The Best Actor Insists On Living With Me! - C.43: Family (1)


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“The product of a talent agent is: the artist. Not only does an agent have to plan the artist’s content, including business engagements, film and TV bookings, variety show appearances and so on, they also assist artists in planning their schedules. Using the shortest time possible to do the most efficient activities, coordinating all types of notices and events.”

But as an agent, the most important thing—the emotion management of the artist.

Artists are human too, and they also have all kinds of emotions, especially when they’re amplified in front of the public. No matter what the team does behind the scenes, in the end, it’s only the artists who are pushed to the forefront. Even if the artists are emotionally strong, it can still affect their business and screen work.’

The last sentence was an impromptu addition by Qin Baizhou, who was looking towards Xia Siyu, who was yawning at the side.

Xia Siyu’s sports car hadn’t gone far before they switched vehicles. The sports car had been followed by paparazzi before. To prevent a chase, they quickly switched back to Xia Siyu’s nanny car. Wei Jingjing and Little Tang got in, and Qin Baizhou took charge, giving orders.

As the boss of the Huixing Company, he could have easily assigned Xia Siyu to another agent and focused on managing the whole company. But he had been Xia Siyu’s agent for the past seven years, and it was the same now. Moreover, when Xia Siyu really got angry, he was the only one in the company who could control her.

“Siyu, in the future, if you have any requests, please let me or Jingjing know first.” he said. “Look at how your sudden decision to Olav a supporting role has disrupted our schedule. It has caused Jingjing to run around unprepared.”

Xia Siyu just hummed a response, not caring about these details. She looked out at the rain-washed scene, as the street view behind her receded one after the other, and it was a while before she spoke again, “But for future scripts, I want to vet each and every one of them.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll pass every reliable script on to you,” he assured her.

Qin Baizhou nodded and then brought up a new work topic, “Now, I have the premises for two variety shows here. One is an indoor shoot, the kind that films your face for 24 hours straight. The other is an outdoor one, a trip abroad project, seems like it’s in Europe. The timing would be right after you finish filming. The only issue might be that the production crew insists that our agent team can’t do the on-site shooting. Which one do you prefer?”

Qin Baizhou actually hoped that she would pick the travel-themed variety show; it paid more and the shooting period was relatively concentrated, just 20 days.

His principle was always to achieve the highest efficiency in the shortest time possible. Moreover, this variety show was in its second season; the first season had received rave reviews and was considered one of the hottest in China. The audience’s expectations were high.

Xia Siyu rarely participated in outdoor variety shows before, and with her ferocious on-screen persona as a base, including fighting and arguing, frankly, many viewers were looking forward to seeing her stir things up. But Qin Baizhou was aware of Xia Siyu’s personality. He couldn’t throw an idea at her directly; he had to use all the enticing words to move her, and only then she would accept.

As expected, Xia Siyu initially showed little interest, but her attention piqued upon hearing “Europe,” and she even turned to ask him, “Where in Europe?”

Thinking she was taking the bait, Qin Baizhou smiled and said, “It’s two countries, Italy and Germany. One is meticulous, the other romantic. One classical, the other modern.’

She further inquired, “Which part of Italy?”

Qin Baizhou was taken aback for a moment, before replying, “It seems to be 𝐟r𝗲𝚎𝚠e𝐛no𝘃𝗲𝐥.c𝗼m


Xia Siyu’s eyebrows visibly furrowed, and then she nodded, “Alright..”