The Best Actor Insists On Living With Me! - C.31: Relationships (1)


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Xia Siyu was just that type of person; she liked to be straightforward. If someone had something to say, as long as it was to her face, whether she liked it or not, she could accept it. But those who play dirty behind her back, sorry, she would definitely bitch back at them instantly! And she’d do it clearly and unambiguously.

Everyone here is a sly old fox, so why play innocent with her?

Just like now, although she had absolutely no interest in Bo Yan and didn’t intend to take that movie role, seeing Shang Feifei act all cunning and weak made her want to vex her!

Of course, when she said this, she also elongated her tone, softened her voice. She was an actress after all, and slightly changing her voice to sound enchanting and bonelessly soft was not a challenge for her.

After all, to anyone listening, this woman speaking was certainly one thing—a complete vixen.

As Bo Yan was speaking, he suddenly felt a warm body, fragrant with scent, pressing closer. He had been frowning, until the softness of her chest pressed against his spine, and her slender arms draped over his neck. Her warm breath brushed by his ear, stirring the fine hairs behind it.

He had estimated last night and again this morning that her bust size was quite considerable. Now he was measuring it with his own back.

Unconsciously, Bo Yan straightened up slightly, not pushing away the person behind him posing against him.

“…” On the other end of the phone, Shang Feifei was probably stunned.

She and Bo Yan had cooperated before, and it had been quite pleasant. Because of “Moonlight,” she even won the Gold Oscar for Best Actress.

Throughout their collaboration, Bo Yan was gentle and cultured, and very gentlemanly. He wasn’t like some male stars who act all proper on camera but in reality, take every chance during filming to cop a feel. Moreover, he was the kind of actor who could really carry a scene and get into the spirit of the role.

Working with him, it was very easy to be caught up in the pace of the plot. Even though she had no ulterior motives towards Bo Yan, she still hoped to collaborate with him again.

Bo Yan was handsome and gentlemanly, skilled in his craft, extensively knowledgeable, and came from a good background. Most importantly, he had never been involved in any scandals and didn’t seem to have a girlfriend. Shang Feifei herself was twenty-eight and had been struggling in the entertainment industry for six years, so it was only natural that she felt some attraction to him.

But she never expected there to be a woman by Bo Yan’s side!

—Wait. the voice of this woman. why does it sound a bit familiar. as if she had heard it somewhere before?

With some stammering, Shang Feifei responded, “Bo, Bo teacher… are you outside?”

On this end, Xia Siyu continued to reply with a softened tone, not only was her voice seductive, but she also purposely employed a vibrato that nearly maide one’s bones turn soft, “Darling, last night totally exhausted me. Do you dislike that nightgown I wore? How about you bring me back another one tomorrow when you go out of town? Something sexy, your favorite kincy I’ll like anything you like.”

“Click!—” The sound that came from the other end of the line was Shang Feifei hanging up abruptly.

Hearing the hang-up click, Xia Siyu twisted her body triumphantly, completely unaware that at this moment, she was hanging on Bo Yan. Her chest pressed against his back, her hand resting on his neck.

And all of this was happening in a quiet underground parking garage.

As she raised her head, Bo Yan happened to turn around, and their eyes instantly met..𝐟𝗿ee𝘄𝗲𝗯𝐧o𝘃el.𝐜o𝚖