The Cannon Fodder and Her Mr. Right - C.569 - : You Finally Called Him Daddy

The Cannon Fodder and Her Mr. Right

C.569 - : You Finally Called Him Daddy

Chapter 569: You Finally Called Him Daddy

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MO Yangyang’s heart softened and she nodded. “”Alright, I’ll listen to you. I’ll listen to you…”

The Spicy Strip’s lips squirmed and finally buried itself in Mo Yangyang’s arms.”Mommy…You’re finally awake. Don’t be like this anymore. I’m very scared.”

MO Yangyang held the Spicy Strip tightly and lowered her chin to the top of his head.”Don’t worry, Mommy won’t be like this again.”

This matter was indeed very strange. It was like a dream.

MO Yangyang almost couldn’t wake up because the dream world was really … It was too real, bloody, cruel, and painful…lt was as if it wanted to tear her heart apart piece by piece.

That kind of pain, even though she was awake now, still made her heart palpitate.

MO Yangyang touched the Spicy Strip and said slowly, “”Mommy will protect you and let you grow up happily. I will watch you go to university, get married, and have children! ”

The Spicy Strip frowned in MO Yangyang’s arms.

These words…She seemed to be listening to Emei’s question, but … Something was wrong.

Why did his mother suddenly say that she would protect him?

He wasn’t the one in trouble!

The Spicy Strip’s brain spun quickly. Did he experience something terrifying in his dream while he was unconscious?

Spicy Strip raised his head, his innocent little face full of seriousness. He said,” Me too. I’ll protect Mommy too. I won’t let anyone hurt you. I’ll let you grow old peacefully and happily…’

“Then let’s pinky swear.” MO Yangyang reached out her hand.

Spicy Strip pouted and stretched out his little hand.”Ms. Han, you’re really too childish. You’re not allowed to play such childish games with me in the future.”

MO Yangyang nodded. We’ll talk about it later!”

After pulling the hook, she heard MO Yangyang’s stomach growling. He ran up and grabbed MO Yangyang’s arm. “”Mom, you’re hungry. Let’s go eat.”

“Alright, let’s eat.” MO Yangyang nodded.

She didn’t dare to get up too quickly as she felt dizzy.

Slowly sitting up, MO Yangyang saw that the place where Xie Xize had sat the night before was empty. The blanket he had covered her with was neatly folded on the chair.

MO Yangyang frowned slightly.

He saw her little actions and the Spicy Strips. He deliberately asked, “”Mom, when did you wake up last night? Did Dad send you here?”

MO Yangyang looked at the spicy stick in surprise. Call him daddy?”

Spicy Strip rolled its eyes twice and tilted its head.”Oh … Wasn’t he supposed to be one? Aiya, that’s not important. When did you wake up last night?” MO Yangyang reached out and touched the little face of the spicy stick. She

smiled and said, “Yes, it was originally …”

“I woke up quite late last night. It was late in the morning. To be exact … I don’t remember much.”

Latiao put on his clothes, jumped off the bed, and skillfully put on his shoes.”Oh, that’s not important. It’s fine as long as you wake up. If I knew that you would wake up last night, I would have stayed there to watch over you. Dad stayed there every night and didn’t let me go. Because of this, the first person you saw when you woke up wasn’t me.”

Spicy Strip’s words were very interesting.

He seemed to be complaining that he was not the first person MO Yangyang saw when she woke up last night.

In fact, he was secretly speaking up for Xie Xize.

She told MO Yangyang that Xie Xize had been watching over her every night while she was unconscious.

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