The Cannon Fodder and Her Mr. Right - C.563 - : What Did You Experience In Your Dream?

The Cannon Fodder and Her Mr. Right

C.563 - : What Did You Experience In Your Dream?

Chapter 563: What Did You Experience In Your Dream?

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He didn’t say anything. He got up to wash the pot and started the fire.

His movements were very skillful.

Xie Xize had lived alone abroad for many years. Although his cooking skills were not that good, he still had the skills to cook rice.

Moreover, it was so simple this time that it was foolish, alright?

He just boiled the noodles in plain water and didn’t need to add anything.

MO Yangyang leaned against the wheelchair and watched Xie Xize cook the noodles.

He was like this…Mo Yangyang couldn’t think of Xie Xize in her dream!

It was as if…Two people!

This Xie Xize in front of her had come down from the altar. He could wash her hands and make soup for her. He could satisfy all her nonsense, pamper her gently, and bring her warmth. But the one in the dream …

MO Yangyang clenched her fists!

Xie Xize specially cooked the noodles until they were softer and scooped them out. He turned around and wanted to tell MO Yangyang that they could eat, but…However, he saw that she was looking at him in a daze.

No, she wasn’t looking at him. It was as if she was looking at another person through him.

Xie Xize gripped his chopsticks tightly. She…What kind of world did he enter when he was unconscious?

He really wanted to know, but…He also knew that now was not the time to ask such questions.

Xie Xize walked over and bent down to touch MO Yangyang’s head. “”Yang

Yang, it’s time to eat.”

MO Yangyang came back to her senses and saw Xie Xize’s enlarged face. Her body trembled inexplicably, and a trace of fear flashed across her eyes. It was this subtle and fleeting reaction that made Xie Xize’s heart tremble.

What was going on?

Why did Yang Yang look so frightened when she saw him?

This kind of fear was different from the kind she had when she saw him in the past.

The fear in the past was that you saw A kill B, and when you saw A again, you were afraid because he was a murderer.

The fear in that instant was that A had come to kill you with a knife, and you had become the one to be killed, so you were afraid.

These two were fundamentally different…

Why was this happening?

Xie Xize didn’t let the uneasiness in his heart show. He didn’t seem to notice it and asked MO Yangyang with a smile, “What’s wrong?”

MO Yangyang shook her head repeatedly. Is the noodles ready?”

Xie Xize didn’t seem to realize that she didn’t change the topic very cleverly.”Alright, I’m asking you to eat.”

“Quickly let me eat. I’m starving…”

Xie Xize brought the food over but didn’t go out. He just sat in the kitchen and fed MO Yangyang.

“I’ll do it myself,” said MO Yangyang.

” You’re too weak right now, ” Xie Xize said. ‘ You might not be able to pick up these chopsticks. I’ll feed you. You eat.

Perhaps he was really too hungry, too hungry…

MO Yangyang felt that the noodles cooked in plain water, without even adding salt, were actually too delicious.

Xie Xize fed MO Yangyang half a bowl and didn’t dare to let her eat anymore.

“”You just woke up, so you don’t dare to eat too much…Eat after a few snacks.” MO Yangyang licked the corner of her mouth. Alright then..

Xie Xize took a tissue and wiped the corner of MO Yangyang’s mouth. “”Be good.”

“Do you want to lie down and sleep for a while now?” he asked, pushing MO Yangyang out.

MO Yangyang immediately said, ” I don’t think so. I’ve slept for so long. I feel like my bones are rusted. I don’t want to sleep anymore! ”

“Then…” Xie Xize said. Accompany me for a chat…”

MO Yangyang shook her head. ” I don’t think so, Fifth Uncle. Have you not looked in the mirror recently? Look at your dark circles…” Fifth Uncle, you’re not young anymore.. If you continue to be like this, you’ll age even faster…’

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