Sword Saints Should Go Tank - C.285 - : Super Saiyan transformation?

Sword Saints Should Go Tank

C.285 - : Super Saiyan transformation?

Chapter 285: Super Saiyan transformation?

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As an elder of the ascendant cloud sword sect, Lin Yi was considered a strong man. He had traveled the world during his growth and was quite knowledgeable. But when he saw Lu Chen’s continuous victories in the ring and his continuous improvement in strength, he was shocked and felt dizzy.

his strength has increased again. Such talent … F * ck, is that guy really not the illegitimate son of the heavens? ”

Lin Yi wasn’t the only one who was shocked. King Fu was already sitting in his chair, paralyzed.

how can he have such a talent? he’s getting stronger and stronger in battle. How can he fight? ‘

The sudden advancement was beyond everyone’s imagination. The people of the cloud plane were so upset that their faces were twisted. At the same time, countless people were upset that such a genius didn’t appear in their families. In fact, some families even had some thoughts that they shouldn’t have.

although that barbarian is a little barbaric and rough, he dared to create the title of being invincible among his peers. He can be considered a hero. My granddaughter has just grown up. If she likes such a hero because of her young age, we can’t do anything about it. You can’t blame us for that.

It could only be said that even though they were still United against the barbaric Yunzhou, their family was always the most important thing to the wealthy families. Not to mention the glory of Yunzhou, even the glory of the country was not as important as the survival of their family. Therefore, Lu Chen’s power made them want to borrow the strength of the east wind. Even if they couldn’t, it was good to have some descendants.

In this world, bloodlines could really be passed down.

Of course, at the same time, there were also many geniuses who were envious of Lu Chen. They also wanted to level up through the battles.

At the same time, some powerhouses analyzed the situation seriously. it should be the strengthening of his willpower brought about by the consecutive victories, which made the Prince’s strength increase again.

His words also woke King Fu up.

no, I can’t let him continue like this. He will feel tired after continuously consuming his energy, but the continuous victories will also strengthen his confidence of invincibility. This will make him stronger and stronger.

The higher-ups of Yunzhou who didn’t know about the existence of the system thought that Lu Chen’s consecutive victories strengthened his will and allowed him to level up again.

However, even though the reasons were different, it was true that the winning streak was the reason for Lu Chen’s improvement. This was something that Yunzhou couldn’t accept.

Among them, King Fu was the most upset. He had already made many mistakes today and now, he made another mistake. He thought that sending the weak up would wear Lu Chen down.

But now, it seemed like not only did the weak ones not make Lu Chen feel uncomfortable, but they also helped him to improve his strength. King Fu had made a big mistake this time.

The other people in front of him were looking at him in a strange way, as if they were looking at a traitor. King Fu quickly said, “Xiang Lei, it’s your turn.”

“You should have let me go a long time ago.”

Xiang Lei was the yellow-haired young man who was about to fight Lu Chen. After getting King Fu’s approval, he was already on the stage in a flash of lightning.

another one is here. What a fast speed.

“However, no matter how fast he is, he can’t escape the pull of the ten thousand phenomenon heavenly attraction.”

Lu Chen was also feeling a little relieved after his advancement. He opened his palm again when he saw the incoming swordsman, ready to pull the enemy in front of him and finish him off.

But this time, it failed. When the nature’s attraction was pulling, lightning suddenly burst out around the neck lightning. Under the flash of the lightning, Lu Chen realized that his gravitational mark was destroyed by a special magnetic field.

Lu Chen’s eyes turned serious when he saw how the magnetic force broke the gravitational force.

“To be able to break through my all creations heavenly attraction, it seems that Yunzhou has sent out another strong warrior.”

Even though he wasn’t in front of the strong ones in Yunzhou, Lu Chen understood that the strong ones in Yunzhou were able to resist his nature’s attraction while the weak ones could only be captured by Lu Chen.

The one in front of him was able to resist, so his strength naturally wasn’t weak.

Xiang Lei wasn’t weak at all. After he used The Lightning Field to break free from the nature’s attraction, he disappeared in a flash of lightning before Lu Chen could drown him in the mud.

A long shadow appeared in front of Lu Chen. When the shadow disappeared and Xiang Lei reappeared, he was already beside Lu Chen. At the same time, he swung his hand at Lu Chen’s waist.

Although Lu Chen could sense her speed, he couldn’t react in time.

Lu Chen was hit directly and the armor on his body instantly crumbled.

A layer of white marks appeared.

Xiang Lei’s mouth twitched when he saw this. Seeing that Lu Chen was about to attack, he could only run away.

Another flash of lightning passed through Lu Chen’s body and he left Lu Chen’s body. He stood in the distance and his face turned serious,

what a powerful defense. In my normal state, even if I could attack you, I wouldn’t be able to hurt you!

“So, are you going to admit defeat?”

These words made Xiang Lei, who was sitting opposite him, laugh.

“Of course I won’t admit defeat. I can’t attack you in my normal state, but I’m not ordinary. Take a good look, the martial arts of the cloud plane are not something that you guys from the desolate land can compare with.”

As he roared, the man named Xiang Lei raised his hand and grabbed at the sky. As soon as he did this, Lu Chen was surprised to see dark clouds gathering on the stage. Then, lightning flashed in the dark clouds and a moment later, a deafening thunderclap came down from the sky.

