The Sickly General's Wife With A Spatial Ability Is Loved By All - C.884 - : Every Inch of Land Is Worth Gold


Chapter 884: Every Inch of Land Is Worth Gold

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Su Binglan liked telling Lan Ruozhu her thoughts.

He nodded, saying, “Yeah, it’s a little complicated for people to get groceries now since they have to go to different places. Why don’t I arrange for someone to help you with the supermarket?”

Since it was complicated, it would take a lot of effort. Lan Ruozhu did not want his sister to tire herself out, either.

“It’s okay. You don’t have to worry about this, Brother. Once we open the supermarket, it’ll create plenty of job opportunities for the people. They don’t need special skills to sell things there.” Su Binglan felt she should help as many people as possible.

Lan Ruozhu knew it was pointless to persuade his sister when she had decided on something.

After some thought, he said, “Do you need a vast plot of land? I’ve sealed off Chu Liuwu and the Han family’s mansions. We can tear them down and rebuild them into a supermarket. They happen to be at the center of the capital, too.”

Su Binglan raised her brow.

Chu Liuwu chose the center of the capital when she built her manor. It was also close to the Han family’s residence. Initially, many houses that belonged to high-ranking officials and nobles were there. There were also a few smaller houses that belonged to ordinary citizens.

Since Chu Liuwu wanted to use the land to build her manor, she forced these families to leave and tore down their houses. She simply wanted to be closer to the Han family and interact with Han Yueting more often.

If Lan Ruozhu tore down the Han family’s residence and Chu Liuwu’s manor, Su Binglan could use the space to build her supermarket. After all, it would be in the center of the capital, which would make it convenient for the citizens. Su Binglan did not argue. Instead, she quickly agreed. “Thank you, Brother.”

Lan Ruozhu waved and smiled. “You don’t have to be so polite to me. I’ll support everything you want to do. If you need anything else, just tell me.”

He became the emperor to support his sister and let her do as she pleased. Moreover, Su Binglan loved the people and did more for them than Lan Ruozhu could. Still, the latter hoped to help his sister do more.

“Since Liuwu’s manor and the Han family’s residence are massive, I can build the supermarket on one-fifth of the land.”

In that era, royals and prominent families would occupy a vast piece of land to build their houses or manors. Su Binglan wanted to make proper plans to use the two plots of land as efficiently as possible.

Moreover, the location was excellent as it was at the center of the capital, where many people were. It would be even livelier there when Su Binglan finished building the supermarket.

She intended to build a commercial street that included a food street and theater, much like the one in Su Teng Village’s development site. Then, people would have an easier time getting groceries, and they could even watch the plays in the theater.

Of course, the tickets in the capital’s Grand Theater would be slightly more expensive. Still, the supermarket would not take up the two large plots of land. Su Binglan also planned to use the rest to build an office and an inn.

The office building would be similar to that of a modern office. The newspaper office staff were working in a temporary area. Su Binglan had transformed a house into an office and kept it relatively straightforward.

She wanted to build a bright and spacious place for the newspaper office. After all, it would improve the staff’s mood to work in a more comfortable office.

Su Binglan would also reserve a space to build a courier office. Some authors would even have their own offices while others could rent some office buildings. As for the inn, she planned to imitate a modern-era five-star restaurant.

Even so, it could not be too modern. Su Binglan would have to combine some ancient architectural stylings, or it would not match the surrounding buildings. Although the outside would appear a little old-school, the interior would resemble the modern-era layout.

‘I’ll give the guests soft mattresses and pillows. They’ll want to come back after staying at the inn for a night.’

Su Binglan’s eyes lit up when she thought of it. After coming to the capital, she realized how much more she needed to do for the people. She was excited and believed the capital would look very different.

There were also plenty of wastelands on the edge of the capital that she also planned to use. She could give some to the farmers and build more schools and residential areas on the rest.

Every inch of land in the capital was worth gold. Su Binglan simply needed to develop the land. However, the villagers also needed to reclaim the wastelands to grow crops.

When the capital developed and prospered, many more people would want to move there. The politics had also improved, and the citizens could settle down. With more children, the population would increase.

“Brother, that place is just right to open a bank.”

Lan Ruozhu sighed. He knew his sister always thought about him whenever she made big plans.

The two siblings chatted as Su Binglan made lunch for Lan Ruozhu. He could not stop praising the spicy crab and prawns his sister made. “These are too delicious, Sister. They’re better than anything I’ve ever eaten.”

The citizens would be shocked and delighted if they saw their new emperor’s charming side. Since Su Binglan was the only one around at that moment, Lan Ruozhu felt more relaxed and ate as much as he wanted.

Su Binglan was pleased to see her brother enjoying her food. “Since you like them so much, I’ll make more for you later.”

Lan Ruozhu felt warm inside. “You’re so good to me, Sister.”

After lunch, Su Binglan left the palace to visit Chu Liuwu’s empty manor and the Han family’s residence. She realized how much space these two buildings occupied.

She could imagine what it looked like after tearing them down and rebuilding everything according to her design. Su Binglan smiled as she thought about it.

Since Lan Ruozhu had become the emperor, Su Binglan hoped the capital would become prosperous. Therefore, she had to complete the supporting facilities. That way, more talented and capable people would be willing to live and work in the capital.

After taking a look around, Su Binglan prepared to hire a construction team in the capital to tear down the two buildings.

Su Chun stood beside Su Binglan, saying, “Master, there isn’t a construction team in the capital, so you might need to build one like you did in Su Teng Village..”

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