The Sickly General's Wife With A Spatial Ability Is Loved By All - C.894 - : Delicious Food Bag


Chapter 894: Delicious Food Bag

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Su Fengmao was stunned, saying, “Well, Zi Die’s an outstanding student. I heard she was first in both medicine and surgery in the last assessment.”

Shen Qiuhua looked at her clueless husband and shook her head helplessly. “Why don’t you know what I’m talking about?”

“Huh, what do you mean?” Su Fengmao was confused because he had many things going on. Still, his daughter had many subordinates who were in charge of the factories.

Although the older couple no longer had to worry about the shops and factories, Su Fengmao still visited them whenever he had the time. He would even help his uncle, Chief Su, do some work.

Since Su Teng Village never stopped improving, people continued to move there. Chief Su had sold all of the residential houses in the village’s development zone, including the newly developed residential area in town.

Anyone could tell how popular Su Teng Village and Tenghe Town had become.

Of course, there were many attractions in Su Teng Village, and many people would visit Chief Su to discuss things.

Su Fengmao would help his uncle whenever he got too busy. Therefore, Su Fengmao had a lot on his mind and could not keep up with what his wife meant.

The former continued, “Wenxiu has to worry about the medical school. I don’t know what you’re saying. Why are you overthinking?”

Shen Qiuhua knew men thought differently from women, so she could only whisper helplessly, “l just feel Wenxiu treats Zi Die differently. Do you think they’re…”

She weighed her words, thinking she should not speak rashly. Although the Su Teng villagers were straightforward and had good thoughts, the relationship between student and teacher was still bizarre to outsiders.

Su Fengmao naturally asked, “Do I think they what? She’s a good student, so it’s only natural for Wenxiu to treat her differently. Teachers like good students, after all.

“Fengchen was brilliant in his school days, and his headmaster paid more attention to him.’

Shen Qiuhua added noodles to the pot and said, “You really don’t understand what I’m trying to say, do you? I’m trying to ask if Wenxiu likes Zi Die.”

She felt it was the other way around in that Zi Die liked Su Wenxiu. However, Shen Qiuhua felt she could not say that. Besides, her son was good to Zi Die, and she could feel he was exceptionally gentle toward her.

It once poured outside, and Shen Qiuhua happened to see Su Wenxiu carrying Zi Die on his back. It seemed Zi Die had a sprained ankle at that time. Shen

Qiuhua also witnessed her son teaching Zi Die how to make medicinal dishes.

Su Wenxiu’s voice was gentle at that time, but Shen Qiuhua had never seen him behave like that toward anyone before. She felt her son might be pretty attractive to younger ladies.

Su Wenxiu had even opened a medicinal cuisine restaurant, and business was booming. Zi Die also helped manage the restaurant and even developed a recipe for one of the herbal dishes. The two seemed to work exceptionally well together.

As a mother, Shen Qiuhua could not help overthink their relationship.

Upon hearing his wife’s words, Su Fengmao stopped tending to the fire and said, “Oh, so that’s what you meant. But they have a student-teacher relationship. Others might start gossiping if they knew about this.”

After some consideration, he continued, “Still, our family isn’t old-fashioned.

We, as parents, should support our children as long as they’re happy. Isn’t

Wenwu doing well now, too?”

Su Wenwu’s business in the south was in full swing since he went there with Ye Feiran.

There were no more wars and civil strife in Chu Country since Lan Ruozhu became the emperor. He even quickly established a courier station in the south, so Su Wenwu would often send letters to his family.

Since that was the case, Su Fengmao and Shen Qiuhua knew how he was doing. Although some did not know Su Wenwu’s true identity, they knew he was an excellent businessman who became popular in the South.

Everyone liked Su Wenwu and even more so the delicacies he had introduced to the South.

Shen Qiuhua nodded. “You’re right. We should support our children as long as it makes them happy.”

She felt Zi Die had a lively personality and spoke sweetly. While the older couple chatted, a voice came from the door, “Mr. Fengmao, are you home?”

The person’s voice was loud and clear. Su Fengmao immediately recognized it, saying, “It’s Xiao Liu from the courier station. He must have a delivery for us.” The couriers recognized the Su family and were highly familiar with them. Therefore, they would prioritize delivering the family’s parcels. People would even tell the Su family about their packages before the staff could.

Su Fengmao bolted to his feet and said, “I’ll collect the parcel.”

“Go ahead. I wonder what we got. It must be from Wenwu or Binglan.”

The family even received many anonymous letters and parcels because everyone was grateful to them. Some even sent their specialties to the family.

Since Su Fengmao and the family were too shy to receive these things, the senders would deliver the items anonymously. Therefore, the older couple felt warm inside whenever they received parcels.

Su Fengmao and Shen Qiuhua knew their children did many meaningful things. They were happy because Su Teng Village did not stop improving.

Before collecting the parcel, Su Fengmao gave a few pieces of cut watermelons to Xiao Liu. The latter was embarrassed, saying, “Mr. Fengmao, I can’t accept these.’

“Just take these. You went through so much trouble to deliver this parcel.”

Xiao Liu was delighted. When he took the parcel to deliver it to Su Fengmao, the other staff members fought to take over. They knew Su Fengmao would offer them food whenever they delivered the parcels.

Since it was summer, he would offer them watermelons because they were sweet and refreshing.

“You have a package from the capital, Mr. Fengmao.”

Su Fengmao lit up when he heard that. He knew it must be from his daughter. “All right, thank you!’

When Xiao Liu left, the older man hurried inside and realized how heavy the package was. He opened the box and saw many popsicles inside, muttering, “What are these?”

“They look cold. They must be a new food Binglan made.” Shen Qiuhua looked over curiously.

The couple was puzzled because the box looked like the inside of an ice cellar. Still, the couple knew it was something good, even though they had never seen it before.

“There’s a letter, too,” Su Fengmao said, “Let’s read it to find out what these are. ”

After reading the letter, he said, “These are popsicles. It’s something to eat in the summer because it helps to relieve the heat. Binglan made these for us to eat. ”

Shen Qiuhua forgot about eating her noodles when she heard that. She and her husband took a popsicle each and ate them.

“Ah, it’s so delicious.’

“Yeah, it’s incredible!”

Su Fengmao was sweating when he went to collect the package, but after eating the popsicle, his whole body cooled down..

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