The Hero Took Everything from Me, So I Partied with the Hero's Mother! - C.319


Serena's POV

"Mr. Serena, have you returned? Your alchemy earlier was amazing! Even though it's different from the real thing, the beauty of that craftsmanship, the quality, it tells the tale of your incredible magic... truly wonderful."

It's not right to say it's the real deal though.

"Thank you."

"So... you know, we've seen how skilled you are at alchemy, Mr. Serena. How about showing us your offensive abilities this time?"


"Our Royal Academy aims for excellence in both academics and combat! So, could you show us some offensive magic or combat skills?"

'He must struggle with offensive skills if he's good at alchemy, right?'

'If alchemy is his forte, he's probably more suited for a production role, not combat.'

'That's right. With such amazing alchemy, he probably lacks talent in magic or combat.'

'But... as Mel-sama's disciple, there might be some hidden talent for combat.'

Oh well~

But I have to hold back.

"Can I manage with magic swords or something?"

"Magic sword? Ah, a technique of putting magic on a sword? It's fine, but... it's rare, isn't it?"


"Not often seen, but... I've heard about it in stories."

Hmm, even though it's that famous...

For Slashing Iron (Zantetsu), I need a lump of iron or a sword...

Seems like I can't do it without anything...

After all, it's that skill, right?


"Can you show me what it is?"

"Well then, here we go! This is the special move that only a Hero can use... Wings of Light!"

If it's a small bird, it should be fine...

""""""""""Wings of Light!""""""""""

A small, bird-like light flew out from my sword, fluttering its wings.

'That wing of Light... kind of weak.'

'Just a fake with just a name.'

'That's not genuine.'

'I was surprised for nothing.'

But even though it's small, 'Wings of Light.'

The secret technique that can only be used by the Hero (Yuusha).

*Rumble rumble...*

Moreover, the eight-layered barrier was shattered to pieces and flew off into the day after tomorrow.

"No way, the barrier is broken... and, that technique..."

"Well, you see, Zect-onii——That's the technique used by Hero Zect! I'm inexperienced, so just a little bird..."

"However, that technique itself is a technique that only 'Hero' can use, and it was supposed to be lost with the last user, the last Hero Zect-sama."

"Is that so?"

As I talk about it with other, suddenly, Mel appears beside us.

"Haha, Serena-kun... You shouldn't do something like chuunibyou again! It's not good to disguise light magic as holy magic and light orbs as birds."

"Um... Mel-sama, but the barrier..."

"As expected of Serena-kun, this is a wonderful ball of light that I inherited."

"Mel... It's the wings of light, even though it's such a weak one..."

"Quiet! It's a fake, right...? Serena-kun"


"Edgar! This isn't the 'Wings of Light,' right?"

"Oh, Edgar, you came to the school too?"

"Yes, Serena-sama. I was asked by Mel-sama to be a teacher."

"I see. Well, let's get along from now on."

"The feeling is mutual. Please take care of me."

"Um... Edgar?"

"What are you talking about! Mel-sama, Serena-sama! Serena-sama is not a fake or anything..."

"You idiot! Even though you're from the Hero Clan, you're playing along with Serena-kun?"


"Not 'yeah!' Listen, everyone, there's a magic that the Sage uses called Mirage, which can deceive people. Serena-kun just made it look like he has the Wings of Light... Don't be fooled... Serena-kun will write a reflection in the reflection room! Edgar-san, let's go, Serena-kun."



I wonder if this is also no good...

* * *

Mel's POV

"Mel, it's terrible... I'm not lying..."

"Isn't that right?! Serena-sama is genuine..."

"Well, you know, I hired you to handle the aftermath when Serena-kun acts foolish! What's the point of acknowledging that?"


"I don't lie, Mel."

"Sigh, the 'Wings of Light' are originally only usable by Heroes. The last Hero in this world is Zect... It wouldn't be tasteful if Serena-kun could use them, right?"

"But those wings are like a small bird's."

"Sigh, having weak power just means being weak as a 'Hero.' Being able to do it means he's a 'Hero'... that's how it's judged. Serena-kun can do it because he's odd, but normally, it's impossible."

"Is that so?"

"Don't forget... so, you must not use the 'Wings of Light'"


"Edgar, your job is to be Serena-kun's guardian... I'm counting on you"

"I understand... I pledge my loyalty to you, Serena-sama"

"Your job is to be a guardian, don't make any mistakes"

I was already quite surprised... but this is beyond common sense, isn't it?

Ceres, mother... what are you doing?

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