The Sickly General's Wife With A Spatial Ability Is Loved By All - C.882 - : Very Proud


Chapter 882: Very Proud

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Lan Ruozhu nodded, saying, “You’re right. More children will have an opportunity to study if we open more schools. The geniuses will naturally stand out.

“They can then show off their abilities once chosen by the Imperial Court. The previous Imperial Exams were restricted.”

If many poor children could not afford to study, less would be able to participate in the Imperial Exams. However, more children would stand out once the siblings opened free education institutes.

Even if some were not academically gifted, they would possess solid hands-on capabilities. Such students could also contribute to the country’s well-being.

Even if there were students who did not excel academically or practically, they would still learn to distinguish right from wrong. All of that would increase Chu Country’s stability.

“With education, these children will grow to be capable adults who can earn a decent living for their families. It would inadvertently lessen thefts and riots.”

Su Binglan nodded. “We’ll establish a new system. It’ll allow some people to change from bad to good citizens.”

After some thought, Lan Ruozhu said, “We must implement new laws to restrain the remaining bandits. We’ll record these families’ misdeeds and restrict their children from attending our free education institutes.

“Some of these bandits are inhumane. They think they can get away with killing others. They’ll start reconsidering their actions once they affect their loved ones.’

Su Binglan agreed, “You’re right, Brother. Fewer people will be causing trouble soon enough. The citizens will also feel safer walking on the streets.” “We have a lot to do,” Lan Ruozhu said thoughtfully.

The environment in various provinces was more complicated than he had imagined because of the kings’ rebellion. Many good citizens had no choice but to become thieves. Lan Ruozhu wanted them to return to being good citizens.

The two discussed the countrys betterment while Luo Jin’an was busy in the military camp. The people of the Wei Manor went to the market as usual that day.

“Old Madam Lin,” a stall owner asked, “What did you eat at the Wei Manor last night? It smelled excellent.”

“Yeah, the air was so fragrant. I got hungry just by smelling the food. I’m curious as to what you ate.”

“l could hear how lively it was when 1 passed by. What happened at the Wei Manor last night?”

Everyone was curious about the food as the fragrance whetted everyone’s appetite. Since these people lived near the manor, they could smell the food from their houses.

The houses on this street were empty, and no one could sell them because the manor was in the middle of the street. When the manor was sealed, the people abandoned the street.

The commoners feared being arrested if they were too close to the manor. Of course, some small vendors would rent the houses to live in the vicinity because it was cheaper.

They would then push their carts to the market to sell things during the day. Otherwise, every inch of land in the capital was costly. They would not even have a place to live.

No one expected the street near the manor to regain its liveliness after the manor’s unsealing and the Wei family’s vindication.

Old Madam Lin spoke proudly, “Master Jin’an’s wife taught us how to make dumplings. She even made spicy crabs, spicy prawns, braised pork, and many other dishes. Everything she made was delicious.

“Master Jin’an’s wife is wonderful. She even told us to eat together. Oh, those dishes she made aren’t even available elsewhere. She also gave us fruit juice and told us to drink as much as we wanted. Each juice had a different flavor.”

The old woman smacked her lips as she reminisced about last night’s food and drinks. She had also eaten a whole plate of dumplings, even though her appetite had deteriorated with age.

Strangely, Old Madam Lin did not feel uncomfortable even after overeating. Instead, she felt more energetic the following day.

Typically, the younger housekeepers would do the grocery shopping. However, Old Madam Lin used to be responsible for that. She was worried about letting them do the shopping because they might not know how to pick the freshest ingredients.

Everyone greeted her politely whenever she walked on the streets because they knew she was a member of the Wei Manor. Old Madam Lin smiled proudly.

“Old Madam Lin, you’re referring to the princess, right?”

“Of course, Princess Binglan is Duke Jin’an’s wife.”

“Last night, Her Highness told us not to call Master Jin’an Great General or

Duke Jin’an. She told us to call him Master Jin’an instead.”

Still, they had to address Luo Jin’an as Duke Jin’an or General Wei in public because the emperor had given him those titles.

The small business owners were emotional. They never expected Lan Ruozhu and Su Binglan to vindicate the Wei family, whom others had accused of treason.

The family had risen to a new height in such a short period. The unrestrained youth, Luo Jin’an, had become the head of the family and even received such a title. Moreover, he was the Prince Consort.

“Old Madam Lin, is the food you ate available elsewhere?”

The old woman chuckled. “Her Highness is the only one who knows how to make the spicy crabs and prawns. They aren’t available elsewhere because of

how strange the proteins are.

“You won’t know how to eat them even if you manage to get some. Her Highness taught us how to eat them.”

Old Madam Lin could not stop thinking about the two dishes as they tasted superb. Everyone listening was drooling at that moment.

“Old Madam Lin, is the manor hiring? I’d like to work there.”

The old woman smiled and said, “l know you want to work there because of the food. I’m sorry, but we have enough people now. Still, I have good news for you. Her Highness says she’ll open a shop soon.”

“What kind of shop? One that’ll sell those spicy crabs and prawns dish you mentioned?”

Old Madam Lin nodded. “That’s right. You’ll know how good the food tastes once Her Highness opens the restaurant.” “We simply must try those dishes. 1 wonder when it’ll open.”

“That’s up to Her Highness to decide..”

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