Super Card System - C.480: Making a Grand Entrance

Super Card System

C.480: Making a Grand Entrance

Is this the Blue Sea?

Enel stood on the deck of the Ark Maxim, his eyes widened as he gazed at the azure sea all around.

Although he had heard of the Blue Sea before, he had never descended to it. Now, suddenly confronted with this magnificent sight of the horizon meeting the sea, he was instantly amazed.

The Blue Sea and the White Sea on Skypiea were completely different, not just in terms of the color of the water. The most significant difference was the vastness of the Blue Sea. Only here, on the Blue Sea, could one see the view where the sea seemingly stretched to the end of the world.

Without the pervasive sea of clouds, all that remained was warm sunlight and sea breeze. Enel couldnt help but feel a bit regretful; if he had known that the Blue Sea held such stunning scenery, he would have come down to see it earlier.

Captain! When we reach the sea level, Should we stop the Jet Dials operation? Doroni ran to Ians side and asked.

Ian nodded and said, Yes, stop it. Saving some energy is always good.

Doroni rushed back to the cabin and fiddled with something. Soon, the noisy Jet Dial fell silent, and the Ark Maxim, losing its buoyancy, immediately plummeted straight toward the sea surface.

Ian and the others held onto any stable objects around them, bracing themselves. Soon, they felt a tremendous impact as the ship splashed up high water sprays all around.

The Ark Maxim had fallen from a height of several dozen meters above the sea surface, so the impact wasnt too strong, and the ship could withstand it.

Where have we landed? Ian asked.

Robin raised her wrist and looked at her Log Pose but shook her head, saying, Im not sure. However, the Log Pose indicates that there are islands nearby.

Then lets head in the direction the Log Pose is pointing! Ian suggested.

They all rushed to help Matthew, unfurling the Arks sails together. Although they were not catching favorable winds, which made the ships speed relatively slow, it didnt matter too much.

The Ark sailed slowly on the sea surface. Robin and Reiju used materials on the ship to create two reclining chairs and enjoyed the long-awaited sunbathing on the deck. Enel sat on top of the golden cabin, silently watching Ian practicing swordsmanship on the deck. After coming down to the Blue Sea, Enel had no intention of running away anymore. He was entirely unfamiliar with the Blue Sea, so he could only follow Ian and comply with his arrangements.

Care to join us for a meal! Ian saw that Matthew had prepared food and waved to Enel.

Matthew was skilled at cooking, and these dishes were parting gifts from Conis and her people when they left. They were all Sky Island cuisine, and Matthew had managed to recreate them, and they tasted quite good.

As they ate, Ian chatted with Reiju and Robin. Enel had been silent all along, but suddenly, he spoke up, saying, Is your pirate crew just these few people?

No! Ian shook his head and said, The majority of the crew is currently in the New World.

The New World? Hmm.. ok! Enel naturally didnt understand the meaning of this term, but he pointed to Robin and Doroni and asked, Are the people in your crew as powerful as them?

What are you trying to say? Ian asked him.

If those people in your crew are all roughly the same in strength, then you should make me the Vice Captain! Enel raised his chin.

Having already agreed to the terms with Ian, Enel had decided to stay with his pirate crew. However, his arrogant mentality had not disappeared. He believed that even if he couldnt defeat Ian, he should have no problem defeating the others. Hence, he suddenly had this idea of becoming the Vice Captain of the Dragon Hunter Pirates.

Upon hearing his words, Doroni, Matthew, Robin, and Reiju exchanged glances and burst into laughter in unison.

Whats funny!? Enel said, feeling a bit annoyed.

The vice-captains position is taken! Ian said with a smile. So, you can forget about that one, but we can offer you the position of Head Sailor.

Generally speaking, the Head Sailor in a pirate crew is a high-ranking fighter, often responsible for leading the crew members into battle. Ian thought this position suited Enels fighting skills well. However, who was Enel? He was the ruler of Skypiea, a self-proclaimed god. He had always been the big boss, and now, after reluctantly accepting reality and wanting to be the second-in-command, Ian told him that he couldnt even be the second-in-command, only the third or even the fourth. How could Enel accept that?

