The Female Nanny of the Male Lawyer's Family - C.5: The Man is Back


Originally thought that once back at the Maos' would be able to see the legendary male owner, but was very disappointed that the male owner had not returned.

It must be said that this family of three generations and six people was also somewhat unconventional. Lu Chenchen while cleaning found that the master bedroom only had Mrs. Mao's bedding, and no male owner's clothes. On the contrary, the study not only had a single bed but also a single wardrobe, and the not too many clothes inside were all men's.

Well, strange things cannot be said, once said there would be too many.

The four buns that Uncle Xu had insisted on giving, Lu Chenchen the next morning steamed two of them. She had said they were for herself to eat, but possibly because of the alluring meaty aroma when she split them open, Big Mao immediately asked why she had buns when he didn't.

Lu Chenchen smiled awkwardly and explained that milk and sandwiches were more nutritious, buns were made of ordinary flour and not tasty.

Big Mao wanted her to give him half of the split one to taste.

Lu Chenchen hesitated, because she saw Mrs. Mao's face show unease.

Big Mao impatiently reached over to grab it.

Lu Chenchen had no choice but to split the already-opened half into two and give Big Mao the piece with meat.

Mrs. Mao didn't make a sound at the time, but after finishing eating and leaving the table, she gently tapped on the table and said softly to Lu Chenchen, "Don't let him see it next time."

Lu Chenchen nodded like a chicken pecking at rice.

Who knew that the next morning, Big Mao clinked his fork and said he wanted to eat buns...

Seeing Mrs. Mao's face instantly change from sunny to cloudy, Lu Chenchen felt that crying foul would be too late. Fortunately her mind turned quickly, she immediately smiled apologetically to Mrs. Mao and said, "It looks like that little piece of bun yesterday got our young master's appetite going. What do you think, should we buy some flour for me to make pan-fried buns for him? Freshly made, just to change up the taste occasionally."

She was hoping to divert the topic and not offend either the big or small Mao, of course Mrs. Mao could see through her intentions. Mrs. Mao snorted, and seriously told her, "I don't object to varying up the breakfast for the children, I just don't want them to casually eat foods from outside. Also," she turned to Big Mao and scolded, "don't act like you're starving and thirsty. Have I ever shortchanged your meals? Tell me, what have you not eaten before?"

Big Mao lowered his head.

Lu Chenchen made a show of checking the time, "I'm going to call Second Mao and Little Ming to get up and go to preschool."

When she came back downstairs with the two children, Mrs. Mao had already sent Big Mao to school.

Second Mao and Little Ming ate breakfast at preschool. Lu Chenchen let them each drink a small cup of water, then prepared to take them to the preschool in the residential compound.

Grandma was playing with Li Li in the yard. Seeing Lu Chenchen come out, she asked, "When are you making the pan-fried buns?"

Lu Chenchen carefully said, "Tomorrow, is tomorrow okay?"

Grandma said lightly, "I don't eat pan-fried buns. I'm too old, my teeth are not good, can't bite hard things."

"Then should I make bird's nest soup for you?" Lu Chenchen asked.

"When you go to purchase vegetables, at the fresh food store by the east gate help me buy wonton skins. I'll eat wontons. " Grandma slowly instructed, "For the filling don't use the machine to mince it, chop it with a knife, chop it finer, and don't put green onions in it."

Lu Chenchen accepted the order.

After sending the children into the preschool, she went to the fresh food store Grandma mentioned to buy wonton skins. Thinking that she'd need to proof the dough for the buns, and not knowing if the Maos' kitchen had yeast, to be safe she decided it was still best to buy two bags, but the boss said they didn't have any here, if she wanted to buy she'd have to go to the side food store by the west gate.

One east and one west, it really made Lu Chenchen run around in circles. By the time she got back to the Maos, there was fine sweat on her forehead. Grandma was probably unhappy that she took so long, her expression didn't look too good. She sent Lu Chenchen to walk the dog. Lu Chenchen was afraid of the thing to begin with, her courage was still in the process of building up, inevitably revealing some timidity. Li Li was a big mutt, as soon as it saw the leash was not in its owner's hands it immediately started jumping around wildly. Lu Chenchen struggled with it the whole way back to the Maos', by then the fine sweat had turned into beads.

