Super Card System - C.520: Break-In

Super Card System

C.520: Break-In

Ian’s words caught Hannyabal off guard, but at this moment, he had not yet realized that something was amiss with the group in front of him.

There was no choice. As they advanced towards the prison, they had indeed received orders from the Marine Headquarters. The orders stated that Vice Admiral Momonga would be bringing Boa Hancock here. The Vice Admiral in front of them presented no issues, and as for Boa Hancock, many had only seen her for the first time. How could they easily detect anything suspicious?

Therefore, upon hearing Ian’s words, Hannyabal was a bit displeased. Pointing at Ian, he said, “Your Excellency Rear Admiral, please mind your tone. This isn’t Marine Headquarters; this is Impel Down, my territory… Oh, I unintentionally revealed my ambition again… I misspoke. This is the territory of Warden Magellan. We have our rules here, even if you’re from Marine Headquarters, you must abide by our rules when you’re here!”

“What if I don’t want to follow your rules?” Ian raised his head, smiled at him, and before he could reply, Ian raised his right hand, snapped his fingers, and said, “Law!”

As he spoke, Trafalgar Law behind Ian immediately pointed his finger upward, saying, “Room!”

An invisible special space instantly unfolded, enveloping Hannyabal and the prison guards present.


Trafalgar Law unsheathed his long, untamed katana and swiftly swung it three times.

Swish, swish, swish—three slashes cut through the air, and Hannyabal along with a group of prison guards were immediately severed into three segments! One part for the head, another for the torso, and the third for the lower body.

However, miraculously, they did not die. The three severed segments of their bodies could still move, including their heads, which could speak.

“Ah!!! What happened to my body…”

“My head fell off! It fell off!”

This gruesome scene sent Hannyabal and the guards into screams of horror.

Yet, it wasn’t over. Trafalgar Law’s lips curled into a mocking smile. With a twist of two fingers, miscellaneous items from the corners flew towards the dismembered bodies—barrels, firearms, tables, chairs, handcuffs, and the like—all flying towards the slashed bodies.

A more eerie scene unfolded. These objects combined with the severed bodies, forming “monsters”!

A person’s head is replaced by an arm, the lower body is replaced by nothing but a wooden barrel, and the arms are replaced by two pairs of chains. Strangely, the feet were still intact but belonged to someone else, and they were inverted!

Or another body adorned with four or five other people’s arms, topped with a mortar for a head.

Even Hannyabal couldn’t escape this misfortune. Below his severed head, Law affixed two people’s bodies, his arms transformed into two pairs of someone else’s legs, positioned upward. As for his original feet, they morphed into six additional arms from someone else, resembling a giant spider!

This eerie and terrifying scene nearly drove the group of guards to nervous breakdowns. The entire scene descended into chaos, with everyone attempting to control their bodies. However, their bodies were now placed on others, making it impossible to manipulate them correctly. Many collided with each other in their attempts to control themselves.

Ian watched in awe, beads of cold sweat forming. Though he was aware of Law’s surgical Devil Fruit, witnessing this spectacle firsthand was still astonishing.

Nami, even more frightened, cowered behind Ian as she observed the surreal scene.

“Will these people die like this?” Nami whispered to Ian.

Ian glanced at Trafalgar Law and replied softly, “Perhaps, perhaps not. It depends on Law’s mood!”

Even Hannyabal, despite his obtuseness, now realized that something was amiss. These people couldn’t possibly be Marines.

“Intruders! They’re intruders! Sound the alarm!” Hannyabal shouted.

However, the problem was, that all the guards had fallen victim to Law’s abilities. Who could sound the alarm now?

Ian, glancing at the surveillance snail in the corner above, understood the situation. The guards in the monitoring room probably already noticed what was happening, and sounding the alarm was just a matter of time.

Currently, Ian and the others were in the security check room at the entrance. To enter the prison, they still had to pass through a large gate with iron bars. However, they discovered, upon investigation, that the control switch for the gate was not in the security check room.

“Woo… woo… woo…” A piercing alarm blared. It seemed that the situation here had been discovered, and the iron gate was likely impossible to open now.