If I can defeat your vice-captain, does that mean I can have the position? Enel asked Ian discontentedly.

Upon hearing this, Ian and the others burst into even louder laughter.

I advise you not to entertain such thoughts! Ian patted his shoulder. Its impossible for you to defeat Uncle Fujitora.

Ian had no confidence in Enels ability to defeat Vice-captain Fujitora. Although Enel had the powers of the natural element, Fujitora could use Armament Haki, and even Enels proud Kenbunshoku Haki, the so-called mantra, might not match Fujitoras.

Enels Kenbunshoku Haki could cover the entire Skypiea, but Uncle Fujitoras Observation Haki could reach further than the atmosphere! It was clear at a glance who was stronger and who was weaker.

Perhaps speed was Enels only advantage, but Ian believed that Fujitora must have a way to deal with him.

Well, the Goro Goro no Mi (Rumble-Rumble Fruit) was indeed a powerful Logia-type Devil Fruit, but the Blue Sea differed significantly from Skypiea

It could be said that after coming to the Blue Sea, Enels ultimate achievement would be limited if he didnt learn Armament Haki.

In this world, there was no invincibility. Even Ian, relying on his card system, couldnt achieve invincibility, let alone Enel.

However, Enel didnt believe Ians empty talk since he had never seen Fujitora. Naturally, he thought Ian was bragging, so he couldnt help but say, Alright! When I meet your vice-captain, Ill challenge him. If I can defeat him, you must promise to give me the position of the vice-captain!

Well talk about that if you manage to defeat him! Ian said with a smile, shaking his head.

As for Robin and Reiju, they hadnt really witnessed Enels power, so they also found Ians words reasonable.

Seeing this, Enel didnt say anything more, but inside, he was eager to show off his strength.

Perhaps his thoughts had an effect, as after sailing for half a day, Ian and his crew encountered a large pirate fleet on the sea.

It was a fleet consisting of five pirate ships, apparently intending to follow the Grand Line and head to the New World. Initially, Ian didnt plan to pay them any attention, but he had overlooked a crucial detail.

The cabin of the Ark Maxim was entirely made of gold, and when it sailed under the sunlight, it sparkled and gleamed. The opposing pirate fleet was so far away that they were blinded by the dazzling reflection eyes. When they finally saw what was happening through their telescopes, excitement surged through the pirate crew, and they charged towards Ians ship with renewed zeal.

What do these guys want? Ian looked at the enemy, who had now brought out cannons and was firing at them. He felt a bit annoyed.

Robin giggled and said, Well, its your fault for not raising our flag. They have no idea that the people aboard this ship are not ones to be trifled with!

Reiju stood on the deck, raising her slender leg and performing a spinning kick, sending a cannonball flying away. She chimed in, This golden cabin is just too conspicuous.

Indeed, because they switched to the Ark Maxim, Ian hadnt hoisted the Jolly Roger of his Dragon Hunters Pirate Crew. Otherwise, this pirate fleet would probably have gone the other way. Ian hadnt considered this aspect, and from the looks of it, if they didnt make a flag soon, they would encounter even more pirates who would flock to them like flies attracted to light.

Fortunately, this time they had a professional fighter on board, so Ian didnt need to take action.

Ill leave it to you! Ian said to Enel, This is your first task! But leave one alive, so we can ask about which route we are on.

Enel snorted coldly, wasting no words. He raised his right hand and struck towards the distant sky. His entire arm transformed into a ball of lightning, landing directly above one of the pirate ships.

Then, he fiercely swung his arm downward, roaring, Gods Judgment!

Boom! A tremendous thunderclap echoed as the ball of lightning descended from the sky and struck the pirate ship, obliterating it into pieces!

Robin and the others watched this scene in astonishment. It was only now that they understood just how powerful Enel was, the guy whom Ian had captured. Could anyone but Ian have managed to subdue such an individual?

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