The Hero Took Everything from Me, So I Partied with the Hero's Mother! - C.290


Serena's POV

"Then I'll come to pick everyone up again tomorrow. Please stay at the Imperial Hotel for the night. Tomorrow, you'll enjoy Kohane, and the journey on the dragon boat is a spectacle... Well then."

After that, we were entertained with an orchestra performance and new plays.

Well, the three of them were enjoying it; I shouldn't have interjected with family matters... That's what I thought while watching.

"Thank you for today. I'm looking forward to tomorrow."

"It's for Serena-sama."

It was a somewhat mysterious date, but it seems that royalty and nobility often have such dates.

If that's the case, it can't be helped then.

I don't understand this side of things because I'm still a child, but if the three of them enjoyed it, then that's fine.

"I'll go to the room ahead."

"What's wrong?"

"Fleur, it's nothing major. I just want to get some fresh night air."


"I'll be right back."

It's quite a distance away, but I sense hostility.

I should check it out just to be safe.

In a secluded area, I used Dragon Wings and took flight.

* * *

Is that Uncle Edgar!

He's fighting someone... from those two, and they're trying to kill him with their hatred.

I folded my wings a little distance away and headed towards the three of them.

"Uncle Edgar? Are you okay?"

"Serena-sama, you must not come! These two are..."

Even though he said that, he looks heavily wounded.

He's missing one arm already.

"It's okay, these two are the bad guys, right? Perfect Heal... Is it all better now? You don't have any pain, do you?"

His hand grew back, and the wounds disappeared, so he should be fine.

"Thank you, Serena-sama."

"So, what exactly happened?"

"These two are from the Hero Clan! They came to eliminate Serena-sama and her fiancé, but... I apologize."

"Hey, why do you two hate me? Did I do something to you guys?"

"Annoying, it's because of you that we were chased away from Kohane!"

"Up until now, we were revered as Heroes, but it's all your fault..."

I don't understand... Heroes? Revered?

I'll have to see... 'God's Eye.'

With this, I can see what they've done in the past.


"I'm inexperienced... but you two don't seem like 'Heroes' to me... You killed people, good people who believed in the Goddess Ishtas. 'Heroes' wouldn't do that."

"Don't mock us! They, they made me look like this, and they hurt Martin's face and took away his light. They're worthy of death."

"Well, if that's the case, it's simple! Perfect Heal!"

"Impossible... my face is healed, Amazing... huh?"

"I can see, I can see. My eyes are healed. Someone who can use such a spell... this 2nd Hero will approve you. Huh?"

"Is it because of that injury that you killed them? If so, after I healed you, it's okay to die, right!?"

I lightly snapped the necks of the two.

But, Uncle Edgar and the two somehow resemble Zect-oniichan... They don't seem bad, so maybe I should spend a bit more time with them...

"Uncle Edgar, could you accompany me for a while?"

"Yes, I'll accompany you to hell for Serena-sama."

"Great, because where we're going next is the underworld... Let's go."

"The underworld?"

"Yeah, the underworld."

I put the two bodies in a storage bag and started walking.

* * *

"Grandpa Bauer."

"What is it, Serena? You always manage to come this far. And you even brought humans with you... Wait, how is that possible?"

"Well, I don't know... But more importantly, did two recently deceased souls fly over here?"

"Serena... This is the underworld, so countless souls fly here. I can't tell."

"I brought their bodies, but is there any way to... hmm..."

"In that case, if you have their bodies, the souls should be attracted to them."

"Okay, let me try... Uncle Edgar, could you help me... Oh, he seems to have fainted. Well, that's fine."

I took the two bodies out of the storage bag and let them drop.

The souls started approaching... Yep, it looks like they entered.

"Hmm, where is this... Ahhh!"


"Grandpa Bauer, Why do they faint like that?"

"Serena, that's normal. Because I'm the underworld dragon Bauer..."

"But, Grandpa Bauer, you're cool."

"Is that so? Well, never mind... Those two are descendants of Zect... but they killed a lot of people. And keeping them here would be a nuisance, so I'll give you special permission and you can take them to Zect."

