The Hero Took Everything from Me, So I Partied with the Hero's Mother! - C.310


Heavenly Realm Residents

- [Mother]

- Ishtas (Goddess)

- Shizuko

- Haruka

- Misaki

- Sayo

- Marianne

- Frey

- Cecilia

- [Father]

- Ceres (Divine Dragon)

- [Serena's Fiancés]

- Goddess Hera: A renowned figure from Greek mythology

- Fleur

- Rosalia

- Elsa

- Serena's fiancés, each with their own past as a villainess or diverse backgrounds.

- [Familiar?]

- Nyoro: Serena's familiar, a dragon-like creature.

Underworld Inhabitants

- [Ruler of the Underworld]

- Underworld Dragon Bauer: The ruler with immense power

- Hero Zect

- [Hero Zect's Wife]

- Luna

- Former Princess Marine

- Maria (Saint)

- Lida (Sword Saint)

Demon World

- Demon Lord Luciferd

- Four Heavenly Kings: Skull King

Introducing the Cast for this Chapter

- [Protagonist] Serena, 12 years old

- The main character of the story. To understand why she is a unique child, please read the second chapter.

- A child with extraordinary abilities, pure and innocent, yet lacking common knowledge and worldly understanding.

- [Heroine] Daji: The renowned nine-tailed fox.

- With black hair and pitch-black eyes, a breathtakingly beautiful woman in her prime.

- To attend school as Serena's servant, she takes on the appearance of a twelve-year-old, receiving an infinite amount of top-quality sake from the "Yoryu Hyotan" and a bag filled with meat, as well as the "Blood Jewel Candy".

- [Heroine] Carmilla: A true ancestor-level vampire.

- A beautiful woman with golden hair and fair skin in her prime.

- To attend school as Serena's servant, she takes on the appearance of a twelve-year-old, receiving the "Demon's Collar" and the "Magic Blood Jewel Candy".

And Others

- Mel: An ancient sage. Formerly a sage of the Zect Party.

- Despite having a youthful appearance, her inner self is that of an old hag.

- Edgar: The hero clan, descendant of Zect.

- Princess Lulu: The first princess of the kingdom. Likely a descendant of Marianne or Marin.

This story unfolds on the stage of the revitalized "Royal Academy".

Please note that updates will be slow due to the creation of the world setting.

Please wait a little while longer.

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