She still had to put away the winter quilts, wash the quilt covers, air out the thin quilts, do the household cleaning...

This morning kept Lu Chenchen extremely busy. She didn't dare chop the wonton filling noisily while Grandma was napping, forcing herself to wait until after Grandma got up from her nap to take Li Li out for a stroll, and only then daring to take out the meat.

Chopping wonton filling doesn't require any skill. As Lu Chenchen chopped, she thought about calling Boss Chen to have him find her another weekend part-time job. She needed money, and also needed something to occupy her excess time.

Lost in thought, she didn't notice the sound of the door lock. She was startled when the man stood next to her.

"Making meatballs?" Mao Yuanning leaned over to ask.

Lu Chenchen looked at him. It really was him! How many years had it been? Eight years, or ten years? His sword-like brows and bright spirited handsome features were still the same as before. It was just that he had after all been marked by the passage of time. His temperament seemed even more mature and steady than in the past. In a dark green suit, the tag of a professional in the workplace didn't need saying. 𝚏𝗿𝗲ew𝐞b𝐧o𝚟𝚎𝗹.com

But he didn't recognize her! Lu Chenchen secretly sighed. She understood as soon as he glanced at her then immediately looked at the chopping block.

If that was the case, could she still acknowledge their past relationship? Lu Chenchen deliberated in her heart. After recognizing him from the wedding photo, she had imagined the scene of their reunion. She had also wondered if after such a long separation, he would still be able to recognize her. She thought that if he didn't recognize her, she could naturally remind him. She didn't expect that when it really came to this scene, she no longer wanted to acknowledge it.

Forget it! Not to mention that she wasn't doing well now, she was also standing in front of him in the awkward position of being his family's maid. It was better not to bring up the past, to avoid making things awkward between them. What if he didn't like this and fired her?

She couldn't lose this job. These days, live-in maid positions in wealthy households were far too scarce.

In the moment of hesitation, Mao Yuanning had already casually asked her, "Are you the new auntie that Sally hired?"

Lu Chenchen respectfully lowered her head and answered "Yes."

"Do you know if the previous auntie left voluntarily or was fired by them?" Mao Yuanning asked again.

Lu Chenchen widened her innocent eyes. "Previous auntie?"

Mao Yuanning waved his hand. "Looks like you don't know either."

He then asked again, "What's your surname?"

"My humble surname is Lu, you can call me Auntie Lu or Auntie Lu." Lu Chenchen put down the cleaver and stood straight to answer.

"Sally told me the new auntie has a child. Is that you? Doesn't look like it." As Mao Yuanning spoke, he looked her up and down, very curious in his heart. This girl who looked like a student herself already had a child?

Lu Chenchen nodded. "Yes."

Mao Yuanning casually asked again, "How old is the child? In Wuhan?"

"Six years old. In my hometown Yichang. My husband is taking care of him."

"Six years old?" Mao Yuanning was shocked. This girl desperately trying to seem mature yet with a student's face already had a six year old child? "So you're alone in Wuhan? Don't you miss your child? What does your husband do?"

When it came to hiring help, it had to be admitted men were more rational and controlling. Mrs. Mao had also asked Lu Chenchen about her circumstances, but clearly not as in depth and direct as Mao Yuanning.

For some reason Lu Chenchen felt a bit nervous. Her palms curled into fists out of view. She could feel the dampness in her palms.

Taking a breath, she paused before saying, "Yes, no choice, my husband's health is not good. He can't find a well-paying job out here, it's better for him to watch our child at home."

Mao Yuanning stared at her and asked, "How often do you usually go back?"

"Not regular. If I have a steady job I'll just go back for Spring Festival. If I lose a job and don't have a new one I can start, then it's better to go back first."

Lu Chenchen didn't look Mao Yuanning in the eye the whole time. She kept her head slightly lowered, her gaze on the floor.

But even so, she still had the feeling of being suppressed by the man's imposing manner.