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C.493: Promotion

Due to Ians involvement, the Whitebeard Pirates, led by Marco, ended up in Alabasta, and it also resulted in Mr. 2, who was originally providing cover for Luffy and his crew, escaping without being caught by Tashigi and Smoker, choosing instead to leave with Luffy and the others.

However, after leaving Baroque Works, Bon Clay, despite wanting to join the Straw Hat Pirates, had an unfulfilled wish: to meet the Okama King, Ivankov. So, after making an agreement with Luffy and his crew, Bon Clay left ahead of them, planning to return to join the Straw Hat Pirates after meeting the Okama King.

But somehow, due to a twist of fate, Bon Clay didnt manage to meet Ivankov in Impel Down and ended up reuniting with Luffy and his crew in Water 7.

Ian didnt know the specific details, but he could piece together some of the puzzle. He surmised that this time around, he might have unwittingly thrown a wrench into the works for the Straw Hat Pirates. The absence of Robin had naturally altered the composition of their crew.

For Ian, saving Robin and saving Bon Clay were two entirely different matters. He understood that with Luffy and Zoros fearless personalities, if any of their comrades were captured, they would definitely make a big fuss. However, from Ians perspective, the situation had taken an unexpected turn!

Why does it feel like a bromance!? With a sigh, Ian hastily set the newspaper aside, reluctant to delve any further into the unfolding events.

Nevertheless, from the brief glimpse he had earlier, Ian had caught sight of Franky in a news photograph. It seemed Franky was likely to join the Straw Hat Pirates after all. For Luffy, anyone intriguing was a potential crew member.

This young man had even considered recruiting the furry race known as the Mink Tribe when he encountered them back then

As for the impact on the Straw Hat Pirates, Ian didnt have the luxury to ponder that at the moment. Luffy is Luffy, and Ian is his own person. While Luffy might be the protagonist of the original anime, for Ian now, he is the protagonist of his own story. He had to focus on himself for the time being.

After more than a day of sailing, the sight of an island came into view on the horizon.

From a distance, Enel gazed at the colorful bubbles rising continuously from the Sabaody Archipelago and found it quite astonishing. He had never seen such a sight during his time on Skypiea.

As for Ian, he was revisiting a familiar place, but this time, his identity was entirely different.

Captain, where should we dock? Doroni asked.

Ian thought for a moment and replied, Lets go somewhere between numbers 60 and 69, if I remember correctly. It should be an area of the Marines and government officials. Parking the Ark Maxim there should be relatively safe.

Sabaody Archipelago was a well-known tourist destination, with a complex population and a fair share of crime. If the Ark Maxim were to anchor in those lawless areas, it would likely attract wave after wave of trouble, even with the Shichibukai banner flying high. Dealing with these troublemakers alone would keep Ian busy, so it was wiser to stay in the orderly zones.

On another note, Ian had a family back when he lived in Sabaody Archipelago. He wondered how they were doing now, whether they were still alive.

When Ian and his ship approached the coastal waters of the island, they had already garnered quite a bit of attention. Numerous pirates arrived at this island daily, but the Ark Maxim gleaming in the sunlight was exceptionally eye-catching. Those pirates who spotted their ship couldnt help but envy it, but fortunately, they recognized the flag flying on board and hesitated to make any rash moves.

The Marines stationed on the island had also noticed Ian and his ship. When Ians crew finally docked, a Marine Rear Admiral came to greet them. However, no matter how Ian looked at it, it felt less like a welcome and more like cautious preparedness.

But Ian couldnt be bothered with such matters. This kind of sentiment from the Marines was directed at all members of the Seven Warlords of the Sea.

He packed the data that Reiju had given him about the technology of the Germa Armored Suits into a suitcase, then turned the handle and disembarked with Enel and the others.

Captain Ian! the Marine Rear Admiral, draped in a cloak, stared sternly at Ian. He said, Ive informed the Marine Headquarters of your arrival. Fleet Admiral Sengoku wishes for you to proceed directly to Marineford and avoid lingering on Sabaody Archipelago.

