The Sickly General's Wife With A Spatial Ability Is Loved By All - C.886 - : A Legend Among the People


Chapter 886: A Legend Among the People

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Luo Jin’an spotted Su Binglan through the crowd. As his beautiful wife stood there and looked at him, his heart softened. He only had eyes for her, unable to stop smiling.

He got down from his horse and led it to Su Binglan. The latter smiled and asked, “What are you doing here?”

“You weren’t home when I returned. I asked where you were, and my subordinate told me you’d be here. I came to pick you up.” Luo Jin’an was not used to his wife’s absence. His mood had improved because Su Binglan was by his side.

Su Binglan felt warm inside when she heard the word ‘home.’ She said softly, “Okay, let’s go home then.”

Naturally, Su Chun approached the horse and took it from Luo Jin’an. The latter then held his wife’s hand, and the couple walked toward the manor.

The setting sun shone on them, giving them a moving glow as they walked and chatted.

“How was the play?”

“Although I wrote the script, the performance still moved me,” Su Binglan said, “The stage effects were excellent, and everyone played their parts perfectly.”

Previously, she had only provided the actors with ideas. However, the production team, actors, and actresses were highly talented. They acted out the entire play and brought out the desired atmosphere.

Su Binglan added, “So many people cried while watching the play. Even though I left the story ambiguous, everyone knew it was about you and your family. You’re famous and loved by the people now.”

Her eyes sparkled as she looked at Luo Jin’an.

He smiled gently, saying, “No matter how famous I am, I’ll never be as loved

by the people as you.”

Even the elders of the Wei Manor felt there was something extraordinary about Su Binglan. Everyone knew who she was, and they loved her because of the things she did for them, not because she was a princess.

Su Binglan had become a legend among the people. Those who enjoyed watching the plays knew she was the one who wrote the scripts. They also knew about all the delicacies she had made.

Many discovered that the new policies Lan Ruozhu had implemented were also because of Su Binglan. She smiled, feeling a sense of responsibility. Still, she knew she still had many things to do. “Oh, I visited Ruozhu at the palace this morning.”

Luo Jin’an nodded. “Yeah, I know about that.”

Su Binglan could not help but feel relaxed whenever she was by her husband’s side. She also enjoyed sharing everything with him. “Don’t you want to know what Brother and I discussed?”

“Of course I do. You’d tell me, even if I don’t ask about it,” Luo Jin’an said gently.

Su Binglan and Luo Jin’an had built a tacit understanding with each other. They also knew each other so well that they could almost read each other’s minds.

Su Binglan felt a sweetness in her heart when she heard her husband’s remark. She said, “Brother gave me the Han family’s residence and Liuwu’s manor. I can tear them down and build something of my own.”

Luo Jin’an was surprised as those two locations were perfect. Moreover, the two massive mansions occupied a vast area, which Su Binglan could use to build many structures. Indeed, it was an excellent plan.

“Is that why you’re so happy?

Su Binglan nodded. “Of course. I’ll draw up some designs when we get home. I’ll even start gathering a team of construction workers tomorrow. 1 want to tear those two buildings down as soon as possible.”

“I’m glad you’re so happy about it,” Luo Jin’an said softly.

As the two reached the manor, Luo Jin’an asked, “Did you visit the prison?”

Su Binglan shifted her gaze, saying, ‘I can’t hide anything from you. I went to see Yueting and his family.”

Luo Jin’an tensed up when he heard Han Yuetings name. The former knew his wife did not care about Han Yueting. However, Luo Jin’an instinctively wanted to ask about Han Yueting after thinking about Han Yuetings status.

Su Binglan chuckled when she noticed her husband’s expression. “Judging from your expression, I assure you that I only went to interrogate him.

Nothing else happened. I even fed him my poison. He’s a stranger to me,


“Since 1 went to interrogate him, don’t you want to know what 1 discovered?” She could feel how much Luo Jin’an cared for her.

Luo Jin’an saw his wife’s smile and helplessly sighed.

Su Binglan’s heart ached at that moment, saying, “l know there are certain things you’re apprehensive about doing, so let me handle them.”

Luo Jin’an’s heart also ached because his wife had to do everything for him.

Su Binglan noticed it and added, “It was nothing. I just went to interrogate the

Han family and let Xiaoxun get her revenge.”

When she set up the production crew, she told Luo Jin’an about Yang Xiaoxun’s life experiences. Luo Jin’an remembered everything.

“The person who almost cost Xiaoxun her life and traumatized her was one of the Han family’s illegitimate children, Han Mobei. I allowed Xiaoxun to meet him and take her revenge,

“l also know how cunning Yueting can be, so I poisoned him. No one can cure him, even if he tries to escape. His death is assured. After all, he betrayed you and your family. Treason is a capital crime, Jin’an.”

Luo Jin’an’s mood improved when he heard Su Binglan’s protective tone. He asked, “What else did you find out?”

“The poisons you and Ruozhu suffered aren’t as simple as they seem. They didn’t originate from the palace. Someone gave them to the emperor. They hired someone to infect you and Ruozhu with the poisons.

“Ruozhu’s nanny tricked and poisoned him. Although she died, we just found out she was a member of the emperor’s palace. I didn’t expect a third party to be behind it.’

“What about the cold poison in my body?” Luo Jin’an asked.

Although Su Binglan had cured him of the cold poison, she was still worried about him.

Luo Jin’an added, “I only got poisoned because I tried saving someone during a battle.’

He wouldn’t have suffered a narrow escape if it were not for the cold poison. He had never mentioned these things in the past.

After hearing Luo Jin’an elaborate on the situation, Su Binglan realized the situation was more complicated than she had imagined. She asked, “It’s too despicable. Was there a spy?”

“Someone snuck into the military camp back then,” Luo Jin’an explained,

“They used a skin-changing method, so no one realized it until it was too


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