The Beginning: Simulating the Apocalypse - C.2 - Evolutionary Frenzy. World’s End

The Beginning: Simulating the Apocalypse

C.2 - Evolutionary Frenzy. World’s End

Chapter 2: Evolutionary Frenzy. World’s End

“Everyone, stay alert!” The team leader issued a cautionary call, but neither he nor the other team members appeared particularly concerned.

To them, without the advantage of a godlike perspective, recovering the meteorite was a simple, risk-free task.

It was almost as if they were on a casual outing. The seven soldiers casually approached the meteorite’s location.

In Jiang Yi’s vision, the virus became distinctly visible, penetrating directly into the bodies of the seven soldiers.

The team leader, oblivious to the invasion, commanded the other six to collectively transport the meteorite into a storage container. As they exerted themselves, the virus spread more rapidly throughout their bodies.

“Here it comes!” With the aid of the system, Jiang Yi saw the entire process of the virus invading the human body, sending shivers down his spine as he recalled scenes reminiscent of a biohazard crisis.

As if to confirm his thoughts, two soldiers suddenly exhibited painful expressions, involuntarily falling to the ground and emitting heart-wrenching screams.

Their five comrades rushed to their aid, only to be violently attacked by the afflicted soldiers, who seemed to have lost all reason.

“Damn it, there’s something wrong with this meteorite!” The team leader’s expression changed drastically, shouting orders and trying to subdue his frenzied teammates with his firearm.

Despite the chaos, the team leader, a well-trained special forces soldier, remained decisive and calm.

However, before he could take action, one of the crazed soldiers’ heads unexpectedly exploded into a mist of blood and vanished, as if obliterated by an incredibly swift claw strike.

The remaining soldiers, along with the still-raging soldier, were stunned, gazing at the enormous figure that now stood before them.

A towering figure, muscular and imposing, exuded an intense presence. It was reminiscent of a massive truck. The creature radiated a palpable sense of overwhelming strength.

With a thunderous roar, the monstrous bear, as if straight out of a mythical tale, swiftly eliminated the remaining humans and then positioned itself near the meteorite. It absorbed the surrounding virus.

Similar scenes unfolded across the globe. Government officials and scientists watched in horror as animals and plants within the meteorite’s impact zone underwent frenzied mutations.

“Evolution, they’re all evolving! The meteorite’s power is causing the animals and plants to evolve!” exclaimed a biologist in disbelief, his expression one of extreme astonishment.

Indeed, evolution. Contrary to Jiang Yi’s expectation of a zombie apocalypse, the virus carried by the meteorite had instead triggered a global evolutionary frenzy among animals and plants, dramatically increasing their strength.

Those unable to withstand the virus’s influence turned into mindless creatures, much like the afflicted soldiers earlier.

Could it be that the meteorite’s purpose was not to destroy Blue Star’s civilization? Was its arrival a coincidence or an inevitability?

With a growing sense of dread, scientists and government leaders pondered the implications, feeling an oppressive atmosphere enveloping them. They had no solution but to use all their intelligence to research ways to overcome the crisis.

The speed of the global biological evolution was astonishingly rapid.

With the system’s assistance, Jiang Yi observed the worldwide changes from a heightened perspective.


He swallowed instinctively, feeling parched. Everywhere he looked, he saw animals and plants undergoing rapid evolution.

[Golden-winged roc birds soaring in the sky.].

[Horned serpents roaming the deep seas.].

[Hybrid creatures with dragon heads and horse bodies thundering across the land.].

In comparison, human evolution seemed negligible. Humans were being slaughtered by various animals and plants, standing no chance against them.

Although this wasn’t a biohazard crisis, the situation was almost as dire. Humanity had no means to fight back.

“One year has passed already?” Jiang Yi pondered as he listened to the system’s narration and observed the accelerated environmental changes.

The system continued to explain, and Jiang Yi watched, with a godlike view, the developments on Blue Star over the past year.

[Despite using their most powerful weapons, humanity’s efforts were almost futile against the rapidly evolving fauna.].

[As the creatures evolved faster, the effectiveness of human weapons diminished. Conventional firearms soon became ineffective against even the weakest creatures.].

[Australia, with its abundant wildlife, was the first continent to fall – its human population reduced to zero.].

“One year, and not a single survivor left?” Jiang Yi’s eyes widened in shock.

Despite Australia’s smaller population compared to other continents, the complete annihilation of its inhabitants within a year was staggering.

[Aircrafts became obsolete as avian creatures evolved, easily tearing apart any fighter jets, regardless of their weaponry. Human civilizations on different continents lost contact, occasionally receiving fragmented communications from other human survivors.]

[As conventional weapons lost their effectiveness, humans retreated underground, establishing fortresses to protect the remaining population and resources. The surface world became a playground for monstrous creatures.].

Jiang Yi sighed, empathizing with the plight of humanity in this world, despite his detachment.

[Underground, the remaining scientists began studying the meteorite and the virus, dissecting the creatures for analysis. Each country adopted its unique approach to combat the crisis.].

[Three years passed, and the human elite finally developed a special gene serum derived from the essence of the creatures’ flesh and blood. This serum granted superhuman abilities to those who took it. It was named Gene Serum Type I.]

[With the serum, humans began evolving again. A genius emerged in the Summer Country, creating martial arts techniques only accessible to evolved beings.]

[Thus, humanity’s beacon of hope, the era of the martial artist, was born.]

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