The Marine Rear Admirals words were somewhat tactful, but Ian couldnt help but detect his underlying meaning. He smirked and said, Hmph, hes actually worried about those Celestial Dragons who frequent Sabaody Archipelago for leisure, isnt he?

Uh The Marine Rear Admiral was taken aback. He hadnt expected Ian to be so straightforward.

Indeed, that was the case. Given Ians past misdeeds, Sengoku was genuinely concerned that those Celestial Dragons traveling on the island might encounter this notorious jinx again.

In fact, since the incident at Mary Geoise, the name of Ians Dragon Hunter Pirates had spread among the Celestial Dragons. They held both fear and hatred for Ian. Perhaps, encountering him might even scare them away, who knows?

However, Sengoku wasnt willing to take that risk. He worried that the younger generation of Celestial Dragons, often naive and headstrong, might foolishly attempt to capture Ian upon meeting him. That would undoubtedly lead to trouble.

Therefore, Sengoku believed it was best to quickly bring Ian into the ranks of the Marines.

Seeing the awkward expression on the Marine Rear Admirals face, Ian didnt say much more. He simply nodded, indicating his understanding, and then asked, What about our ship?

The journey from Sabaody Archipelago to Marineford involved crossing a stretch of ocean, and even as a Shichibukai, Ian couldnt navigate that area without permission. He needed to use a designated Marine vessel.

Ian knew the rules, and he had no intention of breaking them at the moment.

Please follow me, the Marine Rear Admiral extended his hand, then led Ian and his crew through the mangrove forest.

Ians vessel had docked at berth number 62 in the mangrove forest. This area served as the Marine base on the Sabaody Archipelago, so there were numerous Marine facilities along the way, with rows of Marine soldiers carrying rifles jogging in formation.

As they walked, Ian suddenly noticed a bulletin board with what appeared to be internal Marine notices and commendations. Out of curiosity, he stopped to take a quick look.

Unexpectedly, while perusing the board, he stumbled upon information about Kuina!

This commendation notice had been posted recently, although it was tucked away in a corner. It was indeed an official Marine commendation notice. Ian quickly scanned it and discovered that Kuina had been promoted to the rank of Commander!

Moreover, shes now a Commander at Marine Headquarters! The reason for her promotion is that she has been continuously apprehending several pirate crews, and one of the pirate crews names left Ian both amused and flabbergasted.

This pirate crew was none other than the Buggy Pirates

Buggy, of all people, had been captured by Kuina!? How on earth did that happen?

Thinking about this, Ian couldnt help but grab the Marine Rear Admiral and inquire, Is Commander Kuina currently at Marine Headquarters?

The Rear Admiral furrowed his brow and carefully examined the commendation notice, then nodded and said, Yes, this newly promoted Marine Commander has been summoned back to Marine Headquarters. Why do you ask, Captain Ian? Do you know her?

Yeah, weve crossed paths a few times! She even tried to capture me once! Ian brushed it off, then asked, I recall she used to be with Smoker. Does that mean Smoker is also at Marine Headquarters?

Commodore Smoker is indeed at Marine Headquarters, but it seems that Commander Kuina has been reassigned to Vice Admiral Tsurus command! The Rear Admiral spoke with a hint of envy. Under Vice Admiral Tsurus command is the most renowned female Marine unit in the entire Marine Headquarters!

Oh? Ian was somewhat surprised. He had initially thought Kuina was still with Smoker, but it seemed she had caught Tsurus attention?

After giving it some thought, Ian felt it might be a good thing. Smoker was a decent guy, a genuinely upright Marine, but his personality was too headstrong. Kuina accompanying Smoker, one of the Marines famous troublemakers, might not have much future potential. Who knows, she might end up taking over the troublesome G-5 Branch along with Smoker in the future.

On the other hand, being under Vice Admiral Tsurus command was an entirely different story. Tsuru was the Chief of Staff of the Marines, a highly influential figure with significant authority. If Kuine could earn Vice Admiral Tsurus favor, her path to promotion within the Marines would likely be much smoother.

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