The Best Actor Insists On Living With Me! - C.34: Relationships (4)


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As she spoke, Xia Siyu’s raging anger seemed to be instantly doused by a bucket of ice water, deflated in a moment.

But in her eyes flickered distress, a touch of sadness, and a hint of heaviness.

She quickly lowered her head and turned towards the window, seemingly unwilling to continue the conversation. When she turned back, she had completely regained her composure, “Well, that’s that. Since I can’t find a place to stay at short notice, I might as well stay here for now. After all, it’s impossible between him and me, and sooner or later we will… let go of each other, so you don’t have to worry. As for the reputation, I believe he values it more than I do, because as you said, the one who suffers if we’re seen together is him.’

Wei Jingjing and Little Tang exchanged glances and decided to seize the opportunity. She had come over this time to help her move, and since everything had been laid out, there was no further hesitation.

Over the next two days, Wei Jingjing and Little Tang gradually moved Xia Siyu’s belongings from her old house, effectively settling her in. Bo Yan had been away in Shangcheng these two days, which conveniently facilitated their moving.

Xia Siyu had her own schedule to follow as well. She was busy setting up her home and working, spinning like a top for two days and quickly pushing that bastard to the back of her mind.

Until the third day.

Today, Xia Siyu’s agent, Qin Baizhou, was supposed to return from out of town. They had agreed to meet in the evening to discuss work, but an unexpected call disrupted her plans. It was Zhou Weiwei, “Siyu, how come 1 haven’t seen you yet?” f𝚛e𝐞𝐰𝚎b𝚗o𝚟𝚎l.c𝗼m

Wearing slippers and sipping sparkling water, Xia Siyu responded with confusion, “What’s up?”

“It’s the audition for ‘Storm’! Didn’t your agent sign you up before? The lead female role, it’s perfect for you, tailor-made. My agent signed me up too, but I guess it’s just to make up the numbers.” Zhou Weiwei’s background was somewhat noisy, and there was a sound of numbers being called, obviously, she was at the audition site, “Also, Bo Yan has been cast as the male lead, and he’s here to help select the actress for the female lead and second female lead roles. Come over, you’re sure to make it!”

Remembering the call from Shang Feifei that day, Xia Siyu took another sip of sparkling water, “Oh. That’s right, I remember now.”

“What do you mean ‘you remember now’? It’s such a good opportunity with Wang Ju! That’s Wang Ju! If you connect with his network, you won’t have to worry about resources in the Yancheng circle in the future. Even if you’re having a conflict with Bo Yan, he’s still your husband after all, there’s no need to keep fighting, right?”

Xia Siyu did not reply, and it was clear that Zhou Weiwei was called to her turn. She hurriedly said, “You better hurry, there’s one more hour for the lead female audition. Just come over and submit your materials, Bo Yan is there, he won’t block you, but it’ll be too late if you’re any later.”

Xia Siyu remained noncommittal. After hanging up the phone, she took a sip of water, and as she turned, her eyes accidentally swept over the script Bo Yan had left on the table.

Since there was plenty of time and she was quite bored, she simply picked up the script and started reading it.

She looked indifferent at the beginning, but after a few pages, she suddenly stood up, checked the time, and then looked at the schedule and location marked on the script.

Her delicate brows furrowed gently, as if wrestling with hesitation.

At the audition.

Wang Ju sat at the center, flanked by the producer and casting director on one side and Bo Yan on the other. After several hours of auditions, exhaustion was evident on their faces.

Next, the final candidate for the female lead was about to audition.