The Beginning: Simulating the Apocalypse - C.29 - New Timeline: Invasion of the Evil God

The Beginning: Simulating the Apocalypse

C.29 - New Timeline: Invasion of the Evil God

Chapter 29: New Timeline: Invasion of the Evil God

“It will take some time for the virus to fully invade and enhance the genetic potential of animals and plants.

“It’s just the right time to simulate a new timeline and see what kind of world it will be this time.”

Standing on the spacious balcony of his new house, Jiang Yi basked in the sunlight, gazing at the bustling pedestrians in the distance. He felt that his temperament had made a completely new progress compared to before.

Since spreading the evolution virus, the system’s notification sound had been incessant.

Every now and then, there would be a sound: [Congratulations, the host has gained xxxx simulation points.]

Jiang Yi didn’t feel annoyed at all. Instead, he felt quite pleased, making sure the system remembered to remind him at all times.

Who would complain about their wallet being too full?

“System, initiate the deduction of a new timeline.”

After the cooling time of the deduction system ended, Jiang Yi immediately spoke up.

[Ding! Initiating the deduction of a new timeline will deduct one hundred thousand simulation points. Do you want to continue?]


As soon as he finished speaking, the button for “Deduction of All Worlds” in Jiang Yi’s mind emitted a brilliant light, occupying his entire field of vision.

Apart from the first time he initiated the deduction and the timeline to lift the evolutionary frenzy, Jiang Yi hadn’t touched this button for a long time.

Now, with the supply of one hundred thousand simulation points, the button for “Deduction of All Worlds” could be used once again.

In a trance, the world in front of him began to disintegrate.

In its place was an extremely familiar scene.

The towering skyscrapers, the bustling metropolis with busy streets and bustling crowds, seemed to constantly remind Jiang Yi that this simulation world was no different from the real world.

“Huh? Could it be that this world is just an ordinary one without any special features?”

[The weather is sunny, and the Blue Star remains as peaceful as ever]

[Just as the host was puzzled, an astonishing change occurred in the simulation world. The sky was suddenly covered with countless spatial cracks, like eyes opening in the sky, exploring and peering at the existence of Blue Star.]

The system’s narrative suddenly sounded, and before Jiang Yi could react, his figure had already appeared on the surface of the Blue Star.

He looked up at the sky and indeed saw countless spatial cracks.

These cracks were a strange crimson color, emitting strange and eerie breaths. Although they appeared hollow, it felt as if countless eyes were peering greedily at Blue Star through the cracks.

“This intense feeling… could it be an invasion from another world? Or perhaps the resurgence of gods and demons?” Jiang Yi raised his eyebrows.

After becoming a planetary-level warrior, his perception had become even stronger.

Even without the help of the system, he could sense the deep malice within the spatial cracks and the countless powerful life auras hidden within them.

If these powerful individuals really emerged from the cracks, the technological level of Blue Star in the simulation world would definitely be unable to resist.

[As the host marvels at the numerous calamities of the simulation world, a strange power emanates from Blue Star itself, restraining the expansion of the spatial cracks. Despite the immense strength of the entities on the other side of the cracks, they are still unable to prevent the cracks from shrinking]

“What the heck?” Jiang Yi’s expression was strange.

I’m almost taking off my pants, and you show me this??

Originally, I thought there would be some kind of super battle, with humans exploding like mushrooms, and so on, but you just directly pull off a Blue Star self-rescue, and the most ridiculous thing is that it instantly succeeds in self-rescue.

What’s the point of simulating this?!

[As the host is very much inclined to ridicule internally, Blue Star in the simulation world continues to exist according to its own trajectory. Although everyone is curious about the brief appearance of the spatial cracks in the sky, that scene never appears again, as if it were just a dream]

[No one knows that the spatial cracks on that day didn’t bring out nothing. The malicious breath, carrying chaotic and distorted wills, has quietly infected Blue Star, seeking weak-willed individuals as hosts to invade their minds]

As the system’s words fell, the scene before Jiang Yi’s eyes suddenly changed.

In just an instant, he went from the bustling metropolis to a wilderness on the outskirts. Here, there was silence, with sand and dust swirling in the air, and only a group of people in eerie black robes stood tall.

The expression on their faces was fanatical and sinister as they chanted strange scriptures and prayers.

“He slumbers in the eternal depths, a boundless mystery, awaiting the trajectories of the stars to awaken that indescribable strangeness.”

“The distant R’lyeh… the great builder of illusory dreams.”

“Ah… the great ruler, the controller of the deep sea!”

These bizarre prayers carried an inexplicable allure and contamination.

These were words that should not exist on Earth.

“Invasion of the Elder God? The worldview of Cthulhu?” Jiang Yi’s pupils contracted.

At the first glance of these people, he immediately understood their identities and the possibilities corresponding to this timeline.

Undoubtedly, the group before him were followers tainted by chaotic energies, followers of the Elder God.

And those who could create such followers with just their energy were either offspring of the Elder God or the Elder God itself!

For a moment, Jiang Yi felt his scalp tingling and his lips twitching slightly.

If that ancient ruler really descended upon Blue Star, then this planet, no, perhaps the entire galaxy, would face unimaginable apocalyptic disasters!

[As the host gasped in shock, the number of Elder God’s followers grew stronger, with more and more people tainted by the energy joining them. In just a few days, they formed a cult with thousands of followers.]

[Guided by the chaotic will in their minds, these mad followers of the Elder God began to plan to sacrifice an entire city, offering human souls and flesh as a sacrifice to the unspeakable ancient ruler, in order to reopen the suppressed space rifts.]

“Is this Cthulhu’s worldview after all…” Jiang Yi pondered, stroking his chin.

Although the system didn’t directly answer, the mention of the ancient ruler in the narration was the most compelling evidence.

“It seems that the rewards for this simulation probably cannot be used in the real world. If the real world inadvertently becomes tainted with the aura of the Elder God, then the consequences…” Jiang Yi furrowed his brow.

If there were indeed traces of the Elder God’s aura in the real world, then undoubtedly, Blue Star in the real world would be targeted by the Elder God, becoming a planet destined for destruction.

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