The Murderous Diary of a Female Doctor - C.4: Shoot the horse before You shoot the Man

The Murderous Diary of a Female Doctor

C.4: Shoot the horse before You shoot the Man

The Rolex kept making a fuss, insisting that the child in his wife's belly had been hard to conceive. On the contrary, the woman was even more nonchalant, or rather wooden.

Rolex kept insisting on protecting the pregnancy, and believed that the doctor had exaggerated the danger.

Liu Chief Physician kept listening to him speak, occasionally chiming in when he talked about irrelevant topics, and praising him a few times. This was Liu Chief Physician's specialty, an attack on the heart. If you want others to understand and accept you, first you have to show that you understand and accept the other party.

Perhaps because I hadn't said anything, the woman passed me a note.

Y chromosome detected.

I see.

I asked the woman, "What do you think?"

"I wanted to ask, how likely is it that my uterus could rupture and cause massive bleeding?" She seemed a little hesitant, not as stubborn as Rolex.

"If it doesn't happen the probability is zero, if it does happen the probability is 100%. This is the biggest complication of a scarred uterus pregnancy." I didn't mention the suspicious uterine tumor yet, I would wait for Liu Chief Physician's arrangements.

I casually drew a uterus on the paper, the scar on the woman's uterus, the location of the gestational sac, 6 mm away, accurate to 99%.

"This is your current situation. And this one, was the location of your gestational sac on your last ultrasound, from 7 mm to now only 6 mm. Best case scenario, it's possible the gestational sac could develop away from the scar, in this direction. The danger would be slightly reduced, you might be able to make it to 6 months. If it continues to develop towards the scar, and implants on the scar, you may not make it to 6 months. It's very likely one day you would suddenly experience intense abdominal pain, diffuse pain, that would be your uterus rupturing."

"So there's still hope, right little doctor?" Rolex cut in to ask.

I looked up to see Liu Chief Physician had stopped talking to Rolex, and they were both watching the patient and I.

I really wanted to say back to him: Hope is doomed to be shattered. But I didn't, that's not something a doctor should say.

Perhaps my hesitation was too obvious, Rolex became anxious: "Didn't you just say, that there's a possibility it could grow away from the scar?"

He looked at me expectantly, as if I could decide things with one statement.

I glanced at Liu Chief Physician, she nodded slightly.

I gestured for Rolex to sit down, and simply drew the development of the uterus and fetus from 3-6 months, connecting it with the earlier diagram of the gestational sac, laying them out one by one in front of him, "Generally speaking, if the gestational sac is 2 cm or more away from the scar, that is an absolutely safe distance. 1 cm or more, that is a relatively safe distance. Scarred uterus pregnancies with those distances, we can rule out effects from the scar tissue. Within 1 cm, they are dangerous distances. Your wife's situation is like this."

I pointed at the paper with my pen, showing him the distance between the gestational sac and the scar, "This is an extremely dangerous distance."

Rolex was stunned, then suddenly erupted in anger, slamming his palm on the table: "What woman doesn't give birth? You're afraid of pain, I told you to deliver naturally but you insisted on a C-section, you're so delicate it's infuriating, always dragging your feet!"

We were all shocked, the patient looked on the verge of tears. Rolex got up and walked out the door, yelling as he left: "You were spoiled rotten by your parents, not like the women from my hometown at all. They know real suffering!"

He didn't look back, shouting: "Hurry up, do you need someone to help you walk?"

I hurried to catch up: "I'm afraid hospitalization is necessary today."

"I've waited over ten years just for a son, I'm willing to take this gamble!" Rolex said to me, face red.

"Then hospitalization is still necessary. Being hospitalized is the best way to protect the pregnancy!" I raised my voice and said.

When he heard being hospitalized would protect the pregnancy, Rolex paid for the hospitalization and surgery, and the patient was arranged to bed 12.