It appeared that they would have to use brute force to break open the door…

At that moment, Zoro walked forward, unsheathing his swords. “Let me handle this!”

After pulling out three swords, Zoro placed one of them in his mouth. It was the Sandai Kitetsu, the sword that survived his spar with Ian. In each of Zoro’s hands, he wielded two formidable swords – the black Shusui, obtained from defeating the swordsman Ryuma at the Thriller Bark, and the last was a gift from Princess Vivi!

Before the iron gate, Zoro gripped the two swords, muscles bulging and veins prominent. Gathering strength, he explosively unleashed it!

“Santoryu (Three-Sword Style): Leopard Koto Orb!!”

As Zoro swung his swords, his entire body leaned forward intensely, resembling a hunting leopard. The three swords shot out in a rapid rotation!

Boom! Zoro’s swords, brimming with immense power, struck the iron gate, shattering it into pieces. Fragments of steel bars, as thick as arms, scattered in all directions.

This strike was a perfect combination of power and speed, even impressing Ian who watched from behind, nodding approvingly.

Zoro’s swordsmanship had advanced rapidly. After shattering the iron gate, he couldn’t help but glance back at Ian. Seeing Ian nod approvingly, Zoro couldn’t help but grin, sheathing his swords.

“Let’s go!” Ian lowered the brim of his Marine hat, raised his leg, and walked towards the gate. Bon-chan, now transformed into Vice Admiral Momonga, naturally followed behind him.

Trafalgar Law led his group, while Urouge led the Monks Pirates. The group followed Ian in a single file, entering through the gate.

Only Cabaji and the rest of the Buggy Pirates stared wide-eyed, their jaws dropping!

Hey, hey! What happened to the undercover infiltration plan!? What about impersonating Marines to rescue people!?

Why did the narrative suddenly shift? It went from stealthy maneuvers to drawing the first blood!?

Did something go wrong!? Cabaji and Mohji realized that they might have gotten involved in something extraordinary. Ian had tricked them again. They initially believed Ian would rescue people peacefully, which was why they followed him! How did it suddenly turn into an armed intrusion?

“Mama, I want to go home…” Cabaji and Mohji wept, holding each other in misery. Meanwhile, Lion Licky seemed sad as well, but in reality, he just wanted some chicken wings.

On the contrary, Alvida, dressed in Marine uniform and carrying a wolf-tooth club, caressed her smooth face, somewhat captivated as she watched Ian leading the way. She murmured, “Ah, what a powerful man…”

Ian and the team successfully infiltrated Impel Down, but at this moment, the prison guards had already noticed. In the monitoring room, a group of guards, wearing sunglasses, was in disarray.

“Damn it! They forcibly broke through the main gate!”

“Immediately seal off the elevator to Level 1. We can’t let them go down!”

“What the hell is going on!? That indeed looks like Vice Admiral Momonga. Could he have betrayed us!?”

“No, those people are definitely not Marines. They might be pirates in disguise!”

“Investigate! Find out who these people are!”

“Has there been any contact with Marine Headquarters?”

“No, something strange is happening. The communication signals with the outside world, via the Den Den Mushi, seem to be disrupted!”

“Then contact the Chief Warden Magellan, at Level 4, immediately!”

“What about Vice Warden Hannyabal and the guards in the security checkroom? They’ve already turned into those… strange beings!”

“Right, the Marines! We have the Marine escort fleet outside the prison. Contact them immediately!”

After a brief commotion, the prison guards finally devised a somewhat coherent plan. Their immediate thought was to contact the warships docked on the outskirts of Impel Down.

However, unbeknownst to them, outside the prison, a different scene unfolded. Over the prison, the sky was now densely covered with dark clouds.

“What’s going on? Is a storm coming?”

The Marine soldiers on the warships looked up, perplexed, at the gathering clouds.

On the warship brought by Ian, Enel stood atop the mast, arms spread wide, gripping his golden staff, and, with a maniacal laugh, he gazed at the cloudy sky.

“Come! Mamaragan!!!”

Boom! Boom boom! As Enel’s voice echoed, countless flashes of lightning emerged from the dark clouds, striking down towards the warships surrounding Impel Down.

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