Sword Saints Should Go Tank - C.277 - : The lava Golem

Sword Saints Should Go Tank

C.277 - : The lava Golem

Chapter 277: The lava Golem

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“That was fast.’

Lu Chen’s sudden appearance made Wan Rong feel the threat of death. However, she couldn’t use the shifting forms yet, so she could only defend herself.

“Divine atmospheric shield!”

As she shouted, a strong gust of wind formed a shield around her in an attempt to stop Lu Chen.

Unfortunately, it was all in vain. Lu Chen’s overwhelming strength allowed him to ignore all obstacles.

Under Lu Chen’s unparalleled strength, the shield of air was shattered like an eggshell and Wanrong’s body was also cut in half by Lu Chen.

However, just as Lu Chen’s sword was about to land on Wan Rong, an expert from the clouds Plains came and blocked Lu Chen’s sword, saving her.

Lu Chen didn’t really care about it.

Although the championship was a battle between the two states, it was not the time for the cloud state to fight against the wilderness. Now, the common enemy of mankind was the evil. Therefore, there were strange things happening in the arena.

For the resources of their tribe, and even more for themselves, the geniuses on the stage, whether they were from the cloud region or the Barbarian, were all fighting with their lives. But at the moment of death, there would always be a strong person who would come to their rescue.

On Lu Chen’s side, man Xiong was the first one to be rescued and Lu Chen had nothing to say about it.

forget it. I’m here to get supplies, not to kill. I’ve saved her.

With that in mind, Lu Chen left the arena and waited for the next battle.

However, Wanrong, who was in the air, was somewhat unwilling. “How did you know where I moved the stone?”

Of course, he relied on his intuition. However, Lu Chen wasn’t stupid and he wouldn’t reveal his ability to others. Therefore, in the face of Wan Rong’s question, Lu Chen only replied coldly, ” “Don’t use the same trick on me twice.”

Wanrong didn’t know how to respond to such an answer, but then she said,

“Where’s the move you used to sneak up on me?”

That sudden attack was none other than the ultimate skill Lu Chen had acquired when he was a level 10 swordsman-the violent wind exterminating slash.

This was a skill that allowed Lu Chen to turn into the wind. As long as the enemy was in the air and not too far away, Lu Chen could teleport to his opponent’s side with the protection of the son of wind.

Of course, Lu Chen wouldn’t tell her everything just like his intuition. Hearinz Wanrong’s question, Lu Chen replied coldly, ‘

“You’re not the only one who can control the power of the wind. I’m also a son of wind!”

Looking at Lu Chen’s huge body and listening to his declaration as the son of wind, the lady named Wan Rong was speechless.

As for Lu Chen, after he finished, he impatiently shouted at the people of Yunzhou, ” “Are we still going to fight?”

Wan Rong had no choice but to turn back when she saw Lu Chen’s impatience. On the other hand, the higher-ups of Yunzhou were frowning as they realized that things were getting troublesome.

“It can even deal with void-form, it’s a little difficult.’

With good inheritances and more resources than the wilderness, the clouds Plains was stronger than the wilderness. The battle just now was also proof that the clouds Plains was indeed stronger than the wilderness.

However, the worst thing about this world was that even if you were stronger than the others as a whole, as long as the enemy had a top-tier master, everything would be different. Right now, the only problem in Yunzhou was Lu Chen’s strength in the Barbarian bones.

Just as they were frowning, the genius of the Zhu family, Zhu Ming, from one of the seven big families in Yunzhou, spoke.

let me do it. I will let that barbarian prince know that even in terms of strength, the cloud plane is not weaker than the Barbarian land.

Looking at Zhu Ming’s determined face, the others exchanged glances and nodded. “I’ll leave it to you. Fight well.”

“If you can defeat that guy, I’m willing to ask my Royal brother to open the secret warehouse and let you choose a treasure.”

In order to defeat Lu Chen, Yunzhou had put in a lot of effort.

Just like that, Zhu Ming carried the expectations of the higher-ups of Yunzhou and walked down the arena.

However, even though he had come down, the ordinary Warriors of Yunzhou who were watching felt a little down.

They couldn’t help but feel down. Humans had a phobia of Giants and Lu Chen was similar to humans. After he revealed his true form, he gave the people in

Yunzhou a lot of pressure just by standing there. Even though they were from Yunzhou, they felt that Lu Chen was unbeatable.

Zhu Ming, who went up to the stage under such circumstances, naturally felt the worry of his clan members. However, Zhu Ming himself had full confidence in himself.

After he got on the stage, he looked at Lu Chen’s huge body. Not only was he not afraid, he even smiled.

did you know that in Yunzhou, although I am only ranked 37th on the young Phoenix ranking, even those who are ranked higher than me do not dare to fight with me.

they’re all waiting for me to be unable to withstand it before they attack me. Up until now, no one has been able to defeat me in a head-on battle.

As he spoke, Zhu Ming’s figure directly merged into the ground. At the same time, an arrogant voice rang out from underground.

I heard that you barbarians are brave. I hope you won’t disappoint me. Come on, defeat me face to face.

Zhu Ming’s words made Lu Chen look forward to it. After fighting in the wilderness for so long, Lu Chen also liked to fight with his fists.

However, Lu Chen wasn’t happy when Zhu Ming ran underground after his arrogant words.

you want to run away after acting tough? how is that possible? even if you go underground, I can still catch you.

With that in mind, Lu Chen formed his hand into a claw and was ready to cast the heavenly manifestation of nature.

However, before Lu Chen could do anything, he realized that he didn’t need to.

As Zhu Ming sank into the ground, there was a brief silence.

But soon, the situation in the arena changed. After Zhurong entered the ground, the ground of the entire arena slowly trembled. At the same time, a burning breath spewed out from the ground.

“What is this? a volcanic eruption?”

While Lu Chen was still trying to figure out what was going on, the ground began to shake more and more violently. Then, a huge lava hand made of mud and fire pierced through the ground and grabbed onto the stage.

Then, with a loud rumble, another giant hand reached out. As the two hands exerted force, an ugly head made of mud and fire also appeared on the ring.

Within a short period of time, the ground that Zhu Ming had dug into had changed drastically. A small lava giant was crawling out from the ground.

From Lu Chen’s visual estimation, the Little Giant was at least four meters tall, which was a head taller than Lu Chen.

Lu Chen finally understood what he meant when he saw him.

“You have the ability to transform into a Kasaya, right? it’s the ability to control the lava puppet, right? no wonder the other people in Yunzhou don’t dare to fight you head-on. They’ve been stalling for time to defeat you, right? if you can drag your lava puppet over, you’ll naturally win.” that’s true. I hope you won’t disappoint me.

“Don’t worry, you won’t be disappointed.”

Then, Lu Chen stretched his neck and walked forward with the sword in his hand.

On the other hand, the magic puppet didn’t make any fancy moves. Just like Lu Chen, it strode forward.

The two giant creatures gathered all their strength and strode forward, leaving footprints on the ground. At the same time, the surrounding atmosphere was a little tense.

Under such an imposing aura, all the ordinary Warriors, regardless of whether they were from the cloud region or the Barbarian race, didn’t dare to make a sound. Everyone clenched their fists tightly and cheered for their “giant.”

Just like that, with the support of the barbarians and the people of Yunzhou, Lu Chen and Zhu Ming, the two three-meter tall Giants, stood in the middle of the ring with a meter between them..

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