The Beginning: Simulating the Apocalypse - C.7 - Genetic Serum III


Chapter 7: Genetic Serum III

[Due to the host’s influence, the high-level officials of Summer Country were informed of the impending asteroid crisis in advance and quickly built a large number of defensive bunkers. Although this action caused social confusion, it saved many Summer Country citizens during the subsequent asteroid crisis.].

[They even managed to successfully develop Genetic Serum Type I before the crisis, making it widely available and creating a large army of genetic warriors.]

As the system’s narrative voice echoed, the world’s progress suddenly accelerated. Across Summer Country’s territory, countless underground bunkers were built at a visibly rapid pace, with massive amounts of supplies and people being transported inside, causing panic at home and abroad.

“Holy shit, top-level bunkers! Are we gearing up for full-scale war?!”

“Guys, I asked my neighbor’s cousin’s great uncle, and they said the materials used are all top-grade, with no cutting corners. The nation is really up to something big here!”

“That’s all unimportant. Guys, please share a website link, okay?”

All the debates and controversies were suppressed by the absolute power of the state. All top talents and scientists were summoned back to Summer Country under a national order and were protected in the highest-level underground bunkers. They even found the boy named “Huang” within a week.

After taking Genetic Serum Type I, Huang rapidly grew in strength, becoming the strongest among humans. He created the basic warrior tempering technique and taught it to all Summer Country’s troops.

“This Huang is quite interesting. Maybe he’s a template for a chosen one. I should keep an eye on him in the future,” Jiang Yi mused as he observed.

Among all, only Huang stood out, perfectly compatible with the meteorite virus, creating tempering techniques and martial skills, turning warriors into a power system capable of continuous advancement.

Such a genius, even if not a protagonist of destiny, was a one-in-a-billion lucky individual. If nurtured well, Huang could become a key figure in the Evolutionary Frenzy series, continuously bringing more rewards for Jiang Yi.

[While the host pondered, a change occurred.].

[As scheduled, the meteorite appeared near Blue Star’s orbit, hurtling directly towards its position. Despite Summer Country’s preparedness and preemptive strike, they couldn’t prevent the meteorite’s fall.].

[The virus-carrying meteorite arrived, crashing into mountains, deep oceans, and skyscrapers. Its terrifying kinetic impact created shockwaves that ravaged Blue Star, releasing immeasurable amounts of the evolutionary virus.].

As the system spoke, Jiang Yi’s figure also moved. He traversed the world, watching the asteroid impact and destroy Blue Star while releasing a vast amount of virus, rapidly infecting and evolving the flora and fauna.

The ocean was the most severely affected, with millions of marine creatures infected by the virus, engaging in fierce battles. Huge sperm whales, grotesque giant squids, and mutated deep-sea serpents swam around.

[Before the asteroid’s arrival, Summer Country functioned like a well-oiled machine, transferring a large population to underground bunkers or safe areas, preserving a significant number of people.]

[Numerous human evolutionary warriors – genetic warriors – were dispatched, combining cold and firearms to deliver destructive blows to the rapidly evolving land creatures before they could fully evolve, pushing them back into the forests.]

[A month later, in order to obtain enough powerful beast corpses to develop Genetic Serum Type II and to prevent marine beasts from entering inland via rivers, a warrior troop led by Huang stationed at the mouth of the sea.]

“Quite clever, inflicting heavy damage on the beasts before they can fully evolve using firepower,” Jiang Yi commented as he walked into a sea mouth, watching the fierce marine beasts swimming.

Indeed, using firepower to kill the beasts at this stage was the smartest choice. But with Blue Star’s current technology, they could only severely injure the land creatures, with no effective means to kill the vast numbers of marine beasts.

According to the Earth Breeding Ground save file, there were many evolved flying marine beasts later on.

“Maybe you’ll bring me a different surprise,” Jiang Yi looked towards the forefront of the sea mouth, where a young warrior stood with a sword, displaying immense strength.

He cut through the air with a slash, creating a sword energy that tore apart numerous beasts. But compared to the strongest beasts in the deep sea at that time, Huang’s strength still seemed insufficient.

[Due to the overwhelming number of marine beasts, Summer Country’s warrior troops gradually retreated, eventually falling back to inland areas. However, the corpses of the beasts they brought back became the best material for research.].

[A year later, with a large number of scientists preserved and ample beast corpses for experiments, Summer Country successfully developed Genetic Serum Type III. Unfortunately, by that time, all other countries had fallen, and the large number of beasts instinctively flooded into Summer Country, causing a sudden surge in warrior casualties.]

[Luckily, these radiation-infected powerful beasts provided even more research material, allowing the development of Genetic Serum Type III!]

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