The Sickly General's Wife With A Spatial Ability Is Loved By All - C.898 - : The Taste of Milk


Chapter 898: The Taste of Milk

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Su Fengchen looked gentle and affectionate when he mentioned his wife. It was evident he and Miao Zhizhi loved each other very much.

Old Madam Su smiled with joy when she noticed her son’s expression. She felt at ease that he had an excellent relationship with Miao Zhizhi. The older woman was still energetic and could help the young couple care for their unborn child.

Old Master Su was making toys beside her with a smile on his face. He felt the wooden toys he made himself would be more meaningful than the ones he could buy.

At that moment, Shen Qiuhua arrived with the popsicles. “Hello, everyone.” “Sister-in-law!” Su Fengchen greeted Shen Qiuhua respectfully. After all, he was much younger than his brothers. Shen Qiuhua had already married Su Fengmao when Su Fengchen was still a child.

Shen Qiuhua had watched Su Fengchen grow. To the latter, she was like his biological sister. Su Fengchen was always happy to see his sister-in-law. Moreover, he would not be where he is now without his niece’s help.

The older couple quickly put down their things and stood up. “Hello there, Qiuhua. Aren’t you feeling hot on such a sunny day?”

Shen Qiuhua smiled. “No, I’m not. Binglan sent some snacks over that can relieve the heat. I came to give some to you. Try them.”

She brought a box to the stone bench under the tree as she spoke. The older couple’s eves lit up, thinking whatever their granddaughter made would be delicious. They looked excited.

Old Madam Su asked curiously, “What are those? It would be great if there were food to relieve the heat.’

Eating regular food during summer always made her feel hot all over. Although the family had fruit juice and fresh water in the well, they still looked forward to eating whatever Su Binglan made.

Even Su Fengchen went to the bench to look at the items in the box. The family genuinely missed Su Binglan.

Shen Qiuhua was happy when she noticed everyone’s expectant expressions. Now that the Su family’s living conditions were good, they could eat together as often as possible. Shen Qiuhua felt warm and fuzzy inside when she thought about it.

“These are the popsicles Binglan made, Eating these will cool you down and make you feel refreshed. They’re different from iced fruit juice. Try them. Still, Zhizhi should avoid eating these because they’re frozen treats. She should be fine to eat one or two mouthfuls, but that’s it.’

Su Fengchen would not let his wife eat anything frozen. However, he would cook various dishes for her to whet her appetite. He said, “So these are popsicles? It looks like there’s a mist coming from them.”

“It looks like ice but also not like ice. Still, it looks enticing.” Old Madam Su could not wait to try the frozen treats.

“Quick, have a taste, everyone.”

“All right then.” The older woman smiled and bit into the popsicle. After just a bite, she exclaimed, “Wow, this is tasty! It makes my stomach all cool inside.

Its sweetness is just right, and it tastes fruity.”

Old Master Su was full of praise, too, “Everything Binglan makes is tasty. Although every dish is different, they’re all delicious. But why does the popsicle taste a little milky?”

Su Binglan had previously obtained a spiritual cow at the border province. However, she got someone to bring the cow to the village when she went to the capital.

She knew Miao Zhizhi was pregnant and asked her parents to give the cow to Su Fengchen. That way, he could make milk for his wife daily. After all, it was good for her health and the baby’s development.

Su Binglan also told her grandparents to drink the milk and that it was good for their health.

Soon after, Old Madam Su also said, “It smells a little like milk. It’s fresh and doesn’t smell bad, either.’

Shen Qiuhua explained, “Binglan used milk and fruits to make these popsicles. ”

Old Master Su nodded. “If we could produce these things in a factory, they would be popular, especially since it’s summer. I’m sure people will rush to buy these.”

“It’ll be time to harvest the wheat in a few days,” Su Fengchen said, “It’ll be hot when we begin harvesting. Eating one of these will help us tremendously.”

He looked toward the village fields and saw a large area of wheat and sweet potatoes. Since it was harvest season, the villagers were excited and looked forward to a bumper harvest.

Anyone could tell just by looking at the densely packed fields of wheat. Everyone was happy whenever they went to check out the fields. Even though everyone worked in factories, they still hoped for a bountiful harvest.

The villagers attached great importance to the harvests. It was a habit they had developed long ago. The villagers had a profound affection for the land. They could all sleep comfortably, knowing their crops grew well.

After some thought, Shen Qiuhua said, “I’ll write to Binglan soon and ask if she can open a popsicle factory. That way, the villagers can have these, too.”

Shen Qiuhua had nothing much to do since the paper mill and printing factory were on the right track. Moreover, Su Binglan’s subordinates were in charge of the other factories.

If Shen Qiuhua knew how to make popsicles, she could help run a factory.

After all, she had managed the tofu factory, paper mill, and printing factory. She had accumulated an abundance of experience.

There were many factories in Su Teng Village’s development site. Still, there was an empty factory there that the family could use to make popsicles.

“Everyone will be happy to eat these things.” Old Madam Su was proud of her granddaughter for creating popsicles.

At that moment, Miao Zhizhi heard the chatter outside and came out. She called out sweetly, “Hi, Sister-in-law!”

Shen Qiuhua strode forward to help Miao Zhizhi. “Slow down. You’re pregnant, remember? Don’t come outside since it’s so hot.”

Miao Zhizhi smiled. “Don’t worry. Wenxiu checked my pulse earlier and told me 1 was in perfect health. He also said it would be good if I walked more.”

She looked around and felt warm inside. She loved her home and felt happy every day. She also cherished her new family as the village completely differed from the Miao Border.

Shen Qiuhua explained, “Binglan sent us some popsicles to relieve the heat, but they’re frozen treats. I don’t think you should eat them.”

“I understand, Sister-in-law,” Miao Zhizhi said, “I’ll eat these after I give birth and after my confinement..”