The Police Called Me For The Filing, Revealing Me, A Master - C.593 - : Famous Throughout the World, Greetings, Dao Ancestor Su! (5)

The Police Called Me For The Filing, Revealing Me, A Master

C.593 - : Famous Throughout the World, Greetings, Dao Ancestor Su! (5)

Chapter 593: Famous Throughout the World, Greetings, Dao Ancestor Su! (5)

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Even Zhang Zhifeng, who was in charge, began to try imitating the cultivation method mentioned in The Secret of the Golden Flower. However, after a few weeks, Zhang Zhifeng and the others still did not make any progress.

These so-called Concentration, Qi Gathering, and Condensation were more like a kind of fabricated legend that did not work at all.

On the other hand, He Haiquan brought a few people to understand the various documents and records. What was piled on the desk in his office was no longer the various genetic documents, but ancient books and records related to cultivation.

Although these records were varied, there was no substantive record of anyone succeeding. It was basically certain that these were indeed fabricated by the ancient people. For this reason, He Haiquan kept having meetings with Zhang Zhifengs team to discuss. In the end, a bold idea appeared in the meeting.

“Is it possible that cultivation is indeed real, but no one has succeeded? And Su

Yun is the only cultivator who has successfully cultivated since ancient times.”

This idea was proposed by Zhang Zhifeng, but after it was proposed, even he himself felt a little horrified. During this period of time, Zhang Zhifeng was also influenced by the books on cultivation and roughly understood the concept of the system mentioned in cultivation. From this, he gradually understood that the words that Su Yun had left on The Secret of the Golden Flower were actually the key points of different realms.

Zhang Zhifeng was the only one who could not figure it out. However, from this, he could tell that Su Yun indeed knew a lot about cultivation.

He Haiquan sucked in a breath of cold air as goosebumps rose all over his body. A moment later, he said in a very strange tone, “If that’s the case, it means that Su Yun, the only cultivator in history, is a pioneer. In the words of ancient times or operas, such a person is… a Dao Ancestor?”

The entire conference room fell into a dead silence. Even if this was just a hypothesis, it was too terrifying. If Su Yun was really the Dao Ancestor, the only cultivator in history, this meant that cultivation never existed. It only existed because of Su Yun! Only with Su Yun would there be a path of cultivation.

This was not surprising. Since ancient times, there had been many hypotheses about cultivation, but no one had ever cultivated it. Before the Dao Ancestor returned to his position, it would be difficult to detain the Nine Heavens Sect!

The moment this idea appeared, everyone present felt that their inherent worldview had collapsed. Although there was no substantial evidence to prove this, everyone present knew very well that other than this, they probably could not find any other more appropriate possibility.

At the end of the meeting, He Haiquan looked at everyone solemnly and gave an order. “Don’t mention anything about Su Yun to anyone. Secondly, the video recording of Su Yun’s battle with Flying Tiger One is set as top secret and sealed in the archives.’

“Understood! ”

Everyone stood up in a hurry. Just as they were about to leave, Zhang Zhifeng suddenly stopped and looked at He Haiquan. “Dean, I’ve been wondering if there’s such a possibility…”

“What? Tell me.’

“Currently, there are some hidden flaws in geneticist research. This flaw must not be a problem that only our country faces. It’s the same for other countries. It was just that they might not have discovered it yet, or they might not care at all.

“This genetic defect will gradually manifest itself in future generations, which is why we have delayed plans to advance gene research on a large scale. In that case, can we take another path? Perhaps… if we try to take Su Yun’s path, it might be an opportunity for China?”

He Haiquan shook his head and sighed. “I’m afraid it will be very difficult. This is because you also know that Su Yun has been the only one since ancient times. His path is probably not suitable for popularization. It’s not like genetic modification that can be done quickly.”

“But why not give it a try? With Su Yun as the Dao Ancestor guiding and preaching, perhaps we can nurture some inheritors?”

He Haiquan was silent for a moment. If this was in the past, he would have rejected it without thinking. After all, the cultivation path that Su Yun represented sounded too mystical. It was more like a superstition. However, things are different now. Therefore, after thinking about it, He Haiquan quickly stood up and looked at the people in front of him. “Get ready. I’ll meet Su Yun personally!”

In Fan City’s Shengu Village hundreds of kilometers away, Su Yun was cleaning up the house. If someone who did not know who Su Yun was appeared here, they would definitely not associate Su Yun with the commotion outside.

Su Yun was dressed in a simple white shirt and was leisurely cleaning up. The white monkey was sleeping soundly under the sunlight in the courtyard. Recently, Su Yun discovered this problem. He did not know when it started, but the white monkey seemed to prefer sleeping during the day.

This left Su Yun somewhat puzzled. What was the white monkey doing at night when it slept during the day? With this thought in mind, Su Yun waited until night fell.

It was also in the middle of the night that Su Yun noticed that the white monkey was sitting on the bed, facing the window and looking at the moon outside. It was constantly waving its claws. This scene quickly attracted Su Yun’s attention. He frowned as he watched the scene, but the white monkey did not seem to be disturbed by the outside world..

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