The Cannon Fodder and Her Mr. Right - C.567 - : I’m Someone You Can Trust

The Cannon Fodder and Her Mr. Right

C.567 - : I’m Someone You Can Trust

Chapter 567: I’m Someone You Can Trust

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MO Yangyang lowered her head and kissed the Spicy Strip on her face before tucking it in.

After looking at the spicy sticks for a while, MO Yangyang whispered to Xie Xize, “”Fifth Uncle, you should sleep for a while too. Look, your eyes are as red as a rabbit. These few days … You didn’t sleep much, did you?” “Not yet.” Xie Xize shook his head.

” Don’t force yourself, ” MO Yangyang urged. ” Go to sleep.

“Alright…” Then I’ll be on the sofa outside. Call me if you need anything.” MO Yangyang nodded.

Xie Xize stood up but didn’t move. He hesitated for two seconds before saying, “Forget it, I’m not that sleepy. I’ll sit here and take a nap…”

MO Yangyang’s heart warmed. She said,”Are you afraid …” I fell asleep again and couldn’t wake up. Don’t worry, how can the same thing happen again so quickly? I really won’t fall asleep again. Besides, I’m not awake now.”

Shay smiled. He took out a blanket from the cabinet, turned off the light, sat down, and covered himself with the blanket.

“Alright, go to sleep.”

MO Yangyang saw that he had stopped moving and sighed inaudibly. She looked at Xie Xize with mixed feelings. The him in front of her was enough to satisfy any woman’s fantasies about her future partner. He was gentle, considerate, affectionate, and sometimes black-bellied and domineering. He ignored any woman’s solicitous attention because he only had her in his eyes.

No one could reject such a man.

But . . .

MO Yangyang bit her lip, her heart heavy.

The future…unknown … Uneasiness.

Suddenly, Xie Xize’s slightly hoarse voice rang out. “”Yang Yang…”

He wanted to say, ” If there’s anything, tell me. I’m someone you can trust.

However, after thinking about it, Xie Xize didn’t say it out loud.

He didn’t know what MO Yangyang was afraid of. She had been unconscious for many days and had finally woken up. He didn’t want to give her too much pressure.

Even if he wanted to talk, he would have to wait until she was more or less rested.

Xie Xize glanced at the Spicy Strip.

MO Yangyang was in a coma. Although he didn’t communicate much with the Spicy Strips these days, the relationship between father and son had changed a lot and improved a lot.

When Spicy Strip woke up, he wanted to have a good chat with him.

Perhaps it would be better to let the mother and son talk.

After all, even if MO Yangyang was wary of everyone in the world, she would not be wary of Spicy Strips.

“Have a good rest.”

“You too, Fifth Uncle.’

She lay down and gently hugged the Spicy Strip in her arms.

After the lights were turned off in the lounge, it was very dark, but the moonlight happened to fall through the small window and cast on the ground like water.

MO Yangyang’s eyes were wide open. She couldn’t sleep at all…

Her brain was very active now.

During the few days when she was unconscious, the scenes in her dreams seemed to be real. They were imprinted in her mind and flashed past!

MO Yangyang felt a little cold and hugged the Spicy Strip.

She drew warmth from him.

Time ticked by. At six o’clock in the morning, MO Yangyang’s eyelids began to sink. She couldn’t help but close her eyes.

However, after he closed his eyes, a new scene flashed in his mind.

At 7:30 in the morning, the spicy stick opened its eyes.

He slept very well last night, especially in the latter half of the night. He had not slept so well for many days.

When opened his eyes and saw the hands hugging him, he was stunned.

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