Lu Chen didn’t even try to Dodge the lightning. He knew that no matter how fast he was, he couldn’t be faster than the lightning. Therefore, Lu Chen put all his effort into defense and released a large amount of blood and Qi into the malevolent spirit Battlesuit.

The release of the blood Qi turned the evil spirit Battlesuit into a blood-red color. At the same time, sharp spikes kept growing on the surface of the evil spirit Battlesuit. Lu Chen looked like an evil spirit in the armor. It was terrifying and despairing.

However, to Lu Chen’s surprise, he was fully prepared for the attack. After the lightning flashed, he was unscathed. Instead, his opponent was struck by the lightning.

Lu Chen almost laughed out loud when he saw this. He was reminded of sharmie who had The King of Fighters. The moment sharmie used her ultimate move, the betting table would start. Of course, now wasn’t the time to think about this. did the lightning strike the wrong target because it was too violent and out of control? ”

That was the first thought that came to Lu Chen’s mind when the lightning missed him. However, when Xiang Lei appeared in front of Lu Chen again, he realized that he was wrong. The lightning was aimed at him. At the same time, Lu Chen’s face turned grim when he saw Xiang Lei’s face after being struck by the lightning.

Super Saiyan transformation, it’s really similar!

That’s right, Xiang Lei’s hair was standing straight after being struck by lightning, and lightning flashed around him from time to time. His yellow hair was standing straight, and the way the lightning shone on him was very similar to the transformation of a Super Saiyan.

While Lu Chen was still in shock, Xiang Lei also smiled at Lu Chen.

After laughing, Xiang Lei didn’t say anything. He only took a step forward and that step made Lu Chen’s heart skip a beat.

“It’s dangerous,”

As soon as the thought appeared in his mind, Lu Chen noticed that Xiang Lei’s figure was slowly fading away.

“Afterimage, when?”

The figure suddenly faded and Lu Chen felt that the enemy had already attacked.

Just as the thought came to Lu Chen’s mind, a figure appeared in front of him as if it had teleported.

It was Xiang Lei. He almost teleported away and stabbed at Lu Chen’s stomach like a spear. He was going to pierce through Lu Chen’s body.

However, just as he was about to attack, a palm descended from the sky and covered his head.

you can actually react in time. Your consciousness is not bad, but can you keep up with my speed? ”

After Lu Chen’s punch landed, Xiang Lei disappeared again.

The moment before he disappeared, Lu Chen already felt danger coming from the side.

This wasn’t what Lu Chen saw, it was his intuition. His gold-level intuition made it hard for Lu Chen to be ambushed.

However, if he could sense the enemy’s attack but was not fast enough, everything would be useless.

Lu Chen’s agility wasn’t weak at all. Even though his muscles were stiff due to the increase in size, he was still faster than the ordinary barbarian bone Warriors with the support of the great swordsman.

However, Xiang Lei wasn’t ordinary. He was already fast with the lightning element. In addition to the lightning, he was in a special form. Lu Chen would believe that his speed was beyond his limits.

Therefore, even though Lu Chen could sense Xiang Lei’s attack, he still couldn’t defend himself when he was attacked.

He swung his sword at Lu Chen’s side and after the punch, he disappeared from the spot.

BOOM! his figure quickly reappeared in another direction.

After the lightning stimulated his muscles, Xiang Lei seemed to be teleporting. He kept appearing around Lu Chen and continued to attack him.

However, Lu Chen’s counterattacks were always a few steps behind.

As a result, Lu Chen was slashed a dozen times in a short time.

When the attacks landed on Lu Chen’s body, the spectators in Yunzhou cheered.

The cheers were so loud that many people even jumped up. One could imagine how excited they were.

Of course, the people of Yunzhou were excited. Lu Chen’s presence had given them too much pressure. As the geniuses of Yunzhou were defeated by Lu Chen one after another, Lu Chen had become a demon King in the eyes of the people of Yunzhou.

The powerful, mighty, invincible, and terrifying Demon King. This was the pressure Lu Chen brought to the people of Yunzhou.

And now, a hero was finally going to defeat the Demon King. How could the people of Yunzhou not be happy?

While the people of Yunzhou were cheering, Xiang Lei who was attacking Lu Chen was having a hard time. It wasn’t easy to move at high speed.

Of course, what made Xiang Lei even more uncomfortable was the fact that even though he had continuously slashed at the Little Giant for over ten times, each slash using all his strength, the figure in front of him did not even move a single bit.

That feeling was like shaking a mountain by himself. It was truly despairing. this can’t go on. Use Radiant Rush!

Seeing that he couldn’t break through Lu Chen’s defense, Xiang Lei let out an angry roar and an electric current burst out from one of his arms. Under the stimulation of the electric current, his arm became like a spear and the electric current pierced toward Lu Chen’s kidney.

And this attack made Lu Chen feel a sense of danger. The arm that was struck by the lightning must have a strong penetrating power.

However, it was still the same saying. Lu Chen’s huge body had become his weakness as he sensed the danger. He couldn’t Dodge it. But even at this point, Lu Chen still didn’t give up.

“I have more than one skill!”

Lu Chen’s eyes turned cold as he sensed the danger. A wave of pressure spread out from Lu Chen and crushed down on the surroundings.

[ Conqueror’s haki: intimidate ]

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