The Richest Billionaire is My Accidental Husband - C.63 - : If A Woman Is Not Ruthless, Her Status Will Not Be Stable 1

The Richest Billionaire is My Accidental Husband

C.63 - : If A Woman Is Not Ruthless, Her Status Will Not Be Stable 1

Chapter 63: Chapter 63: If A Woman Is Not Ruthless, Her Status Will Not Be Stable 1

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“And yet you outrightly…”

Ye Xingguang wanted to say, yet you outrightly go behind my back to attend a concert with a beautiful boy!

But saying it out loud might expose that the beautiful boy is her, so Ye Xingguang timely shut her mouth, only showing her discontent through her facial expression.

“What exactly did I do outrightly?” Lord Ye didn’t like it when she only spoke half-sentences, leaving him in confusion.

Ye Xingguang retorted, “You want me to not cheat emotionally, shouldn’t you also restrain your dopamine and phenylethylamine? Don’t forbid people from lighting lamps while setting the fires yourself.”

“When have I not restrained my dopamine and phenylethylamine?” Besides just now when she called him “Ah Qing”, he lost control. At what other time did he ever get excited?

Not admitting to it, Ye Xingguang fired back:

“Don’t pretend I don’t know, you are flirting around! There’s a saying ‘what you don’t do, others can’t know’, Lord Ye, you better remember this. During our official relationship, you are my man. No one else is allowed to like you, otherwise, I will take you to court for physical and emotional infidelity, and make sure you rot in jail. Let’s wait and see. Hmph!”

Who can’t threaten?

Her mother said, “A woman has got to be coldblooded to stand her ground. If a man is mean to her, she should never back down. The moment she does, she’ll be stepped on her entire life!”

Ye Xingguang pushed off Lord Ye’s arm that was holding her chin. She was unsure whether Xia Yanyan appearing at the swimming pool with him in the afternoon, and at the hotel entrance last night, were mere coincidences or if they are secretly dating?

This man enjoys both men and women!

Ye Xingguang, deeply displeased, pushes Lord Ye aside. Carrying her unfinished steak, she stomped upstairs.

Lord Ye was left standing, reflecting on her words for a long time.

What did she say just now in her brazen display?

She said, “You are my man, Ye Xingguang. No one else is allowed to like you.”

Even though she’s an unruly girl talking out of place, Lord Ye, who was just yelled at, surprisingly didn’t get angry. Instead, he wished he could put this sentence on repeat in his mind.

Damn it, he recorded all this time but missed this sentence!

Has someone recently tried to tie him up and create scandalous rumors about him?

Lord Ye’s face quickly darkened as he made a midnight call to wake Fu Zhuo, who didn’t dare to complain.

His mind still groggy from sleep, he heard Lord Ye asking who was trying to create scandalous rumors about him. Without thinking, Fu Zhuo blurted out one answer: “Miss Ye addressed you as ‘Ah Qing’.”

“Investigate who else it could be!” How dare they try to tie him up!

“Also, compose a list of all the men who’ve been in contact with Xingguang!’ Whoever dares to move into his woman’s heart is asking for death!

The next day.

Before Ye Xingguang had even woken up, the news about her flooded the internet. The headlines of major websites read:

Koi Girl Deletes Weibo Post at Midnight

Assistant Ye Li was raging as she watched Xia Yanyan manicure her nails in the nanny car early in the morning, saying, “Sister Xia, that Koi Girl is really a troublemaker. She shouldn’t have posted that Weibo status in the first place. Now she has deleted it, causing everyone on the internet to speculate that she was disciplined by Lord Ye. Look at what dark rumors they are spreading about Lord Ye.”

“Well, it’s not exactly slandering. Lord Ye, truly, did not allow that nobody to snap his photos randomly. I witnessed it myself just yesterday. However, Lord Ye was often reproached, which can’t go on like this.”

Xia Yanyan pauses briefly before suggesting, “Let’s do this. You find someone to disseminate some public relations articles, hinting that Lord Ye is interested in me, we are about to announce our engagement soon. The Civil Affairs Bureau happened to mistake Lord Ye for being single. Now that an unknown boy has come into the picture, the lovebirds are forced to separate, of course Lord Ye would be hesitant..