapidly replenishing!

Although the previous battle had not been lengthy, Ian had already expended a considerable amount of Nen power. Yet, the speed at which his Nen power was recovering seemed to exceed what his physical stamina alone could provide.

What was happening? Ian was taken aback as he glanced at Enels hands, which were clutching his wrist. Suddenly, a rather unsettling thought emerged in his mind.

Damn it Did I accidentally grab hold of a power bank!?

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