The Police Called Me For The Filing, Revealing Me, A Master - C.588 - : Ancient Sages Left Fires, Today, Su Yun Becomes a Saint! (7)

The Police Called Me For The Filing, Revealing Me, A Master

C.588 - : Ancient Sages Left Fires, Today, Su Yun Becomes a Saint! (7)

Chapter 588: Ancient Sages Left Fires, Today, Su Yun Becomes a Saint! (7)

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This project was personally handled by He Haiquan, the director of the Genetic Research Institute. Even for the other departments, this research project was top secret.

In the office, He Haiquan was having a video call with the person-in-charge of The Secret of the Golden Flower project. He received the progress of the research in the research room in real time.

“Dean, according to the research plan we previously formulated, a few people have been elected to cultivate according to the cultivation method mentioned in The Secret of the Golden Flower.

“Nearly a few months had passed so far, but none of the subjects had changed in any way. The cultivation method mentioned in The Secret of the Golden Flower was useless. Everyone who participated in the plan to cultivate gained nothing.

“At present, it is very difficult to advance this experimental project. We had read a large number of documents, but we still could not confirm if there were any practical examples of the cultivation method he mentioned in essence.

“In the beginning, we decided to start with The Secret of the Golden Flower to understand Su Yun’s abilities. From the current results, we failed.’

The person-in-charge’s words made He Haiquan frown. After thinking for a moment, he said, “How could this be? This book must have played an important role for Su Yun. Otherwise, Su Yun would not have left some strange words and patterns in the book. Have you investigated these words and patterns?”

The person-in-charge sighed awkwardly. “Dean, we’ve investigated, but we only have some general clues. It’s very difficult to obtain any substantial results. Furthermore, it doesn’t seem to be of much use. It’s just some specific names. It might only be targeted at Su Yun.”

In the background of the person-in-charge’s video, a few researchers could still be clearly seen. They were sitting cross-legged and meditating according to the cultivation method mentioned in The Secret of the Golden Flower. From time to time, they would recite the incantation recorded in the book.

This scene was indeed a little strange, and it seemed out of place. However, from the expressions on their faces, it was not difficult to tell that even they themselves felt that this matter was a little too ridiculous. There was no help at all.

Seeing this scene, He Haiquan sighed deeply. “From the looks of it, the person who started it still needs to fix it. I have to find an opportunity to meet Su Yun. Based on the current situation and the various ancient books and documents we had read, there were no cultivators in history.

“We’ve already consulted archaeologists before. They’ve investigated the history of the past five thousand years, but no one has the ability to cultivate. We had also asked the relevant intelligence departments to investigate related matters to see if there were any so-called cultivators hidden in the world.

“However, under the investigation of the state apparatus, they did not find anything. It could be seen that this did not exist. The only variable that appeared was Su Yun! Now, we can almost confirm that if Su Yun’s abilities were obtained through cultivation, he would be the only cultivator in history.

“It could even be said that Su Yun had single-handedly created a brand new human evolutionary system. The source of his power should be from cultivation. This is unbelievable and unimaginable. Perhaps it’s no longer something that science can explain or research. From this, it can be seen that

Su Yun is very special. Some questions can only be answered from his mouth.”

He Haiquan was shocked and could not speak for a long time. What kind of concept was it to create a new human evolutionary system alone? To say that he had become a sage and an ancestor was an understatement. If this was calculated from the beginning of life, Su Yun was on the path of modifying life evolution. He was going to be the progenitor of a certain life system in the future.


Just as the two of them were silent, in the bright corridor, the Chinese genetics expert, Liu Wenshuo, rushed into the director’s office and said as soon as he entered. “Dean He, have you seen the video of Su Yun’s speech? It’s all over the Internet now.”

Dean He Haiquan was slightly stunned when he heard this. Then, he gave a few simple instructions and asked the institute to continue researching The Secret of the Golden Flower to see if they could find any clues about cultivation.

Then, he disconnected from the person-in-charge. Soon, the computer in front of him began to play a video of Su Yun’s speech. The more he watched, the more surprised he became. “l have to say that Su Yun’s speech is really powerful. It’s a good thing that it has spread. The Chinese people need this power now. The Genetic Era is about to arrive. Everything is in a daze. People need a hero to appease them.”

Liu Wenshuo sat opposite He Haiquan and said solemnly, “But now, all the netizens are discussing whether Su Yun!s last sentence was true. We have never reported the defeat of the geneticists to the public. Now that Su Yun had made this clear in her public speech, it naturally attracted the curiosity of many people. What do you think about this matter?”

Just as Liu Wenshuo finished speaking, the phone on He Haiquan’s desk suddenly rang. He Haiquan took a look at the caller ID. It was an internal number, and it was of the highest level. It represented the higher-ups. His expression changed slightly, so he quickly picked up the call.

“Yes, yes. Don’t worry, Leader. I know what to do.” He Haiquan replied briefly before hanging up. Then, he looked up at Liu Wenshuo and said, “The call was from the higher-ups. They have already begun to pay attention to this matter. The leader’s thoughts were the same as mine. We should take this opportunity to use Su Yun’s name to stabilize the turbulent hearts of the people. After all, genetic modification is flawed with current technology. China can’t use the people as test subjects. Therefore, our future path might not be fated with genes.”

Liu Wenshuo frowned slightly. ‘You mean…”

“Release a statement in the official capacity of the Genetic Research Institute to publicly admit to the citizens of China that Su Yun has defeated the geneticists. You should be able to tell that the people have been in turmoil recently. No matter how one looks at it, we should seize this opportunity to use Su Yun’s name to appease the people. So what if they were geneticists? They were flawed to begin with and could indeed be defeated! Su Yun is the best example! ”

When Liu Wenshuo heard this, he immediately understood what He Haiquan was thinking, so he quickly nodded. “Don’t worry, Dean. I know what to do.”

Liu Wenshuo quickly left the director’s office and began to prepare for the announcement on the Internet. He Haiquan was not idle either. He quickly picked up his coat and rushed out. At the same time, he spoke through the internal walkie-talkie. “Prepare the helicopter immediately. Also, bring Flying Tiger One with you. Hurry up and make a trip to Hibiscus City. I want to find

Su Yun!”

On the same day, at 1:20 p.m., the Capital Research Institute suddenly issued an official announcement.

This announcement had nothing to do with the progress of China’s genetic research that the people had been looking forward to day and night.. When this official announcement from the Capital Research Institute was released, it still instantly caused a huge heated discussion on the Internet and shook the entire country!

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