The Hero Took Everything from Me, So I Partied with the Hero's Mother! - C.343


I want to create a sword that surpasses the Creator God.

I was planning to go on a journey to find materials with that in mind, but...

'Well, this is Orichalcum, and this is Mithril.'

The conversation ended before I left.

Surprisingly, a fairy brought them to me.

When I thought about it, since metals are minerals, it should be easy for the earth spirits to find them.

"So, Serena, did you find any hints?"

"Did you find any hints to make the sword stronger?"

I was in trouble.

Even though I saw the real thing, what I made was of better quality than the real thing.

What should I do... I can't make it no matter what.

At times like this...

* * *

"I'm charging in! Creator God, I've come to play! Teach me how to make a sword."

"You are indeed Serena... But this is the higher realm, and you're in my room directly... It shouldn't be so easy to enter..."

'This is Serena, the God of Destruction...'

'A dangerous one has arrived.'

'That battle-crazy Arks turned to ash.'

"Somehow, I made it here, Creator God."

"Okay, but I'm busy right now, Serena. Let's talk after work. Keep yourself occupied for a while."


So, I got kicked out of the room of the Creator God.

What should I do?

Oh well, I only know Arks in this world.

Should I fight Arks again?

"Do you know where is Arks?"

"Arks... I wonder where he is."

"Don't you know Arks?"

"I don't know."

Why is everyone avoiding eye contact with me?

Ah, Arks! Let's have another fist fight."

"Wait, Serena! Fighting is fine, but... No spirit!"

"Huh? Why?"

"I'm alone... if you have a spirit with you, it's like ganging up on one person with a bunch of others! Isn't that unfair?"

"Well, but I heard that even during the time of Mammon, you went in alone and took down many opponents. Is that not true?"

"That's true... but you're pretty strong. However, is it fair for a bunch of guys like you to attack me all at once? That's cheating."

"Is that so? I'm just a kid, so give me a little handicap... So, here's the Water Dragon..."

"Stop it! Are you happy using that much power to defeat me?"

"Yeah, let's not use the power of the spirits, okay?"

"That's okay... Come on, Serena!"

"Dragon transformation!"

"You fool, I've killed countless dragons before! Even your father..."

"Not yet! Human transformation!"

"Oh, your father, Serena, used the same technique. Filling a human body with the power of a dragon. This way, I can enjoy it too... Let's go."

"Not yet... 'Transcending dragons, transcending humans, transcending gods.' God Dragon Serena— Here we go, Arks!"

"Bring it on!"

"Let's go!"


"What's that, a snap? Hahaha... Oh no, what is this... Could it be my flesh?"

"Okay, yeah, so my dad is only human and dragon, but I can use the power of gods on top of that... So there."

"No way, I'm going first! Take thissss!"

"God Dragon Shield!"

I created a shield from my dragon scales and took Ark's punch.


There was an amazing sound, but I didn't take any damage from that alone.

"I can take this... and be fine."

"Yeah, looks like you're okay! Now it's my turn. Divine Dragon Slash... Dragon Blade Slider!"

I extended claws from both hands and infused them with the power of gods.

Then I thrust them towards Ark's chest.


"Huh, ugh... What's this?"

Oh no... I pierced through his chest.

"Oh... Sorry, this is the heart, right?"

At the tip of my claws was Ark's heart.

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