The Beginning: Simulating the Apocalypse - C.19 - The Semi-Transcendent Being

The Beginning: Simulating the Apocalypse

C.19 - The Semi-Transcendent Being

Chapter 19: The Semi-Transcendent Being

“Then, let’s speed up the simulation,” Jiang Yi waved his hand, directly accelerating the flow of time in the entire simulated world.

[With the help of the host, the Three-Clawed Jiao Dragon completed its evolution ahead of time, gaining intelligence no weaker than humans, and unified all the marine ferocious beasts in the deep sea area.]

[Due to the dilution of the viral original liquid in the deep sea area by seawater, the evolution speed of a large number of marine beasts has increased. Even the slowest ones are now twice as fast as before, making the ocean suddenly an absolute forbidden zone for humans.]

[The excessively dangerous marine beasts forced Summer Country to dispatch a large number of warriors and artillery. War fortresses were set up at the entrance to the sea to prevent marine ferocious beasts from infiltrating deep into Summer Country’s territory along the rivers.]

[However, on a thunderstormy day, the Three-Clawed Jiao Dragon led many super ferocious beasts under its command, launching a night attack on the war fortress at the entrance to the sea of Summer Country. Summoning wind, rain, thunder, and lightning, they killed all 3,000 warriors and 10,000 gun-bearing soldiers stationed there. A large number of marine ferocious beasts infiltrated along the rivers on land, causing one-sixth of Summer Country’s territory to fall instantly.]

[The next day, Huang, wielding a sword alone, ventured into the lair of the marine ferocious beasts. Burning his own blood and qi, he unleashed a thunderous strike, successfully killing tens of thousands of marine beasts and severely injuring the Three-Clawed Jiao Dragon, forcing it to retreat and recuperate in the deep sea.]

[However, due to the exertion of the life-threatening blow, although he successfully halted the marine ferocious beasts’ attack, Huang himself fell into a long-term state of silent coma, with almost all the warrior’s blood and qi in his body extinguished.]

“Hmm?” Hearing this, Jiang Yi’s eyes lit up.

Facing death in a life-and-death battle, not quite dead, but not quite alive either. Isn’t this the typical scenario where the protagonist is pushed to the brink of death before a miraculous recovery?

With a thought, Jiang Yi’s figure appeared directly in the Tianlong Pavilion in the imperial capital of Summer Country.

In theory, only the old man could reside here, but Huang had obtained the old man’s permission to stay here during his recovery, under the protection of numerous warriors and professional bodyguards.

Just like the first time, Jiang Yi’s body directly phased through countless security measures and entered the interior of the Tianlong Pavilion, where he saw Huang lying on the sickbed.

Compared to his previous spirited and vigorous appearance, Huang now exuded weakness all over.

His complexion was pale, limbs weak, so feeble that even the lowest-level ferocious beast could kill him.

“Sure enough, although he appears on the verge of death, as if he could die in the next second, the vigorous blood and qi inside his body are guarding his heart.

“I’m afraid even the Three-Clawed Jiao Dragon itself couldn’t imagine that you’d survive such severe injuries, tsk tsk.”

Jiang Yi marveled inwardly. He was certain that as long as Huang survived this life-threatening crisis, he would definitely become powerful to a whole new level.

“Well then, let me give you a boost,” Jiang Yi smiled and infused his own blood and qi into Huang’s body, perfecting the fusion of the two blood and qi strands practicing the same Temperingg technique, without any stagnation.

With the replenishment of blood and qi, Huang’s complexion quickly became ruddy, and even his heart regained strong beats.

Two minutes later, even without Jiang Yi’s infusion of blood and qi, the blood and qi in Huang’s body could operate independently, spreading throughout his body following the beats of his heart, restoring his numb and powerless limbs.

“It’s truly a stunning and formidable power,” sensing the emergence of the brand new blood and qi in Huang’s body, Jiang Yi smiled and withdrew his palm.

He silently awaited Huang’s awakening.

At first, it was very quiet, with the beating of the heart echoing in the room. Then, the sound of this heartbeat became increasingly intense.

Like thunder in the sky, rumbling.

It pierced through the walls of the Tianlong Pavilion, spreading into the ears of everyone.

Shaking their ears, stirring their hearts, resonating with their souls.

Everyone turned their heads to the location of the Tianlong Pavilion, their eyes filled with awe and reverence, as if witnessing the birth of a deity, a rising morning star.

Warriors, in essence, when it came down to it, were evolutionists even more perfect and advanced than ordinary humans.

No one knew if, when warriors broke through to unimaginable levels, they would surpass humans, break through the stubborn genetic limitations of humanity, and become non-human beings.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

It sounded like thunderous force, as if the heavens were raining fire.

The roaring heartbeat grew faster and more deafening, shaking everyone’s ears to the brink of deafness.

It wasn’t until a long time later, as the gates of the Tianlong Pavilion opened and a weak yet powerful figure emerged, that the crowd was astonished to find the sound had vanished.

“Is it still not enough?”

Thoughtful, Huang walked out of the Tianlong Pavilion, lowering his gaze to his body.

He could sense how terrifying a new force of blood was hidden beneath this weak body, far exceeding the power he had before!

But this blood seemed incomplete, just a half-finished product.

Huang vaguely realized that once he broke through this step, he could become a being surpassing humanity, truly an extraordinary being.

“If I become extraordinary, will I be able to confront the Devouring Behemoth?”

Thinking of the terrifying Devouring Behemoth, all the joy in Huang’s heart vanished, replaced by endless worries.

No, he couldn’t become complacent just because his strength had improved.

Not to mention the mysterious and unknown Devouring Behemoth, even the Three-Clawed Jiao Dragon, which had inexplicably evolved ahead of schedule, was still a major unresolved problem.

He had to work harder to cultivate the Body Tempering Technique, stepping into the realm of true extraordinariness as soon as possible, to defend Summer Country!

Huang’s expression and inner thoughts were all observed by Jiang Yi, who was secretly watching, revealing a satisfied expression.

“Not bad, not bad. After a significant increase in strength, remaining humble and not arrogant, indeed the protagonist chosen by the system.

“Look at this mentality. Tsk tsk, not giving full marks would make me seem stingy.”

Grinning, Jiang Yi knew that the rewards for this simulation would undoubtedly be close to perfect.

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