The Cannon Fodder and Her Mr. Right - C.574 - : Is Foreseeing the Future a Good Thing?

The Cannon Fodder and Her Mr. Right

C.574 - : Is Foreseeing the Future a Good Thing?

Chapter 574: Is Foreseeing the Future a Good Thing?

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Outside the research institute, there was a long row of cars with bodyguards in them.

It didn’t seem like they were here to pick someone up, but more like they were here to capture someone.

This scene…lt was exactly the same as MO Yangyang’s dream last night.

MO Yangyang wanted to tighten her lower lip.

She heard a male voice. ” I’ll go back with you. Don’t see Xie Wu anymore.

Then, she heard a helpless female voice, “”Of course we have to thank Fifth Master Xie properly. If it weren’t for him, we wouldn’t even know where you are now. You’re really disobedient. Tell me, what’s wrong with our family? Who made you angry? You just ran out of the house without saying a word. You didn’t come home for so many years. You didn’t even give us any news. Do you know how worried Father, Mother, and Grandfather were?”

“That’s right. How old are you already? You’ve made us worry since you were young, and now you’re even making us worry when you’re older. Do you know how busy we are? Don’t you know that each of us has a family to take care of?” “Aiya, alright, Second Sister, don’t say anymore … We’ve finally found her.

Don’t say so much. Hurry up and go home. Dad, Mom, Grandpa, and Grandma are still waiting!”

“Third Brother, are you the only one who knows how to say good things?”

‘ Hey, Second Sister, what do you mean? What did Dad and Mom say before they came? We must bring Nethery home as soon as possible. Besides, as long as he’s fine, it’s fine. We’re family. Do we have to be so calculative? ‘

“Stop pretending to be a good person here. In the past few years, have you not gotten enough from your in-laws? Do you think I don’t know what you’re planning by sending your daughter and son to your mother’s house? Now that Zhou You has been found, your plan has failed. You probably hate him to death, right?”

Zhou You’s sisters were already quarreling.

“Shut up!” Zhou You shouted angrily.

“Aren’t we going back?” Zhou You said disdainfully. Hurry up and leave. Otherwise, if I regret it, you … Don’t even think about finding me in this lifetime.’

Actually, it hadn’t been many years since they last met, so … Eight years?

His family was still in this state. It was really worse than before.

Zhou You glanced at them.

Other than the eldest sister who was really a little worried, the others…They probably wanted him to die outside. Family property, interests, money …

This was what they wanted.

After all, without him, the huge Zhou family could only be divided among their daughters.

Without him, they were actually better off.

Zhou You sneered.

Everyone said that he was doted on by the Zhou family since he was young, but . He was probably the only one who knew the truth.

If the family was really warm, the siblings were harmonious, and the parents were loving, who would be stupid enough to sneak out of such a beautiful family?

MO Yangyang clasped her hands tightly.

What Zhou You said just now was exactly the same as what he said in his dream!

Until now…Mo Yangyang did not want to admit it. She wanted to find an excuse, but she felt that it was impossible.

She had dreamed about it.

A person who had nothing to do with her had nothing to do with her. She…He had foreseen what was about to happen.

Being able to predict the future might be a good thing for others, but MO Yangyang only felt great pressure and panic about the future…

Now, she only hoped that this was an isolated incident, a coincidence.

Don’t dream tonight, tomorrow … Everything was calm..

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