"Thank you, Grandpa Bauer."

"No problem. You should hurry."

"Thank you."

Since it doesn't seem like they'll listen to me, it's better to let Zect-oniichan give them a talking to.

* * *

"Serena-sama, where is this?"

"Uncle Edgar, I told you, it's the underworld!"

"The underworld... the place people go after they die, is that it?"

"Yes... Oh, the two of them are awake."

"This place..."

"It's pitch dark."

"You seem to have woken up, huh? Sorry, but after you killed so many people, there was nothing more I could do. That's why I brought you two here..."

"What is this place?"

"Who are you, anyway?"

"That's a secret! But even if I told you, I don't think you two would agree, and I don't think you'd reflect on it, so I thought I'd let you receive a sermon."

""By whom?""

"By Hero Zect-oniichan and the others. It would be quicker that way."

"""Hero Zect..."""

"Uncle Edgar, it's fine."

"Serena, back again? I have some free time... Who's that?"

"Serena, what should we do for fun? Should we go fishing, me and... who's that?"

"They're descendants of Zect-oniichan. Edgar is still okay, but the problem lies with the other two. They've killed a lot of people, so I'm not sure what to do."

"""The last Hero, Zect-sama."""

"Yes, that's correct. And I am Lida... Unfortunately, Maria is still sleeping, so she didn't come this time."

"""The last Sword Saint, Lida-sama."""

"Yes, that's correct."

"So, Serena, why did you bring these guys here?"

"Uncle Edgar is fine, but the other two have killed many people... It would be okay to leave them as they are, but they resemble you, Zect-oniichan, and I couldn't bring myself to just abandon them, so I consulted with Grandpa Bauer."

"But I'm not that ugly."

"But now that Serena mention it, they do look a bit alike, Zect... I understand how Serena feels."

"Is that so, Lida? Well, never mind. First, let's see what you two want to do. What's your plan?"

"I think I've been a bad person, so I plan to atone for my sins from now on. I'll accept the punishment that Zect-sama and Serena-sama decide."

"I'm the same! Even though I'm like this, I still have Zect-sama's blood. I won't run away from my own sins."

"They seem to be genuinely remorseful, don't they, Lida?"

"I think so too, Zect."

"I understand that, but how can one atone in a situation like this, Zect-onii-chan? They seem to have killed many followers of Goddess Ishtas... I wonder how they can make amends. I just don't know."

"It's indeed a heavy sin. In the past, I was a stupid Hero for a long time, but you two have gone further. I was foolish, so I chose to spend the latter part of my life atoning for it, to get closer to my dear friend Ceres. But what you two have done is irreparable. It seems like you'll just have to accept your punishment."

"I agree with Zect. Since you two already dead, there's nothing more you can do. You should accept a punishment and then live a sincere life in the next world. There's nothing else for it."

""I understand.""

Yeah, there's nothing else they can do.

* * *

"Grandpa Bauer, please take care of these two."


""Whatever punishment you decide, we'll accept it.""

"Serena is the one who killed you two, which is not supposed to happen, but I'll let you choose what you want to do... choose."

1. Repent for your sins immediately.

2. Return to the original world for now and live out the rest of your lives, then face judgment upon death.

"Feel free to choose either."

"I'll choose option 1."

"If it's what my dear friend chooses, I'll go with option 1 too."

"You won't be resurrected. Is it okay?"

"It doesn't matter. Even in this state, I still have Zect-sama's blood in me. I won't run from my own sins."

"Me too, Serena-sama. Thank you for letting me meet Zect-sama one last time... I'll face my sins and choose the path of redemption."

"I see. In that case, continue down this path. Once you've atoned for your sins, at that time, you'll be able to be reborn..."

"Yes. Edgar, this is where we part ways. Protect Serena-sama well!"

"We were no good, but I'm counting on you."

"Lauren, Martin..."

The two waved their hands and disappeared into the darkness.

"Uncler Edgar, shall we go back? Thanks, Grandpa Bauer."

"Ahh, see you later, Serena."

They made their choice... There's nothing more to be done.

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